Overload vs. Payload

When I am caught up in the world, there is so much happening that I hardly know what to listen to, who to believe, what to spend time reading or watching, whether or not to worry about what I read or hear, or how to spend my precious time. I’m in overload. When I am outside in Nature, life seems simple, clear, and calm…open the greenhouse, plant the garden, mow the grass, sweep the patio, close the greenhouse, eat supper, go to bed because I’m all tuckered out from the physical work of the day. Everything I’ve done is more like a payload.

5 thoughts on “Overload vs. Payload

  1. “Pay Load” I like it! isn’t it amazing by just changing the way we phrase how we are effected or feel to a positive, we are then positive. We tend to make life harder on our selves, just with our negative thinking and negative interactions through out our day. Being Happy and making that choice from the moment we open our eyes and think “Thank You Universe” for one more day. xoxo

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