Using Conspiracy Theory to Advantage

There are two ways to view events in our world. One is that things just happen naturally, the other is that there is a hidden hand manipulating things to their advantage. The first is called the accidental theory of events, the second is called the conspiracy theory of historical events. Mainstream media has managed to give a bad name to those who think there is a hidden hand manipulating events in our world today. From my point of view, the majority of those deeply poo-pooed “conspiracy theories” turn out to be true. So I have been wondering if we might take the whole idea of conspiracy theory and make it our own, conspire to construct the future we want, and then, if the powers that be get upset or try to blame us for anything, we can accuse them of believing in those silly conspiracy theories!

13 thoughts on “Using Conspiracy Theory to Advantage

  1. Great post! I think many of us are already “conspiring” to create a better world whether we know it or not. But what would a better world look like. How detailed can our imagining be?

    • Thanks, Art! I think we are conspiring to create a better world. The test comes when the chips are down and everybody shows their hand. We just have to stay cool, stay on course, and not panic if something looks bad! As for visualizing the details, this should be as rich, as complex, as personally exciting as possible. And it should change with your mood. The reality is very dynamic and trying to create something that is “scientifically correct” or “perfect” is not helpful. Create options…lots of options!!

      • One exercise that I have found useful in gettng the creative juices flowing is to “create your next life”. Where are you, what would it look like, what is happening in the world, what talents do you have and how does your body look like etc.

      • I like that, Art. I think people underestimate how powerful consciousness is and what they can do with it. Those who don’t try anything aren’t going to get any results.

      • This is very helpful Penny, but if you could elaborate more on this. Are you talking about the beautiful unfolding that happens when one remains fluid and in touch with one’s heart? Getting past fear and healing dysfunctional patterns that go back to one’s childhood? What do you mean it should change with your mood?

      • Catherine, I mean that we should allow all of our feelings to arise, be felt, be responded to, and then pass. We must learn to be much more dynamic!! We get too caught up in one feeling or another and then stay stuck there, hypnotized by that one feeling.

  2. I’m all about it, Penny. The old ‘inversion’ trick turned to our advantage!

    Krys Crimi

    • Hi Krys! Long time no see! Yes, I think it’s time we started turning things to our advantage. There’s no point in supporting or playing along with petty tyrants.

  3. Good idea! Since they conspire for our downfall, let us conspire for a good future – for all of us. They can´t be happy, being that terrified of us.

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