A Fireside Chat on July 26, 2014

Here’s a link to a radio interview I did with interviewer Lance White on http://www.bbsradio.com last Saturday.

Talk Show Episode, A Fireside Chat on July 26, 2014 | BBS Radio

8 thoughts on “A Fireside Chat on July 26, 2014

  1. Thanks for sharing. For some reason I cried hearing some of your fine talk. Blessings to you and yours.

    Donald Glenn Prohaska

  2. Awesome – I really love the topics from the Robes – the need for infrastructure building, preparation, etc.

    My husband listened to this one too. He says you’re a good speaker – very clear! You got his attention (way to go!). The interviewer drove him a little crazy with the sounds he was making. LOL



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    • Thank you, Pat. Those weird sounds are usually the result of the absence of “full duplex transmission.” It’s a term that allows the overlap of both speakers without either chopping off comments or distorting the words of the speakers. Good ol’ Ma Bell Telephone had full duplex, but for some reason it is not always part of today’s computer and telephone service. As for your husband, hooray for him. The future needs us all.

    • Thanks, Jeanine! Yes, I’m looking forward to the continuation as well. Some interviews just seem to tap a vein of information that is both interesting and useful. I love those interviews, and this was one of them.

  3. As usual, Thank you Penny ! So good to hear your voice. Me, I’m getting ready to move up North to my friends place. She has 42 Acre’s meadow and forest land ready to grow veggies. Houses need repair work, and ” we the people ” need a place to retreat to when the shit hits the proverbial fan that can offer different therapies, quite surroundings and nurturing beings. Love and light, Jan

    • Nice to hear from you, Jan! It does look messy out there, and I have been spending hours every night sending healing light into the world. I’m hoping the bunch of roosters running the henhouse will settle for a stand-off and not get tangled up in a showdown.

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