Why is there such a push from somewhere up top to bring Islam into the West? Because the main theme of Islam is submit. In Christianity the theme used to control people is guilt. In the Far East religions, it is shame. We in the West no longer have much shame about anything, and the Western guilt trip has about run its course with very few people paying attention to religion at all any more. Since religions are ALL about power and control, the goal of those who want total power, total control is to bring in a new religion that demands submission. How perfect for the Deep State!

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  2. Islam is a desert religion and code of laws, wholly alien to northern europe.

    We are a forest people, descended form the Hyperboreans, far more ancient than Semites.

    One definition of semite is half white, half black, the latin word semi meaning as much.(Gnostic Kabalah cites the hebrew letter’Shem’, which means ‘name’ as the root of semite). So we have the literal and the allegorical definitions to choose from.

    Anastasia tells the story of Egypt as an outpost as the pole tilted and became frigid, where the priests tried to teach the african ethiopians their knowledge to help them grow beyond their animism. Instead these ethiopian people eventually produced pharoahs and the hebrews were born, an amalgam between the hyperborean and african. Solomon was a Semite.

    I do know that the dna of today’s jewry is 92% caucasian turkic-russian(according to israelis themselves)from the region of the SW Caspian Sea, and the result of a wholesale conversion by a king upon his peoples around 600 A.D.under pressure of a Russian king. Sources like Anataly Fomenko and Leuren Moret also report on this. But these Ashke’nazi’ have bottle-neck bred in isolation into a real recognizable type that does rule not only Israel and the few remaining real semites(2nd class citizens), but all the rest of us through monetary banking and politics. Amschel Bauer dubbed himself Rothschild(Red Shield)and concocted Freemasonry with Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to appeal to the ruling elite of Protestant Europe, using black magic Kabalah of the Caspian Sea Baal/Moloch tribe. We are still in the thrall of this.

    Desertification is a direct result of the overlay of middle eastern values upon an altruistic northern european culture.

    Mohammed consummated his marriage to Aisha when she turned 9, after marrying her at age 6.He wrote the Koran on camel bones and skins, and it was transcribed to parchment 60 years later. He was no more than trance medium being used by some demonic entity. Why no talk of his pedophilia?

    Rabbinical Judaism was a Roman creation around 200 A.D. after the Hebrews had long before stopped having prophets with the birth of Christ in the man Jesus. These rabbis proceeded to pick apart the Mosaic books and make up Talmudic laws on their cockamamey interpretation reading the books literally, like a newspaper, out of nothing better to do with a dead legacy of texts.

    The materialism of judaism has entrapped them for a few thousand years, and now the rest of us are entrapped with them through technological science and atheism, the religion of materialism.

    I would comment on your blog but gave up trying to register at word press, and don’t use twitter or FB.

    It is tragic that our true origins are so unknown to us, and we cannot reach into our dna and source to free ourselves of the spell of magicians of Rome and Egypt.

    Have you ever discussed Anastasia and Vladimir Megre with your circle of readers?

    They are remarkably healing and inspirational to awakening our ancestral dna.

    Have I sent you this before-


    Sj Smith

  3. The “main theme” of Islam, according to the Quran, is One. “Submission” is how a person gets to Oneness, by aligning themselves with that which is Divine, called Allah in this religion. Your ignorance is staggering and disappointing, Penny Kelly.

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