Paris Parallels

Isn’t it amazing how many similarities there are between the Paris attacks and the attacks of September 11th in the U.S.?

The alleged attackers in both scenarios came from Middle Eastern countries that the cabal has been wanting to take over – Iraq then, and Syria now.

The attacks weren’t even a few hours old when French President Hollande accused Syria of being involved. He sounded just like the Bush gang accusing Iraq of being involved in 9/11.

Someone very conveniently found the I.D. of one of the Paris attackers in the trash, just like someone found the I.D. of one of the men allegedly involved in the Trade Center bombings. Additional incriminating evidence of bombs and jackets have been found in other trash bins, making the whole thing look and sound so hokey.

Even before they found the I.D., police began going after people they said were involved in the attacks. How did they know who these people were? How did they identify them so quickly? Other murder cases languish for years, sometimes forever. It turns out, they had been watching some of the attackers for years, and then carefully looked away as the attackers planned and carried out their attacks. The same tactic was used in the U.S. around the 9/11 attacks.

I can’t help but think about the regular surveillance that goes on by U.S., British, and French authorities and how easy it would be for them to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening among the so-called terrorists. Using this ‘inside information,’ they could then use the old Rothschild habit of pretending to support both sides of a conflict in order to create a desired situation, and then betray the attackers by turning on them! Of course, the attackers usually end up dead once their usefulness has been exhausted so they can’t talk about who funded or supplied them.

All of France shut down, just as the U.S. did, on the basis of fear. Suddenly people are being checked at train stations, airports, and borders – a total invasion of privacy. Even more disturbing is the reappearance of closed borders, razor wire, and distrust. We didn’t see the borders close or razor wire here in the U.S., but we did see the distrust of anyone who looked like they were from the Middle East.

In Paris, there is a clear attitude of “stay in your house, stay out of the way, and don’t ask questions.” We’ve seen that here in the U.S. in both the Boston bombing, and after 9/11 when George Bush threatened everyone by saying we either had to be ‘with the government or against it’ – no room for anything in the middle that might question what just happened or why.

In the U.S. the sorely misnamed Patriot Act was rushed through after the 9/11 attacks. We’ll probably soon see what France will try to push through as part of their attack agenda…sigh…so tired of all the terrorism stuff. It’s like a never-ending game of cops and robbers. How long do we have to keep playing? I wish the government would grow up.

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  1. Always find your posts interesting. Keep them coming!

    Our current reality is so distorted it is hard to tell what is really going on. The only thing we have any potential control over is our current state of mind. Being the observer and remaining the watcher of current events without getting triggered is the mastery.

    • Thanks, Art! Yes, there’s a lot of distortion going on. I read, watch, and listen to a lot of widely varying people and news sources. My daughter said to me quite critically one day, “Why do you believe in that stuff???” My reply, “I don’t! I believe in my own experience. I’m reading and listening to this stuff because I want to know what is going on in the consciousness of the people.” She didn’t say anything more.
      I started to write a blog a few weeks ago about what I see going on in the world, but it became so long and unwieldy that I realized it was becoming a book! So many people won’t watch the news anymore. Even I find it painful. But if I am going to be of any help to anyone at all, the least I could do would be to help people untangle the lies and reorganize their consciousness in ways that helps make sense of what HAS happened, as well as what COULD happen if we put our minds to it.

  2. Great post Penny.

    My question would be why do so many ordinary citizens ignore the evidence; evidence that clearly shows these events to be manipulative false flags. Even when presented with concrete evidence, most seem to look th other way and languish in their self imposed ignorance.

    I love the word hokey, and it’s so appropriate here.

    • I think people look the other way partly because they do not have the inner authority to observe, assess, and make decisions on their own. Our inner authority – our power – has been drummed out of us over many centuries. People also look the other way because it is SO painful and feels so hopeless. What do you do in the face of such a massive system of corruption and manipulation? The little men in brown robes once said to me when they were showing me the rise of business and the corruption of power that went with it, “You will have to confront this some day. Do not try to fight, or march, or file lawsuits, or things of that sort. Exercise you power by doing nothing. Get yourselves ready, and then for 3 or 4 days sit home, do not go out to work or shop, do not buy any gas, any groceries, or spend any money at all. Your power is to not participate, and by not participating, you will send a powerful message. Of course, you will have to be organized, because things like the electricity, water, and nuclear plants still have to be managed. The goal is to exercise your power and earn the right to have a say. The whole system runs on money. When you stay home en masse and refuse to uphold the money flow, you will discover you can reclaim your power. But be careful! You do not want to collapse the system. You want a voice in changing things. If you collapse it, you must be prepared to take care of yourselves in new ways.” There were a few other comments, but at the time, all I could think was, ‘Oh! They’re talking about a big sit-in, like college kids did in the 60s!’ For a long time, I thought their advice was not very useful, but lately I’m thinking otherwise.

  3. Here, here!

    I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become – Carl Jung

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    • There is an obvious trail because some things can’t be hidden very well. Only those who never look outside their own box will miss them. In addition, the Cabal maintains an attitude of dubious honor in that they feel it is only fair to do what they do if they offer clues that they are either going to do something, or that they just did something, and now it is our job to find them and stop them or figure out how to catch them. The warning they gave was on the January 2015 cover of Economist magazine where they had two numbers in plain view – 11.5 and 11.3. With a little creativity, you can rearrange these numbers to be 11.13.15 – the date of Paris massacre. The clues are like a challenge and a warning and a psy-op all in one. We know that something is coming, but we don’t exactly what or from which direction, and once the event occurs, we feel stupid because we had the clue but couldn’t figure it out…which leads to being psychologically unready to get ahead of the game, and thus we lose.

  5. Hi Penny,

    In one of Bob Monroe’s books he said,

    There is no beginning, there is no end – there is only change.
    There is no teacher, there is no student – there is only remembering.
    There is no good, there is no evil – there is only expression.
    There is no union, there is no sharing – there is only one.
    There is no joy, there is no sadness – there is only love.
    There is no greater, there is no lesser – there is only balance.
    There is no stasis, there is no entropy – there is only motion.
    There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep – there is only being.
    There is no limit, there is no chance – there is only a plan.

    Considering the state of affairs, here on Earth, at this time, do you think Bob would say the same today?

    It’s a wonderful way to see things, just a little tough these days.


    • Yes, Tom! I think he would say the same! He and I used to talk, and our talk was always about the dynamics of existence and the reality of what we were discovering about existence, never about the judgments you could make about those dynamics. It IS tough to see things that way today. Thanks for the reminder!!

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