It’s a Paradigm Thing

I haven’t been able to think of much else besides what may be coming toward us. So I thought I would plant a few seeds in general consciousness about how to begin thinking through the issues that may arise.

Let’s say the banking system goes down for whatever reason. The banking system is one small part of a much larger paradigm. Other parts of the paradigm include our food, our houses with their mortgages, our legal system, our education system, transportation, communication, and religions – to name a few of the more basic parts. Now let’s go a step further to say that the banking system provides the grease that makes the wheels of our current paradigm run smoothly. If the banking system goes down, then our entire paradigm comes to a halt.

This means that people must not be forced out of their houses just because they can’t make their mortgage payments. We should not try to enforce one aspect of the paradigm, such as the legal system or finance laws, when the banking system isn’t working. If the banking goes down, the whole paradigm goes down. The paradigm should be fixed first. Trying to enforce isolated parts of a paradigm without taking into account the whole thing would amount to gross injustices.

When a paradigm falters, there may be things that must not go forward – such as evictions, and things that must keep going forward – such as water, food, gas, heat, and communications. What is needed for life should be the basis of any paradigm, and foreclosure is not necessary to continue life.

If we should get into tough times, it will be important to think clearly and outside the usual sets of limitations. We may have to rethink the entire paradigm. So it probably wouldn’t hurt to start now, just to get a leg up on the situation.

13 thoughts on “It’s a Paradigm Thing

  1. Dear Nancy and Chanda:

    Here’s a shorter post from Penny related to what I shared with you previously. All food for thought and prayers and blessings!

    Love to you both – who are so dear to me – Sandira


    Rev. Sandra Gelinas – “Sandira”


    Akashic Alliance: Connect Deeply and Evolve

  2. Thank you Penny, your insight has been very valuable. Whatever may be coming, I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for us all.

  3. I’m slow to reply but I have been mulling over what you posted. A couple things of interest…Walgreens filled the last of my prescription last week, which we picked up and then two days later the computer called to say it was available for pick up. Since I don’t have insurance at the moment I went down there and they gave me another refill! They had no record of doing it the first time. Never in my life has that happened…thought it might be of importance to your conversation.Another interesting thing is this article…I have copied the link Wonder if anyone else is having weird happenings????With Very Best Regards,PattyPS I am telling my friends to get hard copies of all their financial accounts.

    • Pat, I didn’t see your comments until just now! Thanks for the link. My merchant account stopped working about a month ago, and when I called to find out why, it was because they were changing everything to the EMV system. The new system makes the merchant “at fault” if someone uses a fraudulent or stolen card. That irritated me and added to my feeling that the blame and responsibility for everything that can go wrong in our world is being transferred to the little guy, while all of the advantages are being handed to the power elites.

  4. Ok Lets add one more weird Computer item.The company I worked for closed so I have been using unemployment for the past 8 weeks.I noticed weeks ago that the past information entered is gone…just gone. There are buttons to review past filings but when I pull them up nothing happens.I thought it was just a update on the program…but it’s been two weeks and 5 tries and the info is just gone. Interested to know if anyone else is seeing abnormalities with their accounts? In Love and Light,Patty

    • Very interesting! I would add to the “weirdness” by noting that ALL of the computer and cell phone systems in San Francisco, Chicago, a major city in Minnesota and one in the Carolinas went out all at the same time for no reason that was obvious in late June. A few hours later they all came back up and worked perfectly! Last week all of the computers for American Airlines went down for a few hours and came back up on their own, again working perfectly. I’m wondering if someone is testing their ability to take the system down?? I know computers can go down for various reasons, but to be so selective, and to include cell phone service as well, is something else.

  5. Most likely a coincidence, but thought I would add anyway – at work the last couple days our servers have been going down repeatedly.

    • Also, I work at an employee benefits firm. We do health insurance, life insurance, retirement, etc… just another little side note 🙂

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