Permission to Change

I work with people all of the time all over the world and one of the things I find that is needed everywhere and by almost everyone is permission to change, permission to acknowledge what we know or what we want, permission to update ourselves and our ideas, perceptions, and personal do’s and don’ts. Life changes us. Love changes us. So let yourself change! Explore… investigate… try new ideas along with new clothes and new technology. It’s time for a personal update. A new world needs new people.

6 thoughts on “Permission to Change

  1. Penny, My husband thinks right now is the beginning of the 50 year rule of the corporations…I think it’s the end….at what point are we in reference to the Book of Robes? Thanks,Patty😘

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    • Patty, it was my understanding from the Robes in the early 1980s that the corporations had already been in power for some time, but Americans were so naïve in terms of media manipulation that they didn’t recognize what was happening. The end of corporate rule was very messy and I think we’re seeing that messiness now. Very little is working smoothly or well. The Robes said that when a woman was elected president, we would know the end of the U.S. was very near because those secretly controlling things wanted to blame the fall of the U.S. on a woman as evidence that women cannot and should not try to run things. Following the civil disturbances in the U.S. it would settle into five or six autonomous regions. I now see that someone hidden behind the structure we think of as our government is ‘Balkanizing’ (breaking up) countries all over the world. They started in the Balkan region, then moved to Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and a number of other places. I think we are next on the list for this process and that it will be important to keep our eye on what we can create that is even better than what we have now. Trying to re-establish the past is going to be fruitless.

  2. Breaking up the US would make it nearly impossible to prosecute current national and international wrongdoers because crimes committed against the United States as a nation (example: the Federal Reserve) could not be prosecuted if the nation no longer existed.

    • Breaking up the U.S. might certainly delay prosecution but I don’t think it would make it impossible. People would make up a new collaborative governing body designed to carry out the prosecution. The delay might also give us time to consider the question of forgiveness. SHOULD we prosecute? SHOULD we punish? Those who hunger and thirst for power might be punished enough just by taking power away from them. Those who steal and hoard money might suffer enough by having their money taken away. Those who constantly seek the limelight might be punished enough by ignoring them. As Orwell’s novel, 1984, points out, the most powerful punishment is being made to experience the thing someone fears. Those without power could learn to relax, those without money could become more creative and resourceful, those without the limelight might learn to go within and discover themselves.

      • I think what comes will in many ways depend on how those who currently have power choose to use it. If one seeks mercy for one’s misdeeds, it is wise to become merciful beforehand.

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