The U.S. is on “The Hero’s Journey”

When the U.S. faced the recent election, most people saw it as just an election. I saw it as the start of The Hero’s Journey. I was on pins and needles as I waited for the outcome of the election! The hero’s journey is a journey that involves: 1. Making a choice – either knowingly or inadvertently; 2. Being confronted with a critical problem that must be resolved; 3. A demand to clean and reorganize the house; 4. Going through a sorting process; 5. Having to align oneself with one’s true nature; 6. Carrying some form of light, whether candle or glowing coals, to a destination; and 7. Holding oneself in the place of a humble but grateful, even joyous, witness as the problem resolves itself.

The Hero’s Journey is a mythical journey of awakening and transformation. It is a journey into the heart of consciousness that results in a changed individual full of wisdom, grace, and power. It is usually undertaken by an individual, but it can also be undertaken by a family or a country. It is a journey into the heart of the self that results in becoming wise, graceful, and powerful. It involves challenges that change you at the core. It involves becoming who you really are. To fail to embark on the journey or to fail to complete it results in death.

In the election campaign, people saw Hillary Clinton all polished and pretty and politically correct, running for president. Running against her was Donald Trump who was brash and bold and breaking all the rules of polite politics. She represented the queen, the one with all the power. She represented the status quo, more of what we already had. He represented the clown, the one who distracts us from the status quo and because he is a clown, is not taken seriously.

Difficulty is always a factor in making the choice. If the choice was obvious, it would be easy. There are always an overwhelming number of frightening or threatening unknowns. It’s like getting a divorce. We can’t stand the marriage any longer, but we don’t want the financial or emotional hit that a divorce would bring. We don’t want the queen and her status quo, but to choose the clown and the unknown??

This election was the setup for that choice – a choice that asked us, “Do we want to evolve our consciousness and move to a place of wisdom, joy, grace, and peace of mind? Or do we want to go down in ignominious self-destruction?” The choice is symbolic of life and death, of evolution to a more expanded consciousness, of taking a step toward becoming who we really are – or a refusal to look at truth and continuing to live with spirit-deadening lies.

As we drew closer to the election, a flood of information began to flow out of the FBI, the New York police department, the CIA, and other intelligence agencies. They knew what was going on behind the scenes with Clinton and were sending their intelligence reports to WikiLeaks. The information contained emails, photos, and other evidence about the millions of dollars being laundered by the Clinton Foundation, the sale of U.S. state secrets to other countries, the murder of anyone who got in their way, and the abduction of children and teens to Jeffery Epstein’s island home in the Virgin Islands where they were made “available” to various people in powerful places for sexual purposes. Those who took advantage of these young ones were secretly videotaped and then blackmailed to go along with the wishes of the Bush-Clinton cabal…a group responsible for much more dishonesty and corruption than is listed here…and all of this corruption becomes the critical problem that must be resolved.

In many of the ancient journeys of awakening, once the choice is made, the hero or heroine is made to clean up in some way. In the myth of Hercules, he must shovel out a thousand years’ worth of manure from the king’s stables in one day. In another, the young and beautiful Vasalisa must clean and re-organize the witch’s house every day. This symbolizes the need to clean house and reorganize ourselves as a nation. Representatives of the old system cannot clean up the system because it is working for them! Thus the need for the hero to do the cleanup…and in this case, we the people are the heroes.

The next challenge is that of sorting. In the story of Vasalisa, she is confronted with a mountain of dirt mixed with poppy seeds and is told she must sort the seeds from the dirt by the next morning. Complicating the problem of sorting is that the seeds are tiny, black, and hard to identify, it is dark, and there is great pressure to accomplish the task. She is hopeless and feels it is impossible to complete, and when she gets tired, she goes to sleep believing she has failed, but in the morning, she finds the job finished! The angels and helpful spirits have completed the job while she slept.

The sorting symbolizes the need to sort out good from bad, as well as that which can be used to start new life. The seeds of truth and reality can be planted and used to nurture and feed the souls of the people. The fact that the task is completed while Vasalisa sleeps symbolizes the ancient truth that even though we may become hopeless and are not awake yet, there are hidden forces and factors working in our favor. Even though we are working in the dark (dark night of the soul) the task will be accomplished and the dawn will come.

Once the sorting is complete, the hero often faces a decision. The decision is some form of acceptance of one’s true nature and an alignment with this relatively unfamiliar…but seemingly very natural…self. It is a coming home to who we really are…warts, gifts, faults, crazy sense of humor and all! Once the decision is made to align with the true self, there follows a deep recognition of all nature and of what is real in the world. This is the crux of the journey. We cannot live fake lives. It will destroy us.

The last task is that of carrying a lighted candle or glowing coals that will restart our fires. Sometimes the hero must carry the flame through the forest and not let it go out despite wind and rain. If he lets the candle go out, he will lose his way and die. If he reaches his destination with the light still burning, the light burns away the darkness and evil that once lived there.

