High Stakes

Years ago, after revealing mind-blowing scenes of our future, the Robes said to me, “You are to stay out of the tear down. There are teams in place that will take down the old systems. You are on the build-up side. You are needed to help guide in creating the new systems.”

I noted their comment, and thought, “Yeah…okay. No problem.” I didn’t think anything about the comment at the time. I just noted it. But over the years, especially the last ten years, it has been really hard to stay out of the tear-down. The combination of comprehensive input from the Robes, my natural and highly practiced intuition, the discipline to read widely, and the ability to recognize whole patterns with a tiny drop of information have made it excruciating to remain silent about so many things.

A friend wrote to me shortly before the Climate Conference in Paris and asked if I agreed with an email making the rounds about the conference being a façade for a meeting of the New World Order and a sinister plan to bring in global governance and collapse in December.

I wrote back:

”No, I don’t think I agree. I think we have to go past the paranoia about a New World Order. If we can’t come together as one, we’re left with the old order, which is rotten to the core. Nations are over. Oil is over. Corrupt banking is over. Pharmaceuticals and Monsanto and our current form of education are over…or maybe I should say those things have had their heyday and now something new is rising.  The “dark” team is faltering. The “light” team is running neck and neck, and it’s picking up speed. I even see signs they are pulling ahead. Yes, there are problems…especially with the awful surveillance going on, and the staggering debt we have. All of this will have to be dealt with. But I see the Paris meeting of all those leaders coming together to finish off the Cabal. There’s been a vicious war going on for some time now to take down the Cabal, and many countries are working together to accomplish that. They might succeed, they might fail, and they might do a half-assed job, but at least they’re in agreement that the Cabal and its corruption has to end. It’s a start.”

The stakes are really high right now. Even if the financial system falls, even if Turkey and Saudi Arabia go to war against Syria and Iran for a while, even if there are half a dozen more false flag shootings in an attempt to get Americans to give up our guns (I’ll say more about this later), hold the vision and make choices that lead toward a world at peace. The Paris conference demonstrated clearly that we are all together at the heart level in a very big way.  Millions of people are poised to help one another out if the financial system falls. Foolish wars end quickly. And the only reason the Cabal wants us to give up guns is so that we can’t shoot them when we finally recognize the murder, fraud, lies, and double-dealing they have perpetrated.

Be wise like a fox. Work cooperatively within the system if you have to but keep your eyes open for places you can make a difference. Be yourself. Take calculated risks. Do something new. Look more deeply at the propaganda that is presented as news and figure out what is really going on. Listen carefully for clues that the people around you are seeing and understanding what is happening. Talk about the future, not the past. Be excited about change. Be bold in your thought and feeling. Give yourself the gift of acceptance for Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas!

16 thoughts on “High Stakes

  1. Great post. I must be positioned for build up as well as I find myself withdrawing from the outer and cocooning more and more to our oasis in the country. Not to say, chaos does not come to our door but reaching out or making outward contribution do not seem to be in the cards right now.

    Always look forward to your insights.

    • Your comments are always appreciated as well, Art. I see millions of people awake…and waiting…waiting for signals that something useful can be done or contributed or created!

  2. The most useful and important thing that can be done is to keep out of fear. It is a low, dense vibration. It is crippling. Holding a space or a vision filled with light means an unconditional acceptance of the highest and the best that things can be. Love is a FORCE.

  3. I ponder daily the issues you mention in your post, Penny, of what is to become of our world. I try to be positive but realistic; watchful and bold, but cautious about what action to take. Who can one really trust? How does one sort out the propaganda from the truth? Maybe one day it will all become clear.

    One thing I do feel clear about; that is that there will be a horrific storm before the calm. That may be inevitable. Life and change are hard and messy. Upheavals of systems that have been in place for hundreds of years: that’s much more challenging.

    God bless us all. I hope will all my heart there’s a happy ending –at least the glimmer of one we cab all see and sense.

    Have a peaceful holiday.

    • Nice comments, Alayne, thank you. I ponder too, and I think each of us must learn to trust the self first, and then we can learn to recognize who or what else to trust. It’s a long process sometimes, but worth the effort. When I was younger and just beginning to learn, I wanted to believe certain things that others said were ‘important,’ or necessary, or politically correct, or proper and polite, or whatever. But sometimes there would be this little voice in me that would say something like ‘Yes…but what about these other facts, (or feelings, or humans, or the way our reality actually works)…?” Or maybe I would have a vague feeling that would be a little red flag, catching my attention, refusing to go away, causing me to avoid a project, delay responding, fail to assess someone or some situation realistically, and later ask myself why I didn’t pay attention to what my own behavior was telling me. I don’t feel bad about what I didn’t know at age 20 or 30, but I am sometimes sad that I meet so many people who don’t allow themselves to know what they know at age 60 or 70. The wealth of our culture is not our money, it is the wisdom we hold inside and the way we express that wisdom. There were many times in the past twenty years I wanted to spank George Bush, Bill Clinton, or Obama and send them to their rooms to think about what they were doing. To have to put up with such immature leaders is a curse upon all of us. It leads to things like the “horrific storm” you mention above. I know we are headed toward a smoother, kinder, gentler civilization, but there is some growing up to do. The U.S. is a young, immature culture compared to, say Sweden, or Bulgaria, or China. We are in our teen years, and we’ve had teenyboppers running the place, showing off their muscle, buying hot warplanes, running up the family credit card, and failing to understand that things come home to roost, muscles become fat without discipline, crashed equipment is lost money and resources, you have to pay your bills, and people have long memories.

  4. Thank you for answering my quandary by posting this.
    With rumors of being the “Last Christmas” I just wanted to scream you can’t just end Christmas on a whim. Material displays, yes, outward expressions, yes, but Christmas resides in the soul memory forever and the music of the spheres will exist forever within the souls that both know and believe. Merry Christmas, a sincere wish for all to experience the love and joy this season brings. It is our hope.

    • You’re so welcome, Gail. And I agree, Christmas resides in the soul. I have a deep need to give, and I sometimes wonder if Christmas arose partly from that need in me and in everybody else as well.

  5. Hi, Penny, I really appreciate your encouragement to look for positive things to do. I get very worried after reading so many doomsday predictions from many sources. Please continue to send upbeat info. Thank you! and Merry Christmas to you, too! Ruth Donovan

  6. Wonderful posts Penny, yours and the comments. With everything so crazy in the World, it’s great to hear your reassuring words. I believe many of us are becoming more and more capable, with the deep rooted, long remembered skills sets to “know what we know”. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Tom. It has been a little crazy for a lot of people, but something has shifted for the better. I’m sure we all see things we don’t like, but my intuitive side is so excited lately! I am thinking I might have to write a little series of pieces called “Life in These Times” to share some things that we need to implement, as well as all the good stuff that is unfolding in the background and what these things mean for us and our world. Stay tuned!

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