The Grid – Update #2

This was in my inbox this morning.  Be careful what you open on your computer. Things are heating up. I just told several people who were worried that the entire internet would crash on Sept. 23rd that it looked more like things only got started around that date and continued to get worse into October.  I actually thought it would be a little slower and more meandering, but maybe not. This could be just the first wave…One hundred thirty-four countries is a lot of countries.

From England’s Daily Mail:    Millions hit by computer virus

The internet was under attack last night by the fastest-growing computer virus in history. Worldwide systems are buckling after the ‘Sobig.F’ spread to 134 countries

Read the full story:

I think the Pope’s visit is supposed to be a big distraction from what’s really going on.

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    • Dragonpainter, thanks so much for the comment and the link. I clicked on the link and read the 2003 article, which was interesting and informative. One thing I noted was that there have been half a dozen versions of the SoBig worm, and “F” was sixth version, each one being worse than the one before. Included in the article was the comment:
      “The SoBig virus writer’s use of an inbuilt expiry date indicates he is committed to inventing new and improved versions,” MessageLabs’ chief technology officer Mark Sunner said. “Each variant released so far has exceeded the previous one in growth and impact during the critical initial window of vulnerability.”
      The last version, F, had an expiration date, so there may be another version yet to come. However, the article in yesterday’s Daily Mail was about SoBig.F, so it has to be referring to the previous outbreak.
      Another thing I noted was the paragraph in the article that said:
      “The e-mail-borne worm arrives with various subject headers, such as: Your details, Thank you!, Re: Thank you!, Re: Details, Re: Re: My details, Re: Approved, Re: Your application, Re: Wicked screensaver or Re: That movie.”
      Just last week I received an email from someone in which the subject line read “Wicked screensaver.” I remember deleting it thinking “Yeah, well this is a wicked delete button,” as I deleted it and wondered what troublemaker would be dumb enough to put such a clue to their mischief in the subject line???

  1. Also many areas of California have had their power down. Not one area… many! Sorry I don’t have a link … read about this yesterday, don’t know where. But very odd, and not weather-related, just “a mystery.”

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  3. Hey Penny- after looking around the news sites and not seeing anything about this I just googled sobig and found that it’s been around for over a decade. is this another version? are people just not wanting to talk about it? am feeling pretty bejiggity about upcoming events, however when I review what happened to me in 2008 and 1987, I was profoundly fine. hope all is well in your neck of the woods. would love to come see you with Bonnie next summer and have some ideas about more class possibilities…except you may have already done them:) All the best and many blessings. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Lezley Suleiman

    • Hi Corinne, after I posted it I looked around and listened, but thought it unusual that it was not being mentioned. I left my post up because I’ve learned that every part of an unfolding process is important, even when something doesn’t seem to make sense.

  4. Hi, Penny,

    I’ve been passing your blog entries along to friends and I got this back from my computer programmer. Don’t expect you to post this quote, but just so you know:

    More misplaced hysteria.

    The Sobig.F is not a computer virus!!! It is a Microsoft email worm. It does not infect computers. It infects Microsoft Windows systems. And it is not new. It is the latest variant on a worm that has been crawling around Microsoft products since 2002, which in Internet history is a very long time.

    I am flabbergasted that the Daily Mail wrote such a misleading hyperbolic article. I would seriously suggest a different source for your news ( ?).

    • Thanks for the comment Linda. Why would you think I wouldn’t post your quote? I, too, am ‘flabbergasted’ that the Daily Mail would write such a misleading article. It is not the best news source on the planet, however, all sources are valuable as teachers. Any specific news story fits into an overall pattern, and it’s the pattern that is of greatest value and interest to me. I went back to examine the page of the Daily Mail where the article was posted. It had yesterday’s date, it was a little different than the original article, and appeared legitimate in every way. But! Across the entire top of the page was an offer to sell people anti-virus software, and then the article on the SoBig.F worm was below. So is this how people are drumming up business nowadays? Are they thinking, “Well there are viruses somewhere on the planet… so it’s not an out-and-out lie.” Did the anti-virus software maker offer to pay the Daily Mail to run a new version of the old article and put their offer of anti-virus help at the top of the page? Is the posting of the old article part of the disinformation campaign run by who knows who?
      The bottom line is that each of us is the best source of knowledge we can go to. If there is anything I would say at this point it is something my grandmother used to say, “The dirt eventually comes out in the wash.” We just need to keep in mind that we are all in the laundry business these days.

  5. The ” SobigF ” virus, was around already 2003 acording to Symantec’s website. But, maleware producers are like biotech gene splicers, they always come up with new variations. None the less…. Count on the fact that not only rouge ( non-govermental ? ) digital gene splicers are running rampant on the net. The internet information explosion has become a serious threat to the old Patriarchal Status Quo, and thus has to be squelched. Speaking of ” Rouge “… of course the NWO governments are the most ” Rouge ” of all, dispising LIFE on the run…..

    • Nice comment, Jan! The internet IS a threat to the old ways. I think it was supported early on because the powers that be wanted to push the business potential, but now it is backfiring.

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