Underneath the Election Drama

I am watching the current election drama with great interest and a sense of the appalling. What appalls me is not Hillary’s corruption or Trump’s pompousness, it is how few people seem to recognize what is going on and what is at stake. I don’t want to get into a long story about my sources, but here is what is happening according to their first-hand involvement.

There are three factions involved in our political elections at the moment. One is the Bush-Clinton-Rockefeller cabal (BCR). Another is the Rothschild group (RG). The third is the old French and German noble families (FGN).

The BCR cabal has been described as a bunch of money-hungry, blood-thirsty elites who want to maintain their control over the U.S. financial system AND reduce population. The RG hates the BCR, however, the RG does want to maintain financial control and doesn’t really care if the population count goes down as long as they can profit from whatever is happening. The FGN families were a target during WWI and many went underground in order to survive the long-ongoing attempts to destroy the monarchy. They have regrouped, have come together, and want to break the back of the Cabal.

Even though the Rothschilds hate the Bush-Clinton-Rockefellers, these two groups have come together to support Hillary Clinton and get her into the presidency so the financial control will remain in Cabal hands. The French-German nobility are the ones who convinced Trump to run and are backing him all the way in the hope that he will win and break the Cabal’s grip on the financial system. These two sides (the BCR/RG vs. FGN) are in an all-out war. The BCR/RG side has said they will do anything to prevent Trump from winning. They are considering three possibilities: a nationwide EMP to knock out the computers at election time, a virus in the banking system that would bring everything to a halt, and a serious false flag attack in a major American city. In my humble opinion, if they were to use either of the first two options, they would be shooting themselves in the foot. The third option – a major false flag – is their usual “go-to” solution and if they were going to do anything at all, it would probably be the third option, especially if they could figure out a way to blame Russia, much as they blamed Iraq for the Sept. 11th attack.

Even though I would love to see a woman in the presidency, it is not Hillary. Some women are blinded by the idea that it is time for a woman to be president and don’t want to see the bigger picture of corruption hiding in plain sight in her background. If we’re going to have a woman at the helm, I want her to be someone with integrity, honor, and truth in her background.

Even though I wouldn’t ordinarily choose someone like Trump for president, I look at him and think, “Trump is a wild card. We really don’t know what will happen if he is elected.” Then I look at the Cabal’s history of corruption, murder, and deception that has filled the last few decades and think, “Do we dare use Trump to break the pattern…the power…the back of the Cabal???”

There is an old saying that may apply here. If you don’t like what you’re getting, do something different…do anything different…and be ready to ride the waves of change!

If Hillary gets elected, the Robes said long ago, “When the first woman gets elected, you will know that the end of your nation is near.”

If Trump gets elected, it is impossible to say how things might unfold. But I suspect that government will never be the same again. He may act more like a king than an elected president, but he is very smart and very capable of learning quickly. He would learn to respond. The question is, which of the many competing groups would he respond to? And can he rise above the competition to inspire a cooperative vision in all of us? That is what we must have in our leadership or we will continue to come apart.

I’ve tried to see which way things will go, but the problem is that I can’t see an election at all! I don’t know if I just can’t see clearly, or if, somehow, there isn’t going to be an election. We will have to wait and watch.

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  1. Thanks Penny!

    Think about Marshal Law if a major event happened that could stop the election process.

    Have you considered supporting Jill Stein? Let’s rally around the Green Party!

    Sherry McCullough

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    • You’re welcome, Sherry! I have had chills thinking about martial law. God forbid that it becomes more active. Someone told me we are still under martial law from back in one of the World Wars, so maybe it would just be more of the same…but I doubt it.

  2. Simon Parkes has been talking about similar thing. False flag event and the possibilty of no election. Not sure if you have ever listened to him.

    I had an experience in my morning focus a week or two ago and without getting into the whole experience the message was: “Love will always prevail on planet earth.”

    This is very helpful to keep our focus on.

