Act One – Worries about the Donald

I was in bed and almost asleep at 10:26 last night when my iPad began going off.

A student wrote:

“OMG heaven help us!! This election is nailbiting!! WHAT did the Robes see in Trump over a woman (Clinton)?”

I wrote back:

“LOL, it isn’t about Trump vs. Clinton. It is about consciousness. It is about learning to see past illusions (Hillary represents a huge illusion) and choosing something above the consciousness of murder, rape of children, fraud, and betrayal that she represents. Trump is like the clown in the Memorial Day parade that distract your attention from the wounded and surviving veterans who march along in lockstep. We are the marchers in this parade, quite wounded, and needing to refuse the distractions that pull at us. We are at a serious point in our civilization’s evolution. If we choose the corruption of the past, we will collapse and disintegrate. Even if we choose the higher consciousness, there will be civil war to finish breaking down the old systems. Sometimes the only thing we will have to sustain us will be the knowledge that we made the right choice. If Trump is elected, he will have served his purpose and will likely not be with us very long. So quit biting those fingernails and watch what is unfolding. In itself, the whole election circus is a distraction from the drama of a huge gold theft going on across the sea. The Cabal has falsified ownership papers of 1 million tons of gold and is preparing to make off with it in order to stay in power. That is where the real tragedy is!

She then replied:

“.?! sigh..breath..breath…Gold is already rising like crazy… and what about Russia pushing into Estonia while we are preoccupied…

I replied:

“LOL YES… Breathe deeply…there is some really awful stuff taking place while we are occupied elsewhere. I heard that the U.S. blew up the power grid in Murmansk today putting 300,000 Russian people in the dark and cold. That’s up near the Arctic circle, so really inconvenient for those people. I am not surprised about the gold price. I expect silver will climb as well…and later on other things will fall, like our dollar.”

Electing Donald Trump is only the first act of evolving our civilization. I am going to look up an old story that teaches a lesson and brings insight into our situation. Back soon.



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    • Donna – I’m not a financial counselor, so I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I can recommend the woman I go to for investment transactions if you email me privately. What I have done is very small, but it includes silver, a digital currency, a bit of cash, and keeping myself as much off the debt grid as possible. These choices are based mainly on an avoidance of risk, although there is some risk in everything. We just have to remain watchful, balancing our preferred lifestyle with what the world requires.

    • Lol, Donna, I can’t give you permission to go on a little spending spree…even though I would love to go on one myself!! I can’t say what would be right for you, but I can say that it’s never a good idea to react wildly to something that may or may not occur. Deal with ‘what is.’ I think the core of your question is in the word “plan.” We need to “anticipate” more than plan. We folks need to be much more dynamic in our actions and in our thinking. Think flexibility! We need to be paying attention to the stuff that’s really happening out there with a mind that takes in all aspects – the positive and negative, the truths and the lies, the obvious and the hidden, the hopes and the worries. There is a huge problem coming for people who believe in retirement. When people talk about “retiring,” they are really talking about finally being able to do the things they want to do with their life and time. This is why I tell people all the time, “Follow your heart…do the things you love to do.” You don’t want to come to the end of your life and realize you spent all of your time doing what you didn’t like and didn’t want to do.

      Many people are brought up to believe that if they work and save for 30 or 40 years, they will have earned the right to stop working and will have saved enough money to actually do so. So let’s throw the idea of “earned the right to stop working” right out the window. There is never a time we can stop working. We need to keep contributing as long as we’re here. As for saving up money for 30 or 40 years so that you can retire…yes, you can do that. You don’t earn the right to retire, you earn the money to retire. But if your money is in a form that you do not have final and complete control over, then your retirement can vanish. Dollars are just paper. What is of value is something “real”…like gold or silver (but you can’t eat metal), land, jewels, artwork, or skills and inventory of some kind (let’s say car parts for a popular car). New laws have given banks the right to confiscate your savings account, the money in your checkbook, the contents of your safety deposit box, and any other monies you may have deposited with them (let’s say a Money Market account or Certificate of Deposit). If the bank gets into trouble, they have the right to take YOUR money to make themselves solvent again! I think this is highway robbery, but those who put the new law into place felt the American people would never allow another “bail out”…so they opted for what they call a “bail in” and will just confiscate money from their depositors.

