“The Grid”

Back in early 2015, I kept picking up something unusual happening in October 2015. I am a consultant for a number of people who have a great deal of money, and in doing some work for them, I kept seeing something that I could not identify other than that it was big and would affect everyone.

I continued to keep my eye out for pieces of additional information that might come to me. On June 14, 2015, one of my Washington DC clients asked what I sensed for the second half of the year. I said I was picking up things that were basically good, although there were rumblings in the financial markets, and something else that kept coming up that I hadn’t been able to get many details about other than it “started in August, became bigger in September, and engulfed the world by October…something that turned the applecart over.”

Because of my clairvoyance, I have an 8-track mind and I watch information coming in on many mental screens at all times. One day in late July I was doing something in the office when one of my “screens” opened up. I glanced at it, thought, “Oh, that’s the October problem,” and went back to what I was doing. A second later I was electrified and thought, “Hey! That was… what was that???” But I could not remember what I had seen.

I gave myself directions to see that screen open again, and about four days later the same thing happened. This time I managed to get two words, “the grid.” I wasn’t sure if that meant the electrical grid, the communications grid, the financial grid, or some other grid.

I then gave myself directions to gather more information about what was happening with the grid, and about two weeks later a piece came to me that “the grid” referred to the internet. I had the question in my mind, “Is the internet going to go down?” A response came… “The internet will not so much “go” down as much as it will be “taken” down.

When I asked “Why?” the answer came back, “To stop the free-fall.” I then had a picture of computers being stopped because if they had been allowed to keep going, the banks would be empty and everyone would be bankrupt. By shutting down the whole system, the wealth of a few would be preserved and the authorities could then say, “Well, we had this problem, but everything is now okay. We just need to sort things out and get back online and everything will be fine.”

But everything was not fine. It was chaos.

I received a video link yesterday. Today I clicked on it and found it to be a news report from a place called Real News. It was an analysis of a 10-part television series called Mr. Robot, which has evidently been shown on national TV over the summer. It concluded with the 10th episode, which spelled out the exact scenario I’ve been seeing – the grid goes down and our financial system is destroyed. Here is the link:


The newsman observed something I have heard many times before, that the Cabal LOVES to warn us of what is going to happen next in our world by making a movie full of ‘hidden information’ about the future. He then went on to point out what the TV movie series was saying – or warning us about – and it is exactly what I’ve been seeing…with a little more detail added.

In the television series, a group of hackers were hired to insert a virus into the banking system. This would begin September 23 and would eventually collapse the system everywhere – Europe and China included. September 23 is 2 ½ weeks away. That doesn’t leave much time to prepare, should the scenario be accurate.

The government is in complete control of the financial system and if the financial system collapses, the government is going to collapse with it. The government cannot afford to let the financial system go down because it knows that doing so will be the end of government. Thus, it would seem they would go to extreme lengths to keep the system from collapsing.

However, if I assume that the predictions offered by the Mr. Robot TV series are true and I look at the situation from an intuitive point of view, it appears that the government is responsible for inserting the virus. This is somewhat confusing. Why would they engineer a financial collapse? And then shut down the internet?

The answer might be just what I saw – so they would be able to claim that the internet is to blame, that the financial system is still viable, and the government is still legitimate. They would claim that we just have to sort out the mess and carry on with life as usual…and no one would ever know the truth about why it happened, what went on in the background, or what was really lost.

First, the U.S. is bankrupt. Could they be trying to hide this fact?

Second, besides the bankruptcy, there have been more and more exposures of corruption, and the people who have been directly involved in the corruption are under tremendous pressure. If the truth came out, it would destroy them and the government. Would destroying the financial system help cover this fact?

Third, now that all of the bankers who could point fingers and blame anyone have been murdered over the past three years, is the government going to destroy the computers – i.e. burn the books – that hold all the evidence of illegal transfers and payoffs, and that also reveal that they’re bankrupt?

Ruining the banking system using a virus is a very selective hack. In the TV series, the whole internet doesn’t go down, just the banking does. How convenient for the government, which needs to keep the drama going! If we can all just be kept occupied with Facebook and texting, we’ll be too distracted to do anything else – like think clearly or act with intention.

Fourth, looking at the whole thing from another point of view, it looks a lot like the September 11th bombing of the Trade Center buildings in New York in 2001. That was a massive gold heist of money that had been moved into the Trade Center in order to begin shipping it back to the East on September 12, 2001. We all know what happened. The gold disappeared. The take down of the internet/banking system may be another situation just like the Trade Center. Neil Keenan and Group K have just announced what appears to be a deal with the UK in which the Global Accounts are now being set up in several locations. According to Neil, $1.7 trillion in gold has already been deposited and more is on the way. What happens to the records of that gold if the financial system gets a virus and collapses? The take down of the internet or the banking system sets the stage for the gold to disappear and the elite to act as if there never was any gold in the first place.

