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As many of my family and friends know, I was seriously upset by the 9/11 bombings of the trade center in New York, and I was NOT in favor of the war in Iraq. I knew the “weapons of mass destruction” claim was fabricated, and I was insulted by U.S. President George W. Bush’s statement:  “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”  I happened to be reminded about this statement today, and was irritated all over again. How I would like to stand in front of him and say, “What the hell kind of 6th grade thinking is that!!??

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  1. Hi Penny: Remember war is business and for those who benefit, it’s profits! Thoughout history going back to the Spanish American War and the cry “Remember the Maine!”, wars have started under false pretenses. Admiral Rickover, found out in this case the Spanish never blew up the Maine, however it was a good excuse to start a war! This has been repeated time and again.
    What is surprising for all the conflicts we’ve been in as American’s, we also lost most of the time.
    There was no justifcation for the war in Iraq ot Afghanistan, there is no winners and for the people in those countries for generations to come we will be viewed as the real enemy…….keep up the good work….Sincerely, Bruce L Erickson

  2. Penny, I agree with your sentiments. I’m afraid that standing in front of him to tell him, well, anything is useless. First, a jillion people before us have done so. Second, he doesn’t get it. (He does, as do many like him, but he/they “gets it” his/their way, not ours.) Which brings up number three: he *can’t* get it. [Insert Upton Sinclair quote here!] I try not to move my vocal cords all that much. To move my feet, move my hands, seems to move hearts better. A good example won’t work either — the world is a big place, power of inertia, me and what army, etc., etc. — but their response or lack of one does not let me off the hook. Integrity. Pesky thing, huh.

    • Yes, you are so right. It probably wouldn’t do a thing except make me feel better. I wouldn’t expect it to change him or make him do anything different. And I love your comment about integrity and moving your feet and hands. Without action, not much happens!

  3. Penny I totally agree with your statement on the thinking.
    But as I have learned Cheney and Bush had already cut a deal with Opec long before either one was voted into office.
    That is why Halliburton was the first company in after we invaded Iraq. There never was WMD
    it was all about oil. It has been well known that Iraq is the second largest oil producing country in the world. Boy it was a gateway from Iran to Saudi Arabia and Syria. I do know what Saddam had done to the Sunni’s and the Shi’ites. (Murdered)
    He was known as being no better than Hitler.
    But now I have also learned of their massive supply of Gold. Is that, what they were really after? It was not part of the Rothschild empire and was the only country they could not get their hands on. There is still at least two more countries independent of their gold supply.
    I know lives were lost here but not nearly as many as the young soldiers who perished because of this war. They almost wiped out a younger generation of men.
    So you decide…what was the real reason we had to go to war?

  4. Penny, my 6th graders don’t even think on that low of a level. 😉

    Paul and I had a very serious roll-over car accident recently (we are both ok, I had surgery but am doing fine). It is really helping me to wake up further. I’d love to do a reading with you again; I think I am more ready to listen since that accident.

    Love you and miss you!



    • Geez, I hope I didn’t insult the 6th graders of the world!
      The news of your accident is distressing. So glad you and Paul are okay! The world cannot afford to lose good people like you two. Call me or send an email and we’ll set something up.

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