What Good Are You…?

What good are you, Government, with your patriot laws and

constitutional facades, when you cannot stop the flare of false flags

as regular as morning dew?


What good are you, Newspaper, with your drama and drivel,

when you cannot discern the difference

between propaganda and news?


What good are you, Big Pharma, with your miracle pills and

magic suppression of symptoms, if the make-believe cure

is worse than the original disease?


What good are you, Big Ag, with your rolling acres of corn and soy,

if all you can offer is paper food that fails to nourish

the bodies you claim to be growing for?


What good are you, Weatherman, with your computer models and

climate data, when you are not the one

controlling the weather?


What good are you, Mr. Ed, with your classroom theories and

petty cliques, when all you accomplish is lockstep thought that

never ventures outside the box?


What good are you, Master Fed, with your printing presses and trillions of dollars,

when you cannot balance a single checkbook, half of us are hungry,

and you reserve all of the money for a handful of crooked dealers?


What good are you, Science, with your complex algorithms and fancy theorems,

if everything you say has been bought and paid for and

nothing you proclaim nurtures daily reality?


What good are you, Corporation, with your fat paychecks and fancy profits,

when your soulless routines and habitat destruction

squeeze the creative spark out of every soul?


What good are you, Facebook, with your social media and meta connections,

if nothing of passion or prejudice is allowed and we all mince words

to match your definitions of political and social correctness?

© 6.29.2016 Penny Kelly

14 thoughts on “What Good Are You…?

  1. Penny, you just won the “Real McCoy” award for absolute reality statements…..great job I want with your permission to make a copy of this and hand it out to me forthcoming workshop in Zion, Utah.

  2. *”No good at all really” :-P*

    – Which is why we are trying t set up a few acres of land and attract the “right” sort of folks for the next few years in one of my known vortex areas nearby.

    Maybe I can get tips of your enture – minus the grapes that will not grown here… elves aside… 😉

    Hope you are well, See you in time, davID

  3. What good are you,general public? If your shown, and made aware, of all these problems with this world, and choose to look away and do nothing about them.

    • Touche, Jim! Thanks for your comment.
      You were not the only one to have this reaction! Here is a very similar comment from Vaughn:
      Hey Penny,,, You forgot one… “What good are you people, when you
      know the truth and you don’t stand for it!” And so the only ones
      left, are those who don’t know the truth…. divine intervention is the only hope?


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