Money and Work #2

October 13, 2012

There is a huge difference between jobs and work. A job is something that requires you to sell your life, your time, your energy, and your skills to someone or some corporation for a sum of money. Since everyone needs money in order to survive, the competition for jobs is fierce. Once our economy was brought down, jobs disappeared, and people have been dropping into the economic basement for nearly five years now.

Work, however, is quite different from jobs. Work is always there. It is like doing the dishes or mowing the grass. Work is always there, always necessary – but it doesn’t always pay unless you have an entrepreneurial mindset. Until the people of the U.S. let go of their dependency on jobs, they are going to continue to sink into fear and frustration, into poverty and privation. Until we get off the sofa and get creative…until we muster up the energy to do physical labor…until we stop looking for security in all the wrong places…until we recognize where our power really sits…we will continue to fuss and fret and worry and go downhill as a culture.

One thought on “Money and Work #2

  1. I’m in agreement. It is interesting to note, that when I looked up the “meaning” of the word “work” in an ordinary everyday dictionary (in Swedish), there where crossovers between work and labour (i.e. drudgery, strife). However, when I looked into the scientific interpetation of the word, the meaning boils down to this: ” Cyclical distribution of energy for the purpose of movement and/or creation”. I find that the scientific interpretation is in parity whit my own experience, which means that I’m “working” 24/7/365 – sleeping, doing the dishes, changing dipers, taking a shower, making love etc etc….. The misinterpretation between work – money – power – identity, is fortunately coming to an end.

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