Is Hillary the Marie Antoinette of Our Time?

I look at Hillary and Bill Clinton as the Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI of our time. The truth is going to come out, and they are likely to be destroyed. If she becomes president of the U.S., and she continues to host the ongoing financial corruption, she may even inherit the French queen’s title, Madame Deficit.

6 thoughts on “Is Hillary the Marie Antoinette of Our Time?

  1. Interesting comparison, although Marie did not have the kind of power HIllary has had at her disposal for so many years. I was getting very frustrated with all of the drama on both sides back in July, when the conventions were going on. Even friends that are normally intelligent, rational and peace loving were getting caught up in it, and spewing hate. I did a meditation, to help take myself out and away from all of it. I was very surprised, that during my meditation, I was shown that NEITHER current candidate would be our president! That may be wishful thinking, but I have happily been outside of the drama ever since!

    • Thanks for the tip, Joyce! I went to Ed’s website and looked around. Some of his claims are pretty far-fetched, but a few of them looked pretty substantial. I know there’s been a lot of lying and hoaxing and drama going on, and it feels like powder is accumulating in the powder keg. I know we can change without explosive events…I just wonder if anyone else is interested in a quieter kind of change or if everyone is too angry and needs a whipping boy.

    • Hi Steve, there would probably be some chaos and further polarization of the U.S. into regions that begin withdrawing from the union. Either way, it’s six of one thing, half dozen of another!

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