Mobile Phone Hacking

I see that the trial of a half-dozen people for hacking into mobile phone messages is close to the end of the Prosecution side of the case. I wonder why these six people are being prosecuted for listening in to phone messages when the NSA and its accomplices are doing the same thing. Not only that, they’re building a gigantic warehouse in Utah to store the recordings of those messages! We used to say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Who is going to prosecute the NSA?

One thought on “Mobile Phone Hacking

  1. Hi Penny: I think some clever lawyers will soon realize the federal rackeetering laws have been violated all over the place by our own government.   Thats what they’re really engaged in is rackeetering and on a very large scale….  By the way rackeetering is very well defined in the law books and in previous legistation….

    Blessings, Bruce

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