Fifth, with all of the intelligence and tracking capabilities of the CIA and Mossad, how was it that Keenan was allowed to remain alive? Was it because they let him do all the heavy work of finding the gold, convincing the elders that it would be used to rebuild the Earth, and get the gold shipped into the hands of the Western bankers – who already had plans to insert a virus into the banking system computers and make the money disappear? Or maybe to make the old system disappear and when the internet comes back on line to fill out their balance sheets with numbers from the gold Keenan sent them, as if nothing was ever wrong in the first place? In Neil’s latest blog post, he says point blank that London is the financial center of the corruption…and in the same post announce that he has made a deal with the UK!!

In concluding, it is not clear whether the grid would be taken down more because the Cabal doesn’t want the Global Accounts to be available to rebuild the world…or because they just want the gold to replenish their own coffers…or because they are trying to avoid admitting that they cannot pay China…or because they want to screw Russia…or whether they really just want to make sure the extent of their corruption and bankruptcy will never be known. If they can hide the extent of their corruption and bankruptcy, AND get their hands on more gold, they have a chance of maintaining their power and keeping control over everything.

All of this really comes down to a massive attack on Russia and China because they hold billions – no, trillions – of dollars in U.S. currency. If a bad-boy virus wipes out our system of currency, then…oops! It’s not the government’s fault! Somebody did it to us, and we’re trying hard to fix it, but it just isn’t fixable, so we’ll just have to start over…unless…you have records, Mr. China? Oh! What’s that you say? You’re having difficulty with your computers too?! My, my! I guess we’ll all have to start over. Darn. That’s too bad.

And just like the Robes said, the corporate dinosaurs would go after one another and take each other out in a fierce competition to be able to say, “I rule the world!!!” I always expected this to be corporations like General Motors, or the coal companies vs. the solar companies. But now I’m realizing that it could very well mean the Corporation of the United States and the other countries who have incorporated or at least adopted capitalism. If those nation-state structures are now in a battle to the death, their death throes will shake us all.

Of course, if we could wake up and take charge of things, we might begin to understand the game, realize that we’re the pawns providing the pinball drama that entertains the big players as they pull the levers and watch the chaos created by their games. Perhaps it is time for us to learn to shake or slant the table to make things go the way we want them to go. We might discover our power and learn to use it wisely and well.


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  1. I am most grateful for your unique perspective, and for your clarity of mind with which you put the pieces together for us. I appreciate that. I am interested in what I can do to counter these forces, in my own little life sphere, and help create a stable and vibrant world.

    • Hi Bonnie, thanks for the comments, and I think the best thing to do is to be ready to connect and cooperate. I hesitated to say what I see in this case, and I wanted to wait and say something good, but ended up speaking up now because I feel it is important for people to be prepared for change.

    • Donna and Jennifer,
      I’m not a financial consultant so you’ll have to do what you think best. If it were me, I would keep some currency on hand, just regular dollars and some coins, so that you are not dependent on a debit card. If you have larger sums of money, make sure you have a paper copy of your account numbers and balances for all accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. My hunch is that they will try to introduce a new currency, but trust will be a big issue. If you have gold or silver, put it in a safe place. It will be very useful and will probably go up in value. You won’t be able to eat it, so have a food plan and a medicine plan.

  2. Plausable, even feasable…… But, the bottom line of this presumed event, has to be one part of the mechanism needed to once and for all help the collective humanity to lose the belief in external authority. Continuous and long standing projections, giving away power to; monetary units, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, politicians, economists etc….etc…. has for so long undermined the human spirit. Maybe we should embrace this or similar happenings ? Of cource, there will be suffering amoung the individuals that have the heaviest investments (physicaly, emotionally and mentally) in material, 3D ” reality “.
    His-story repeats itself…. It repeats itself becuse the core issues are’nt adressed in the first place. In this case the belief in external authority.
    The leaves fall of the trees in autum…. if ya gotta go, you gotta go ! It’s time !

    • Hi Jan, that was one of the major factors pointed out by The Robes a number of times. After thinking about your comment for a while, I found myself asking, “Exactly where is that elusive boundary between inner authority and the joy of working with others to create a neat and interesting civilization. We simply must re-establish our own sense of authority and at the same time embrace cooperation instead of competition. And if, instead of fighting the external situation, just withdraw from it, not pay any attention to it, find ways around it, we could avoid major disruption and war.

