My dear uncle,

It’s been many, many years since I’ve written a love letter, but I can no longer remain quiet about how I have loved you for so many years and my grief at the recent news about you! How proud I always felt to be with you. I hold you in a special place in my heart and feel so strongly about you that I sometimes think I would put your life before mine in order that you might live forever. Thus, it pains me beyond comprehension to know that you are dying. I fear I will not be able to stand the pain of losing you. My sorrow is overwhelming and I am distraught.

Do you remember when we first met that day on the beach? I was only 7 years old. You were so much older, and I thought, so much wiser. I was listening to Love Letters in the Sand by Pat Boone and suddenly, there you were – a whole world beyond my family home and the little town we lived in.

It was a world of freedom to listen to what I wanted, spend an entire day rolling around in the sand without worry about who or what might be lurking nearby with ill intent, travel across the country unmolested, and feel at one with people from all over – north, south, east, and west.

As I grew older, how I loved the music, the dancing, the camping, the holidays, the museums, the colleges, going to the city, working in a corporation. I loved being part of a system that people from around the world looked to for inspiration. I loved watching the various passions that ebbed and flowed in various ‘movements’ of our people, each group pressing their case for change, for transformation. How I excited I would feel when the system would suddenly ‘work well’ and uphold justice for somebody. Even though it took time and persistence to get those changes, it was so reassuring to know that you were alive, breathing, and responding. You probably didn’t realize it, but you taught us with your slow, measured changes that change was possible. In fact, you were teaching with your own actions that we should think of changes as normal, necessary, and natural. The message you sent at every level was that there was a need for ongoing change, and I thank you for this.

I know that death is near, and I weep daily at the thought that you are at that fateful door. I have noticed your slow, progressive deterioration these past years. I knew that you were getting older, but saying anything to this effect would have been politically incorrect and would have caused uproar in the family. So in sorrowful silence I watched you stumble and fall again and again – with your integrity, your legal tools, your wars and inconsistent approach toward weapons, your science and education, your media and your surveillance. For a long time I made excuses for you  – you had bad parents…you weren’t healthy…you were working on yourself and didn’t have the bandwidth for  anyone else right then…you just made a few mistakes…your friends had been a bad influence on you…maybe you were on drugs…it looked like nobody taught you how to manage money…too much education and not enough common sense…it was everyone else’s fault that you had to do those things… to suddenly asking, “Oh no…is he failing?!…to finally having to face the fact that you were showing signs of terminal dementia and were no longer capable of making your own decisions or managing day-to-day affairs.

I know you have been in hospice for a while, and I don’t know how much time we have left together, but I want you to know that I have desperately loved you – those proud stars and stripes as well as your mountains, lakes, valleys and plains! I am overflowing with gratitude for having had this time with you. You have been an inspiration, and you will go with me wherever I go. I want you to know that those of us you are leaving behind will forever hold you in our hearts. We will do our best to take care of the mountains, lakes, valleys, and plains, and we will strive in every way to honor your messages of freedom and change. If it were possible, I would change you instantly, here and now, healing you of all your ills just so I could still have you in my life. But I fear that our denial has led us to avoid taking action quickly enough, and already your body is shutting down…too many systems in full decline. Another stroke and it will probably be the end. I am not ready…nevertheless, I tell you now, fare thee well on your journey, my friend. You have been loved, and you  will be greatly missed.


Your devoted daughter

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  1. This is timely and poignant as I was finally able to place my mother in assisted living last month, as a result of a heart attack.She has been in decline with dementia for ten years but her strength and personality and IQ served to mask her helplessness. I no longer have to worry about her driving, burning down the apartment building, or cleaning up the bedroom and bathroom and kitchen. She was born in NYC on the very day of the stock crash in October 29, 1929, and in March and April 2016 the positions of planets are again in very similar aspect. All of her skills and abilities in sewing are gone, and this was her greatest gift. It is another person I see in her now, and it seems so cruel an ending. She still will not hear of dying and transition, stubborn to the end. When a person dies they take their viewpoints, and thoughts with them, no longer contributing to the the manifest accepted group reality, leaving space for a new viewpoint to occupy and create reality. This is how the world changes and why ceremony and and tradition were so important for the survival of a nation through the generations. Years of artificial sweeteners and careless diet has had a corrosive effect upon my mother’s inherited stamina. Just as this virgin bountiful land birthed a Constitution as a result of abundant fertility of soil and endless space, unlike any known in Europe, the destruction and wholesale disregard for it is has brought us to the end of all things. Will we be able conceive and birth a new abundance without the dedicated intention to do so, and without the help of grounded intelligences?