    • Love your message, Art! Yes, love will prevail. I haven’t listened to Simon Parkes much at all because I have been wary of someone who claims to have been so heavily shaped by a combination of ETs and national intelligence operatives. However, I recently heard a small piece of one of his talks and thought, “Oh! He’s saying the same thing I’m seeing!!” So I keep watching and listening…

  3. I agree completely right up until you favor Trump! As bad as Hillary is, Trump is equally as bad in other directions! Neither is even on my radar as anyone I would vote for!

    • Thanks, Rhonda! I had to chuckle at your comments…agreed!! I heard Gary Johnson and his running mate, William Weld, and thought perhaps we should seriously consider them. There’s been some uproar over Johnson’s supposed ignorance about Aleppo, but that may have been an honest mistake or just an example of we can’t all know everything…especially if we’re paying attention to things that affect us directly. Certainly, ignorance about Aleppo is minor compare to the lies of Hillary Clinton and the bombastic promises of Donald Trump!!

  4. “Even though I would love to see a woman in the presidency, it is not Hillary.” I feel the same.

    Penny, the forces at war here are indeed large. My dream state is at war, I wake up tired. I’m sick at heart knowing it is a pivotal time, perhaps beyond my comprehension. Whatever is going on is so big at so many supra-physical and spiritual levels, I’m sometimes a dish rag. Frankly, it has to be Trump. For all his verbal faux pas, he loves this country, that I know in my heart, and is one of the only things that bring me peace in my fitful inner worlds right now. Trump – he will learn quickly, and I think he will auto-correct his course the best he can as he goes. He’s not a lone wolf, he’ll take advisement, and I somehow believe he will be a refreshing, genuine leader if the political forces don’t BS it all up. As always, thank you for your posts.

    • Sigh…boy do I hear you, NeckerIsland! Thanks for your comments. You are right – we are at a pivotal moment in history. When I was young and watching the events of the 60s, I used to think it was all so exciting. Now I think it is all so messy! Do you suppose the Flower Children of the 60s are not finished with their efforts to bring love to our civilization and the confrontation going on now is an extension of their struggle? I hope we don’t have the same kind of outcome that we had back then! Just a thought…

      • Just “met” you, Penny, while listening to Patty Greer’s recent interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory. I have a simple response to your query about the Flower Children. No, we are not finished with our efforts to bring love to our civilization. How could we ever finish? We are love. And peace as well. As long as we breathe and are here, we will be who we are. Sure it’s been a ride, but we haven’t fallen off this buckin’ bronco of a mission yet. We’re here for the long haul, so count us in (and I am ending my sentence with a preposition again!).

  5. About not seeing the outcome of the election: a very wise man once told me, if the information you seek will enable your personal growth, it will be provided; if it only serves the ego, you probably won’t get a response, or sometimes you might even get a misleading answer. A lot depends on what you will do with that information.

    • Nice comment, Zak! I think part of the reason I haven’t “seen” the outcome is that I’m too interested in the process that’s unfolding. It’s very educational to watch ‘public group think’ in action, combined with what passes for mainstream media and current political processes!! My biggest concern is not whether I can see an outcome or not, it is “What are we NOT watching, that we SHOULD be watching, if we weren’t so caught up in the soap opera taking place on the national stage???”

  6. Thank You! You speak so elegantly about such confusing issues. I feel the same and am glad to have your company. My Best, Patty

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  7. Hi Penny. Regardless of which group is behind Clinton and Trump, aren’t they all satan worshippers? Seriously. Or is that just more of the misinformation that is on the internet? Can you gain consciousness by dedicating yourself to the energies of the dark? Our political system, our democracy was hijacked a long time ago. What we have is a shadow government along with our fiat currency. Can’t any of these groups that run the matters of the world give in to the Light of Consciousness and live and share with the rest of Life on Earth? I guess the answer to that is no. Sure wish they would…it would make life on Earth so much easier and happier…for All. That way, more and more of us could and would reach Enlightenment.

    • There’s a lot of judgement in that comment, GrowTheLightBlog! I’ve never really liked the term “satan worshippers.” There is something terribly frantic and desperate about it that harks back to the days of the witch burnings. I don’t know that we can just throw language at one another like kids throwing sand in the sandbox. Enlightenment is something personally earned that has nothing to do with the political system or democracy or the economy or any other secular system.

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