Just One New Year Resolution

I think we should all make just one New Year Resolution – to commit to “slow change”…similar concept to slow food, except this would be applied to the world as we know it. We already have slow food, slow cooking, slow relationships, slow cinema, slow transport, and slow life. What about slow change? Instead of wishing that everything would collapse so we could start over and not be bothered with the problems that face us in every direction, could we commit to slow change while also finding plenty of reasons to laugh, dance, work, love, invent, and share our lives?  How about  slow government, slow GDP, slow media, slow healing, slow travel, slow education, slow spirituality, slow money, slow energy, slow work, slow music, slow sex, slow nature, and slow consumerism? Think about it. We could resolve to change every single thing on this planet and do it in a way that allows us to relax and enjoy the process every single day.

12 thoughts on “Just One New Year Resolution

  1. Its funny, this reminds me of a message I had a month or so again when asking about the changes and what was going to be happening.

    The message was that the heat is being turned up slowly so that people have time to change. Like a hot water tank in your home. If it slowly starts to get hotter and hotter and more uncomfortable you can make adjustments and change. But if it just blew up you wouldn’t be able to do anything but to respond to the aftermath if you were still alive.

    So slow change is a good strategy for us right now.

    • I love the image you triggered in my mind, Art! It was of the heat being slowly turned up on the unsavory parts of government- and business-as-usual (which pretty much runs everything) and that they were the frogs who would eventually be cooked if they didn’t have enough sense to jump out and join those who are building a better world!

  2. Holly Bornarth tried to leave the following comment but it wouldn’t go through, so she sent it by email:
    I tried to leave a comment on your blog…operator error did not let it go through. Thank you so much for all of your sharings. My perspectives have been largely expanded with your posts. I really enjoyed your last blog, however, I came away not settled with the “slow” change. I also feel that we do not have to experience a sudden, disruptive collapse and change to move forward. I am willing to be patient in allowing changes to open and occur in a graceful way…yet I am not convinced that “slow” has to be the way. Balance, grace, ease. Flow, fluidity, Win-Win, Highest good of all, NO DRAMA. These are some of my daily mantras. My hope is that everything unfolds at the rate that serves the highest good (slow, medium or hyperdrive). I was first introduced to your work from Suzanna Kennedy. One of my New Year’s wishes is that you and Suzanna would guide a group on the next anchoring of the Paradise codes. I loved the World Puja show and feel like the Paradise codes are more important than ever with the thinning of the veils and the consciousness expansion.
    Thank you for all that you have shared! Much love and Happy New Year!

    My response: Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments, Holly. I could go along with they “hyperdrive” speed of change if the rest of the world maintained a little common sense with it all!

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