Climate Change as Weather Wars

Some years ago I read a very long scientific paper detailing the development of technology that could be used to modify and change the weather at will. I don’t recall who wrote it or who sent it to me, but I wish I’d saved a copy. One of the statements that stayed with me long after I had read it was the description of what could be done with this technology. In essence, the writer of the paper emphasized that it could be used to shift the weather in other nations, thus posing problems for them in such a way that their energy supplies could be depleted, their crops destroyed, and their treasuries stressed, and no one would be the wiser. Everyone would just say, “Mother Nature did it!” and there would be no blame that could be laid at our door. No one would be able to point to a gun, a tank, or a bomb and accuse us of unlawful aggression.

Weather technologies could also be used to force masses of people to vacate a particular region, crowding and stressing them, creating havoc and mayhem. This would not only keep them too busy to protest or revolt, it would also reduce food supplies and productivity, interfere with the tax base from that area, and make it easy to clear whole areas, thus making the land less valuable in terms of dollars and more vulnerable in terms of invasion.

The big debate that I see going on in the scientific world pits one set of scientists against another. One side insists that the planet is heating up. The other side says it is cooling down. But that argument seems to be just a distraction. Anyone who has paid attention to the floods occurring in Bolivia, or the temperatures in the U.S. this winter, or the storms in England, or the massive weather-caused difficulties occurring around the world over the last few years can see for themselves that Yes! The climate is definitely changing. The government says that it is our fault, a problem caused by our lifestyles. The truth is that governments are playing with the weather. And the insistence that it is “caused by humans” is more of a “psychological projection” coming from the consciousness of the people who are actually guilty of manipulating that weather. It is caused by humans…just not the humans who are accused of causing it.

There are days when I think that we couldn’t possibly have developed the capacity to affect the weather as drastically as it seems to be affected. Then there are days when I realize that the climate cycles naturally from ice age to global sauna stage and back again. It wouldn’t take much effort to ride the coattails of Mother Nature and let her do most of the work while still making tweaks that make quite an impact on population.

One thought on “Climate Change as Weather Wars

  1. Hi Penny, Yes there is climate manipulation. It has been going on for years. Way back to the Vietnam War…I am sad to say. What I find interesting is that people have taken so long to believe it. All we have to do is look up into the sky and watch the weather and it will be proven to anyone through there own eyes. A few years back (quite a few) I was noticing the chem-trails in California on a clear sunny summer day. Now it never rains in Ventura County in the summer….just unheard of. With in 36 hours we had two days of heavy rain. I saw this pattern repeat itself numerous times in New Mexico, North Carolina and most recently Florida. I know I’m not crazy or imagining it. I hope other people start to look up and be aware of what has been going on for a long time. I have no doubts that this technology will (is) used to coerce states and country’s to do what the governments of the world want. And Global warming is just an earth cycle that we have gone through before. The Global Warming agenda put forth by Sir Al Gore is about redistribution of wealth and control of the world people through UN regulations and taxes. It’s ugly stuff to be sure but sticking our heads in the sand and saying it isn’t so doesn’t make it go away. Blessing in Love and Light, Patty L PS Love Palm Coast and found our home for the price and location we wanted. You were right. I was just distraught!

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