4 thoughts on “Observations re: Money

  1. Hello Penny. I’m reluctant to write this, because I know that you know this, but were not printing ” barrles ” of moneys, because shortage is the lifeblood of monetary power. It’s a power deal. First convince through indoctrination, a population that the only path to abundance and happyness is to willingly be subservient to external authority (vs. internal authority). Then tie that projection of external authority (constructed and enacted by a very, very small minority/families), to a subset of ” values ” (money = external symbol) and label it ” natural law ” proofed by the so called “law of the jungle ” (everthing is a subject to competition and strife). I believe, that the original intent of the spiritual hierarchy here on this planet when it comes to money, was to enact a ” tool ” for incarnated spirit to be able to ( in the absence of the ability to be self reflective due to the lowering of vibrational integrity in the aftermath of Atlantis) observe/see one’s distribution of energy/action in an objective manner, by projection of will onto money. And it has worked ! If anything, it is blatantly clear that our love of personality EGO is a catastrophy, and that we need to change our depth of thinking and feeling. Well there you have my 25 cents worth. As always, this whole process is unconsciously enacted by the collective.Have a good time during the holidays.

    • You’re right, Jan! And I think we’re going to have to face the fact that “shortage” is not a law of life. Mother Nature is incredibly generous and overflowing with abundance for all – until greed enters the picture. Once someone starts wanting to have it all, to control it all, the problems begin. While it is true that some people have earned more than others, it is not true that some people deserve more than others.

  2. ……..On the flip side of my discourse above, I do realize that the ” indoctrination ” mentioned above, is volontary. That is, the degree of belief in external authority, determens the degree of suseptability to indoctrination, regardless of what the theme is.

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