The Rules of Consciousness

The rules of consciousness:

  1. Everything is consciousness/energy.
  2. It is consciousness that sets energy in motion.
  3. All consciousness communicates continuously.
  4. In a time-based reality system, the purpose of existence is to express your consciousness and learn from your results in order to change/polish/refine your core self.
  5. You want to polish and refine your core self because you are creating from that core.
  6. Every word that comes out of your mouth is a clear indication of what you hold within the core self. The way that you react to another’s words or actions indicates your level of consciousness.
  7. You are the creator of your perceptions. No one else can do your perception for you.
  8. You are completely responsible for how you see, hear, think, feel, and react to people and situations.
  9. Other people and situations are not the cause of your reactions. You choose your behavior at all times. Declaring that someone caused you to react in some way is an attempt to hand off responsibility for your thoughts and actions.
  10. To hand off responsibility for your thoughts, words, or actions is to give away your power.
  11. The difference between the two words creation and reaction is the difference between power and no power.
  12. If you are still reacting to everything, you are not managing your consciousness nor can you develop any power.
  13. If you do not have access to your power, you will be unable to practice using it wisely and well.
  14. Each time that you are not busy with something else, consciousness immediately nudges you to deal with this or that issue. This issue is what you should pay attention to NEXT in order to grow spiritually and develop yourself.
  15. It is critically important for you to deal with each issue in order to heal yourself, find peace, experience joy, and move ahead with the development of your consciousness. Otherwise you will start over and over and over and over and over and over…until you get it.

5 thoughts on “The Rules of Consciousness

  1. Hi Penny
    I agree with all 15 of the rules. In my experience I’ve found we live in a paradox
    if one struggles too hard to make consciousness work all you get back is struggle. If
    one does nothing you get back nothing. Some people say it’s all about belief as in having
    a blind faith. I’ve found it’s more like pushing buttons if you push the buttons the correct
    way it works. That’s why I call it “Pratical Processes for Using the Light of Consciousness”.
    When I started raising my consciousness I had no Idea what was going to happen. I had
    no faith, I had no belief but events happened to me an a bigger and better way then I could have
    ever figured out.
    Thank you, Indigo

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