  3. I have always held out for peace and love to prevail in the world, but your words struck a chord and all I can say is, “WOW”. Let me pick myself up from the floor… and continue with my second thought from reading this. To me, this is the real news coming forth from (sorry, Penny) a small voice in the wilderness, likely never to reach the masses. Therein lies my depression. The little people can really do nothing about the big powers in the world, save for prayer and holding out for peace and love to prevail! God help us.

    • Nancy, keep holding the vision of peace and love! When the little people band together to go in a different direction, they became a very big people. I think we just have to start. I often think of my sister, Pam. She was all of 5 feet tall, tiny, blond, blue-eyed and tougher than a junkyard dog. I was always a big chicken. I used to say to her, “You go first, Pam. Then I’ll try it.” She did, and I always found immense courage in following her. Her death has left me with no one to follow. I think we just need to pretend that we all have a Pam. If we just start walking in the right direction, other people will draw courage from the fact that someone went first and is going where they want to go.

    • I’m not sure, Xenia. I keep hoping I’m wrong. But for what it’s worth, I was raised in a farm family that always kept extra food on hand. I think I said in one of the comments below that it would make sense to put some cash in your pocket rather than leave it in the bank. Of course, if everyone runs to take all of their money out of the bank, that could help make the whole situation worse! Balanced thinking is needed. The question to ask yourself is, “What do you absolutely have to have in order to live your life?”

  4. Hi again Penny. From my viewpoint, only the mundane, unawakened interpretation of the relationship between inner authority and cooperation creates isolating boundries. ” True ” inner authority, creates no boundries. Instead, cooperation becomes the natural outcome of ” true ” inner authority.

    Competition, is an attempt at substitution for true inner authority, driven forward by a personality EGO feedback loop trying desperatly to create some sense of connection to source by attempting to become it’s own source.

    Unfortunately, withdrawal from external projection of authority, entails doing some groundwork of discerning between internal EGO chatter, and ” knowing ” from source.

    The present collective consciousness is just not there yet. It is very uncomfortable for the majority of humans to begin the process of quieting EGO chatter to begin the discerment process. Hence my ” belief ” that these presumed crisis, are a nesessary evolutionary tool to dismantle crystallised thoughtforms and emotional complexes.

    The Earth has her evolutionary timetable. and right now, collective humanity is lagging behind, creating the need for lower energyform catalysts to higher forms.

    • Nice comment, Jan! I agree. I think true inner authority leads naturally to cooperation. I love your comment that the ego’s competition is a desperate attempt to create some sense of connection to source by attempting to become its own source! Beautifully said!

  5. I was away when this first came out but I thought it was something to really think about. I realized that Penny is what is called an “earned authority” in my world from what I have read of her books and the connection I have felt.

    What I am getting now is that there are so many potentials out there and so much is in flux that it becomes very difficult to predict what will end up happening. What seems to be in place as a future potential could be different tomorrow .

    Having said that I wise person looks to prepare themselves for all the potentials they can see for themselves. For me that is have lots of food and water supplies and sources on hand and a safe place to be out of the cities. Gold and silver and cash on hand as well and the ability to grow your own food and sustain yourself as best as you can.

    Some folks might find fear coming up when they read something like this and if fear comes up then you probably need to prepare just to alleviate that fear somewhat.

    I actually think that what Penny talks about may be a “best case” scenario in terms of the banking “grid” going down and not the “power” grid. The power grid has much more serious ramifications.

    Bottom line is it is time for the world to change but there must be some sort of a major catalyst as most of us don’t like to change.

    Thanks for the post Penny and we look for updates or any insights. My current sense is nothing is going to happen this month as the timeline has changed already but I am looking at another level of preparedness for this possible scenario anyway.

    • Say there artman77, I appreciate the comment and like the idea of having “earned some authority!” You are right about the many potentials and the fact that so much is changing dramatically from day to day. God forbid that the power grid goes down! It would be nice to think that we could all look out on the worldly dramas, let things come apart as needed, stroke our chins or scratch our heads quietly and say, “Hmm, looks messy. Glad that corruption is over. Now…what do we need to do first…and second…and who do we need to work with to get ‘er done?”

      • “Say there artman77, I appreciate the comment and like the idea of having “earned some authority!”

        The term “earned authority” is something I picked up from JJ Dewey who has written some pretty cool books. His point was that we accept the authority of others who have not really earned it. And of course give our power away. We do this all the time. His point was to be extremely discerning with those who have not really “earned” it or proven themselves.

      • Nice! The little men in brown robes belabored a similar point – that we had given away our power and now sat around waiting for the government or somebody to “do something.” The Robes said we would have to learn to take back our power and use it to create differently. I think we might be at exactly the point they kept talking about.

