The Financial Wars

Just want to make sure that you understand that the wars going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, etc. are really financial wars. The Cabal is out of money and needs to come up with some cash quickly. Options for raising money are: grabbing someone’s territory and getting access to their natural resources, robbing their treasury of gold, or offering a big loan from the IMF that will bring in some interest payments while imposing austerity measures so they can keep raking in the dough. This also opens the door to bribery and extortion of the puppet people in the new “government.” When people in that country figure out what’s going on, they usually fight back…thus the wars we see in various places.

Personally, I think they’ve run the game just about as long as it can run and they’re out of time.

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  1. Hi Penny, Would you like to come on the show and talk about the below? if so, give us some Saturdays’s you are free. We have changed the radio time to 10 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. Pacific, so that would be 1 p.m.-2:30 p, Eastern time. Blessings, Aingeal

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    • Hi Penny,

      I often turn to your blog for encouragement. Although I prefer to not listen to the news as it so depresses me, I also know better than to bury my head in the sand. Your blog’s the only “rant” I can bear to read, and which enlightens and encourages while simultaneously spelling out the dire straits we are in – it comes from a place of high consciousness and that is greatly appreciated!

      I think of Alvey’s (the elf) words in which humanity’s precarious position is likened to a person on a unicycle on a wire suspended between two poles floating in the ocean. We’ve got to wake up!

      I just called your answering machine and invited you to Mt Shasta (or Ashland, Oregon perhaps for a bigger audience) to do a workshop or presentation while you are in California. I hope you might be able to make time to travel up to the North of California (or southern Oregon) before returning to your farm.
      I would be willing to set up the event and promote it. It’s a bit late in the game, but I have contacts and will find a space and design promotional flyers and put them up and get it announced on the radio…just say the word and I’ll hop to it. And if not now, would you like to consider coming sometime later?

      Catherine Preus Mt Shasta, Ca.

      • Catherine, your message came in as I was in a big rush to finish packing and I did not see it before I left. While traveling, my computer refused to connect to the internet, so I was quite limited in responding until I arrived back home. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and your willingness to tolerate my “rants.” Also, I was quite flattered by the invitation to the Mt. Shasta/Ashland area, however, my entire journey was already heavily mapped out and committed. I am seriously considering returning next year, so we may be able to work something out in the future! Much gratitude for your offer!!

  2. Interesting view. The insanity of the world, amidst the Heart and intelligence of Nature Spirits, of which, humanity being the most visible, has ironically lost memory of this instant’s true wholeness.
    I’m glad you are here. In Ojai, where I live, Spirit of Place is quite strong. Indeed, even the Dragon calls this valley Home. Thanks again! ~James Heartland

    • James, that is such a pertinent observation – the contrast between the insanity of the world…and the heart and intelligence of Nature! I’m looking forward to being in Ojai on Sunday! And your comment about being glad I am here touched me deeply. Thank you.

  3. Penny I just had to tell you I must have purchased over 10 copies of the robes over the years since you wrote it. I keep lending them out and never get them back. My sweet husband who refused to read a book all his life has started reading these past few months. Yesterday in the mail from amazon I open the package to find your book! He said he wanted to read it and knew I had not received my copy back from the last person I gave it to so he just ordered one for us again. I was blown away. Just so you know I have a library of books and it was yours he chose to read and even had to order it:) Also I just finished re-reading a book that made me think of you. If you haven’t read it I think you would find it very supportive of your consciousness books. I have only purchased the first one due to funds and never got back to the series…I suspected where you were heading with your research and now after re-reading this book I know why. It is titled Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind a McKnight. It chronicles her work with Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute. I think you would really like it:) Regards,Patty

    • My, my, Patty. I’m honored that your husband has shown some interest in Robes. I hope he enjoys and is challenged to think about how he wants to create the future! And I will check out the book you recommended. Bob Monroe was a friend of mine. He and my husband traded electronic junk and got all excited about what I thought was the most mundane stuff! I would love to read what Rosalind wrote. Thanks!

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