The Grid – Update #5

We made it through October without a gigantic disaster, and now we have completed Nov. 3rd and 5th without a major problem, and I am greatly relieved that all systems – financial and otherwise – are still working. I am not the least bit troubled that I saw something that didn’t manifest because that is a common thing in the world I live in. I rarely speak up about my worries and visions, but I did this time because so many pieces came together so powerfully, and sometimes you just have to take the risk of speaking up and being wrong. Too many people stood to be hurt if I didn’t say anything and the visions turned out to be correct. It’s possible that something could still happen, but with having had time to get used to the idea, it might be seen as little more than an inconvenience. It’s also possible that what I was picking up over the summer was the general mindset of the population that was being affected by the Mr. Robot series. I will have more to say in my next blog, but for now, everything that gets predicted that then doesn’t happen means we have a little more time to figure out how to make a positive change in a kinder, gentler way…time to build new systems that work better…and the chance to let natural changes press forward.

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  1. I have been fascinated by the concept of shifting timelines, and how this causes predicting the future to be extremely difficult. Many psychics and remote viewers can clearly see into a particular future, but the question then becomes “which one?” You might be able to discern a disaster looming, but is it in the same timeline you will exist in at that time? Only a few major events appear to be “hard coded” into nearly all parallel tinelines – the 9/11 attack on the WTC appears to be one example.

    For those of us who believe that Earth is in the process of ascending into a higher level of consciousness, it is clear that many institutions of lower vibrational energy will need to crumble and give way in order to be replaced by something better. The banking system and corporate control of our political system would certainly be strong candidates for that. The question is, how fast will it fall and how chaotic will things become in the interim? One theory suggests that a major dimensional split is underway, and those of higher consciousness will take one path and leave the lower frequency dimension for those that choose to remain. Perhaps those that are heavily invested in doom & gloom will get what they expect. This is why I tend to disregard predictions of imminent disaster.

    • What an elegant explanation of alternate timelines! Thank you, Lynn. We know that Earth is on a journey of transition, and our consciousness affects its trajectory. Institutions that have outlived their usefulness, which are self-serving, travel a lower vibratory path, just as institutions that embody higher principles may survive to build a new world. If we truly are the midwives of a New Earth, warnings such as Penny’s can wake up enough people, clearing enough debris from human emotional bodies to render them more buoyant, and improve the probable timelines. Penny seems to have an ability to “take the pulse” of our current position, and some of us benefit from that kind of “wake up call.” I have no doubt that Penny is reading the current situation accurately, and effecting change in her readers, who contribute to positive change on Earth. Prophecies seem off base? Bravo! Because another catastrophe has possibly been averted, and it’s time to take another pulse. I plan on staying ahead of the curve.

      I truly appreciate your posts, Penny! Keep ’em coming!

      • Thank you, Linda! We are certainly on quite the journey. I hadn’t thought of myself as being able to “take the pulse” of our civilization, but I do hope – frequently – that people will be inspired to see themselves and their relation to Mother Earth in a whole new way. I, too, was celebrating that the possible catastrophe did not manifest, even though I know we need change. At the moment, the “bad” guys are losing ground, and the “good” guys are gaining. There may still be a lingering threat of another false flag or two, but the real threats are the loss of drinkable water, living soil, breathable air, and social structures that nurture us.

  2. Penny I am grateful for your posts. The change could happen by everyone focusing on a different out come. I think there are enough people out there who don’t want a civil war to happen. Perhaps this helps shape how the changes will take effect. Just a thought. As always…keep sharing…love to hear your thoughts💞 Patty

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    • Right, Pat! I know people personally who are working behind the scenes in amazing ways to avert trouble and war, and every mind counts!! We need change…not catastrophe. And those who are working to make the changes happen have a brief mantra they have clung to: Smooth, soft landing…no chaos. I like that.

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