    • Thanks, Stuart. The question you raise is important – “Will we be able to conceive and birth a new abundance without the dedicated intention to do so…?” I’m wondering if we will be able to conceive and birth ANYTHING without a dedicated intention to do so, especially when we are all being reduced to just a pile of individuals.

  2. Wow. It wasn’t until the very end, and the mention of flags and mountains that I understood who your uncle was. Uncle Sam. This is a powerful bit of writing, Penny. I feel what you’re saying, and share the concerns.

    • Thank you, Bonnie. My kids had the same reaction: “Mom! Are you talking about Uncle Sam??” Of course, I was, because I was feeling such terrible grief over what I see happening.

  3. Remember to meet with him in your mutual inner worlds at this time of great transition! We, soul, are ever radiant and glorious, and it will be obvious there. I bet both of you will love seeing one another in the pure god worlds.
    – Love to you, Michelle
    ps – my mom is slowly transitioning from this life, and I hear her voice more regularly now as I wake from my nightly dreams. She is reaching out more and more to me, and as I am able to hear, can reach back to her there and also check in with her with a physical visit in our waking life too.

  4. Outstanding concept and writing, Penny, and I am moved on many levels. Coupled with the image of a labyrinth of flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables that you mention in the sidebar, I am duly reminded that now is an especially good time for us to honor all of Life in every way we can. Thank you for this compelling post.

  5. Hi Penny, As far as I can tell, the ethics of this country have been compromised for a long, long time…starting with stealing the land from the Native Americans and then continuously breaking our treaties with them. Our treatment of women and black people has never lived up to the constitution of all being created equal. Even after all these years, not even gaining the right to vote until early in the 20th century, women still make less than men for the same jobs: black people, men especially, are killed randomly and with apparently no conscience whatsoever. Corporations enslaved and killed people in the 1800’s to build railroads and have tyrannized and monopolized agriculture since WWII. We have also been imperialistic forever, toppling leaders of countries and putting in their place people whom our government wants; setting up defense bases in countries all over the world and when asked to leave, we don’t. Our form of government has rarely been up to being ethical or just. Something’s been rotten from the beginning and I mourn the loss of the Dream. But from the compost grow the flowers and maybe someday, through the courageous efforts of everyday people, we will actually be a country of ethics and justice for all!

    • Carol, we DO have such a long history of unethical behavior. The other day, for the first time in my life – ever – it dawned on me that the entire history of the last couple thousand years has been the history of the little guy’s struggle against those few men who have a huge appetite for power and will do anything to get it…sigh…

  6. Hi Penny,
    I have just finished reading “Robes” and have felt this coming for a long time. I also bought 3 copies for my kids ( they are all in their twenties) to read for guidance. I am planning on moving from the Florida coast to Asheville so we can be independent and garden! Thanks so much for your insights Do you think the stroke will be a financial collapse?

    • I’m not sure, Stan, what the stroke will be. We are on the verge of so many collapses! As I see it, a couple of big banks have already collapsed, however, there has been no announcement in the major media. The trend in media over the past few months has been to just skip the reality of what is happening and not say anything. And this has worked! Why? Because no one is paying attention! Everyone is mesmerized by the daily election “soap” while expecting that any big news will surely be announced. But like big banks that are too big to fail, some news is too big to report…so the media just goes around the truth and nothing is said!! The most likely scenario at the moment is that we will get caught up in another war right at the moment there is any sort of bank failure, but the difficulties, privations, struggles that follow will be blamed on the war. In other words, the war will be a convenient distraction from the truth about the economy. There’s always a chance we will pull through as a people, but even if we do, I don’t know if Uncle Sam will survive.

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