Thought for Monday, 5/5/2014

I used to wonder why the German people didn’t do something about Hitler. I often asked myself, “How could they have gone along with what he was doing? Couldn’t they see what he was doing?”

Now I know. They didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t get any truthful news or perspectives on what was happening. They were fed a steady diet of propaganda and slanted media stories written to make things look good.

Until lately, I wondered why the American people hadn’t done anything about the corruption in Washington DC and the loss of freedom. How could they have let go of our democracy?

Now I know. They don’t know what is going on. CNN and the networks don’t present any news containing the truth of what is really happening. People are fed a steady diet of propaganda and slanted stories written to keep the old illusion of American righteousness alive.

7 thoughts on “Thought for Monday, 5/5/2014

  1. My parents said they welcomed the changes that Hitler first did. The roads, the jobs. They didn’t know they would be fighting for their very lives soon. My father was 14 when he was enlisted. He was fighting and his own Father was in concentration camp hiding the fact that they had jewish blood. Crazy doesn’t even describe it.

    • I agree – crazy is probably a mild adjective in this case. I’ve been studying history for the past year and a half and I’m appalled at what I’ve discovered. The atrocities all along the timeline of history have been AWFUL!!

  2. Thank you for the clearest post yet! I have made it a practice to listen to all news media over the last 5 years or so and because of that I am very aware of the misrepresentation of the facts going on in our country. It saddens me…especially when I hear my best friends repeat their one sided views on todays topics. Like robots…they repeat shallow facts portrayed as news reporting. The IRS scandal did exactly what was intended…to squash any average American from speaking up or getting involved. If that alone is not reconciled I don’t know how things will get better. What I do know is I won’t be baited into a civil war…as I fear this Government is working hard to create. I would ask all other Americans to with hold from taking the law into their own hands. If we are ever to survive this…we have to work with in the systems that are in place. If the systems need to be changed…which I believe we all know is true…then it has to be done with great care and thought and love. Blessings to All, Patty

  3. I agree about the propaganda campaign, Penny, but I differ in opinion regarding what we lost and didn’t lose. As I see it (after spending many years studying earlier government and public documents), we never had the democracy the PR campaigns claimed we had. This propaganda machine is very old. Hitler and his thought team openly stated that they modeled their policies on the 18th and 19th century American example of how to deal with unwanted peoples (Indians and African slaves). What we have today is the perfect extension of the propaganda machines set in motion by Washington and Jefferson and everyone since. The Lewis and Clark Trail markers, for example, continue that very message to this day.

    • That’s quite a statement, Gabriel, but I suspect you are right. For many people, especially people of color or indigenous, democracy never really existed. One of the very interesting things I noticed when the “Robes” were showing me the future was that almost everyone was a very light tan, olive-skinned, or a creamy color, as if serious interbreeding of all the races had been going on very deliberately. I have often wondered how that would change those who insist on holding onto racial bias.

      • Thinking some more about the loss, or at least the diminishing evidence of color/race I saw in the future and feeling that would be such a big loss. Would the culture be lost along with the color? And what about the amazing diversity in genetics that the various races bring us, not to mention the important lessons that can be learned by biased and prejudiced individuals during their lifetime. I have heard of the efforts to develop trans-humans, and I have been among people of other planets who definitely have clones as well as amazingly well-developed machine intelligence, but I love the stunning assortment of people, color, culture, and perception that exists here.

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