The Grid – Update #3

I have been watching things quite closely in terms of the possibility of an internet collapse and/or fall of the financial system. There hasn’t been much change in the trajectory, although the energies shifted a little after last Monday. I’ve been thinking deeply about what I’m seeing, and have taken a little action that I thought I would share.

A friend of mine and myself got together a week ago or so and did some anchoring of what we call The Paradise Codes. My messages beforehand were, “Do not interfere or try to stop what is happening. Many changes need to be made.” So we were careful not to interfere with anything that may be in the works regarding the internet or the financial system. However, we spent a good hour anchoring things like resilience in people, cooperation, collaboration, communication and a deeply felt sense of community here on the Earth so that if anything did happen, we would tend to pull together rather than pulling apart.

The last time this same friend and I worked on a Paradise Code project, which was a couple years ago, out goal was to shut down the HAARP installation in Alaska. Within a month of our work, HAARP closed down. It reopened very briefly for a month or two, and then closed completely.

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    • The Paradise Codes were developed by one of my very first students from way back in the early 1980s who went on to do wonderful things of her own. Her name is Suzanna Kennedy and although this does not capture all of what she has done, she traveled quite a bit, tuning into the events that had happened in a place – e.g. wars, murders, betrayals – and worked to clear and heal those energies. In a nutshell, the Paradise Codes simply anchor the ways, attitudes, and energies of paradise on Earth!

  1. So I want to play:) Can I help at all and if so how? Count me in for whatever support I can contribute:) All the best….and I didn’t know Haarp had closed. Yay! Thanks. Lezley Suleiman

    • LOL! I hear you and I’ll keep that in mind! Maybe we should all get together on the phone for a half hour of something that heals and clears our future??!!

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