The Real Problems

We don’t have a population problem, we have a problem of arrested human development.

We don’t have a political problem, we have a leadership problem.

We don’t have an agricultural problem, we have a disconnection from Nature.

We don’t have a financial problem, we have a lack of survival skills.

We don’t have a pollution problem, we have a lack of common sense.

We don’t have an educational problem, we have a creativity problem.

We don’t have an immigration problem, we have a problem with equality and compassion.

We don’t have a corporate problem, we have a loss of integrity.

We don’t have a climate change problem, we have an ignorance of the planet.

We don’t have a communication problem, we have forgotten how to listen.

We don’t have a religious problem, we have a loss of inner authority.

We don’t have a media problem, we have a problem with illusion vs. Truth.



6 thoughts on “The Real Problems

  1. My sentiments EXACTLY!

    I loved your show with my dear friend Lance White. Your ears may have felt a burning today as we discussed you and your in sights for about an hour 🙂

    So excited for your return to “A Fire Side Chat” in September….wish it was sooner!

    I also look forward to more posts which will help to anchor in all of our aspects trying to ground in these turbulent times.

    My garden is singing to me now as the sun sets and the elementals are playing in the lush sanctuary they inspired me to create.

    Thank you Penny,

    Teri Gilmore

    Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 00:28:33 +0000 To:

    • Thank you, Teri, and I’m looking forward to the next installment of A Fireside Chat! I can’t tell you how good it is to hear that some of us are working hard to stay grounded. The times they are a-changin’ for sure, and I hope we can all stay grounded.

    • Marie, I haven’t read the book you mention, but I have to quote here the paragraph that gives a little insight into what it’s about: THE HOLOCAUST OF ATTACHMENT by A. Parthasarathy – “The lack of intellect has caused the mind’s attachment to spouses, children, wealth, religion, practically everything. The virus of attachment has reached epidemic proportions and the world is in the state of emergency. Yet none seems to recognize the problem, much less tackle it. The solution lies in a concerted effort worldwide to resurrect the fallen intellect. A powerful intellect alone would destroy the virus and generate peace and harmony in the society.”
      I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing this.

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