Money and Work – #1

Oct. 7, 2012

Here is how things work. People need water, food, clothing, and shelter in order to survive. To have these necessities, you must buy them. To buy them you need money. This means that your ability to survive depends on your access to money. Therefore, those who have control of the money supply must allow just enough money to flow to keep the general population under control. Cut the money supply too much and revolt is likely. Be too generous and the controllers will lose money – and there is never enough money as far as they are concerned.

Setting money aside for just a moment, let’s bring up a subject that should be familiar to all in the U.S. – democracy. Democracy is based on the concept of freedom. But we are not really free. We have the illusion of freedom, but it amounts to the freedom to chase after jobs, be wage slaves, stay in our competitive ruts, chase after fame, fortune, or romance, and worry about money. Can democracy ever work in this kind of framework? Not likely. We are not free until our money is free. Until that time arrives, we have no choice but to struggle to survive on whatever those “up top” are willing to give.

4 thoughts on “Money and Work – #1

  1. Thank you Penny. I adopted a few lines some years ago from a book called E.T. 101; they go like this: “Trading life for economic survival is not liberty.
    Liberty is freedom from both fear and survival.
    No life needs to earn the right to live”.
    As long as “we the people” substitute inner authority for external values, like money, we will have this or some similar systems arangement.
    Hopefully, or as far as I can see at the moment, “we the people” are coming out of our collective comatose state, and scurrying back to creator consciousness with a vengence.
    The control junkie addicts of the past several millenia will no longer have any place on this Earth. They will have to find another place more suited to their level to continue acting out this behavior.
    I’m pleased that you are on this journey with me….

    Yours, Jan Karlsson, Sweden

    • It is good to know that you and others out there are also seeing the truth about where we’re at! We MUST wake up soon, and we must begin to live in alignment with natural laws. The only thing we will lose is the anxiety, the competition, the idea that some people are better than others, etc. We have everything to gain – laughter, peace, joy, true freedom, and the thrill of joining the dance!

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