      The bottom line is that some people will get away with retiring and will die believing their life worked perfectly. Others will not. Perhaps a better position is that we cannot count on money to save us. If push comes to shove, we will need our skills and each other. We are in a time of great change. The best we can do is live to the fullest today, make choices that will anticipate a future that looks realistic, be ready for delight as well as disappointment, and don’t forget to dance! (That last bit about dancing was advice from my mother right before she died.) We are all here together. Whatever happens, remember that…and act on it!!

  1. Hello Penny, Thanks for chiming in…ideas for specifically helping support minorities of all kinds from potential violence?? LGBTQ?

    And for the children seeing increased bullying and violence in schools? Thanks!


    • Hi Brooke! Nice to hear from you, and I hope you are doing well!! I don’t know if I have anything to offer that might help minorities and children being attacked or bullied. I have never been in those shoes and it breaks my heart to know that such things are happening. I would probably want to run into the street screaming, “People, we are all just people! We are all unique. Celebrate our differences…not our conformity!” I do know that if my children were being bullied, I would pull them out of school! Doing so would be a strong statement, of course, but I think we all need to see that many of the former paths to “success” or “recognition” need to be re-directed and re-paved. And former answers to questions like, “What do I do with my children when I go to work all day?” need to be re-thought! The world changes constantly because of the need to deal with challenges like those you are presenting. I say, “Let it change!” If it’s not working for someone, then let it change. Every tiny response we make is the seed of massive reformation down the line. If people stop sending their children to school because of bullying, they send a message to the institution of education. There are retired teachers out there who would love to teach a few kids. I’m sure there are groups of LGBTQ people out there who concentrate on strengthening the dignity of each individual. We can’t stay in the dysfunctional systems and expect them to change. We have to find new solutions and make them work for us. Even if they only work for a short time and we’re back looking for another solution, the fact that we found one alternative route or setup is wonderful encouragement to look for others.

  2. Seriously, Hillary for the rape of children? I thought you were talking about TRump. If you are talking about her being the public defender of a child rapist, yes, reprehensible–having to do your best to defend a horrible criminal. Trump purportedly raped a 13 y.o. runaway. Big difference in those two cases. I know you are talking about a different plane of reality, but, in this plane, TRump seems a way worse human that Hillary.

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    • Yes, Pita, I was talking about Hillary. And I’m talking about THIS plane of reality. I heard her thank-you speech to her supporters yesterday and thought it was beautiful. She looked beautiful herself. But I was still upset about the intense and awful corruption she has been involved with. There is no excuse for that. If you have limited yourself to mainstream news, you are not going to know what is really going on in the belly of our government. The fact of the matter is that the drama is not over yet, Trump has not been sworn in yet, and there are two and a half long months before that occurs. I think we should watch and observe. If he is sworn in, we will deal with that when the time comes. If he isn’t, we will deal with THAT. For the time being, each of us might consider moving into the center of the self and doing what makes sense there. Wash your socks, rake leaves, clean the kitchen, get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, read a book instead of watching videos on YouTube, call your brother and find out what’s happening with him voice-to-voice, not on Facebook. Neither Trump nor Hillary is the one making up your life. You are. Make the best of it!

  3. We need to give him a chance to lead. Also look at the “submit your ideas” section of where he is soliciting country building ideas. It’s time for me to redirect my god-given spiritual energies in a constructive direction. I have never been afraid of hard work. Let’s go!

    • I didn’t go to yet but will get there! I’m trying to get ready for a daughter’s wedding that ended up being scheduled the same week as three major presentations in California, India, and Malaysia. I need a nap!!

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