  6. Yea… well, I actually swipted that line ( or at least the ” reson d artre ” ) from ” A cource in Miracles ” which I began taking to heart in the mid 90’s. It has proven to be a good map if you want to understand the Dynamics of the personality EGO. And combined with a map of the human energy system, it becomes a very Sharp tool indeed.

    Much love…. Jan

  7. Hi Penny! Thank you for sharing your insights; I value them as always. I’m chiming in to pick up on the ‘light grid’ idea which imo is THE primary grid of this entire “illusory realm,” so to speak. I’ve had a number of “experiences” where I watched this grid collapse (years ago… finally coming to pass), and my auto-response (in one case) was, “Well, what shall we do now that this amusement park is closing?”

    This may sound flippant, which isn’t my intention… I am taking world events very seriously and have been researching voraciously re: how we came to this situation. But in my view, the *primary grid* is being retired from active duty – dissolving like old abandoned spider webs. It’s had its run in the cosmos and its day is done.

    ALL of our perceived reality has been constructed on the scaffolding of this grid – which is the Cabal’s grid, built millennia ago by visitors much more evolved than earthlings, with the intention to keep earth humans trucking along a trajectory that served THEM. Their reign, and this entire “experiment” in space-time, is now ending. THEIR GRID is imploding. And along with it, this illusory world we’ve been plugged into, like cabal-serving humanoids, also goes.

    Buh-bye and good riddens!

    So, we are at a critical crossroads where we MUST step up and envision a world that works for all, not the parasitic elite. Banking/money/currency is about to undergo a complete rehab, as an interim step toward true “flow,” in which we will (in our liberation from the old grid) be in a system where what we need or desire flows in, what isn’t needed flows out – possibly toward someone or some place that now needs that thing or experience, etc. Very elegant and organic intercourse with the energies of Life.

    I had early visions of this “grid” being like a typical matrix (years before seeing The Matrix movies… no connection), in which every cell was a box, and everything built onto/into the grid existed inside a fixed “height/width/depth” context.

    As I watched, this grid morphed into a structure of cells like a honeycomb, which I interpreted as our gaining direct access to realms of awareness BEYOND “the box(es)” of this world. Our perceptual capacities will be given much freer and broader range beyond our threatened little egos, and we as humans will be able—inspired and motivated—to build what is in the highest good for the collective, including Mother Earth.

    I’m really on a bender here! Sorry! But to summarize, my strong sense is the cabal’s (false, imposed) grid is collapsing as I write this, and a grid of “true Light” is replacing it. Everything else (all the ‘sub-grids’ of society) is hard-wired to that grid. We’re on the brink of a massive opening/awakening … but there’s likely an interim stage of some chaos coming. A bit frightening, yes. But we have to keep our minds on what a healed world would look/feel like and start BRINGING IT IN.

    Some cash on hand, extra supplies including gas – for the interim (fossil fuels are a major part of the cabal grid and clean FREE energy will be available once this dreadful cabal system is out of the way… yes, some time needed here). I’ve heard there’s a large network of “higher-ups” (spiritually speaking) who have been working for a lonnng time to help this transition from collapse to renewal be as smooth as possible. I like to trust this is true, tho am admittedly challenged at times to hold the higher vibe.

    That said, and even tho my own life is in crisis in every way, I’ve been feeling something important is shifting (the grid??), which is making “manifestation” easier than ever. The TRICK is to be focused on the GOOD, not the troubles, the fears, while what we see and experience intensifies. Focusing on the healing accelerates the healing. It is a major lesson. Hyoooge for a species that’s been so preoccupied with what’s “out there” and jumping through “authority’s flaming hoops” and letting their inner, or higher, senses atrophy.

    It’s ultimately a good thing with a bit of a “character building” (*cough*) opportunity in the meantime. We are Visioneers and Cocreators and the stage is being set for our rollout of conscious creations. Let’s collaborate on building beauty. ox

    PS! We’ve had a sharp drop in chemtrails here (central Virginia), whereas we have been hammered by them daily for many years. I heard a supposed insider claim that the whole program has been DECOMMISSIONED. May it be so! Another cabal program bites the dust! Anyone else noticing skies turning blue again?

    • Whitehawk,
      Yes, we are at a crossroads! And it will probably be messy. More than the banking system may be undergoing a complete rehab! I must confess I get a mite frustrated with the idea that the spiritual “higher-ups” are helping with the process. I’m sure they are, but we are the ones “on the ground” who must deal with what goes on in the everyday reality. The test, if you will, is for us – not them. That said, I LOVE your reinforcement of the idea that now is the time to “keep our minds on a healed world.” If what I saw with the Robes is any guideline, That will take 4-5 decades, at least.

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