In the same way that every plant, animal, and human has a natural life-cycle, every civilization has a life-cycle in which its people must develop and evolve to a place of power, wisdom, and grace. There have been lots of civilizations before us. Some have evolved to become wholly transformed and have gone on to other dimensions of greater power and creativity. Many have collapsed in self-destructive cataclysms. Choosing the path of war, greed, and other forms of selfishness leads to self-destruction. “The Universe” gives us total freedom to do as we wish with Life because it knows there is only one choice – the choice to evolve and grow.  That’s why she can be so generous with free will…it’s because She knows that those who are foolish enough to choose anything other than Life will eventually self-destruct, thus taking care of the problem they created!

The U.S. recently reached the point where a choice had to be made…either continue to look the other way and ignore the ugliness that would eventually destroy us – or make a new choice. That choice has been made and we must now begin the task of cleaning house and sorting things out. These are always messy, painful tasks that take at least several years for an individual, even longer for a nation or civilization, yet doing so will lead to the realization that we must align with our true nature if we want to survive. We will then have to carry the light and protect it from going out.

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  1. Right on PK! You have eloquently summarized, expressed and “put your finger on” all the ideas I have been wrestling with and the ironic sense of relief I actually feel to have this clown running the show. There is so much turmoil we face today and in the near future and we have been deffering our strength to those who don’t deserve it. Now it is clear that they don’t deserve it. We have to do the work ourselves. I know that putting the “Clinton blinders” on would have merely extended the agony (in the guise of the first Woman President, following an African American – very catchy indeed) and would have stifled our collective evolution even further. So, thanks for putting this into a context that can bring hope and energy to a tattered and raggedy situation. Blessings to you in this time. I hope we can connect soon.

    Julian Lauzzana
    Primal Digital Media Productions & Earthen Heart Permaculture Community Homestead
    Bangor, Michigan, USA

    • Hey Julian, thanks for your comments. It is always challenging to steer a sensible course in times like this! I feel so bad for those people who were surprised and stunned that Hillary lost. I wanted a woman in there, too…but not that woman. I want a woman with integrity, courage, brains, insight, and strength. The right one will come along…and in the meantime, you’re right. We have some work to do!!

  2. Hi Penny, Thank you for sharing this with us. Could I offer a suggestion, it would be great to have a thumbnail attached to post, as when sharing on FB it just shows up blank and makes it less interesting aesthetically. I shared it anyway but just saying.

    • Hi EverOpening, and thanks for the suggestion. I would love to attach a thumbnail to a post, but have no idea how to do that. Maybe I’ll check it out. Good idea!

    • Sherry, all comments are posted on this website and anyone can see or read them. Sometimes people email me privately with comments that they couldn’t figure out how to post here. If it’s okay with them, I will copy and paste their comments to the site.

  3. Hi Penny- I just finished rereading Robes for the 3rd (4th?) time. I’m wondering if you see a time frame at this point for the unfolding of their most dire predictions for the US. Also, since visiting the farm last summer I’m wondering if your vision of what community looks like has changed. Or if you are adopting a wait and see attitude with all your ducks in a row . My own life has been in upheaval the last few years but now I will be making a bee line for the 4 corners area of CO in the spring.

    Oh…and one other question…what are you reading regarding the insights about the Clintons etc? I know there is a lot of info out there…but as per our conversation last summer (re disinformation, Fulford etc) where do you go for the most reliable news? I visited and revisited these things for 20 years or so and had to pull back because it was so dark and I couldn’t find my way through it.
    Old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” is certainly upon us. Many hugs and thanks so much for all you do. Love. Lezley Suleiman

    • Hi Lezley! The timeframe of what I thought were the most dire predictions was 2015-2025, with 2017-2019 being a really critical period. It was during this period that we had to make choices that avoided civil war in the U.S. that led to the break up of our country. It was during this period that we had to avoid expanding our involvement in other wars with other countries. It was also during this time that we had to come to grips with our destructive activities on the planet and to begin restorative measures full scale.

      As for my ideas of community, I may have mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. I started out thinking we should build the kinds of communities I saw when with the Robes. These were “Family Business Neighborhoods” to use their term. After several attempts at establishing community here at LHF, it dawned on me that the entire world was already structured into communities and the smartest thing we could do would be to make those work well!! That said, what I saw with the Robes was that we lost so many people that the survivors ended up coming together with great gratitude for the fact that they were no longer alone! They pooled talent, tools, ideas, and information and went on to rebuild the best they could. After the initial period of running, hiding, and barricading, daily life eventually settled somewhat by the early 2030s, and by 2050 people had fully reorganized and rebuilt. There was pretty serious disillusionment with all of the old system ideas – government, finance, education, religion, medicine, infrastructure, energy, and communication. All of the old ideas/institutions were gone by 2050. By 2080 there was an entirely new world (order?) without any of the fears of enslavement, dictatorships, or the other reports that get hyped about the New World Order.

      As for the Clintons…I read and watch a huge number of newspapers and websites, including a lot of YouTube reports. A LOT of stuff is crap, but I glean a piece here and an insight there and keep putting things together. I am not afraid of the dark stuff…and if that’s what we have to face then that’s what we have to face. Mainstream news like the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, CNN, the big papers, and the major radio and television stations, and sites like and Avaaz are the last places I go to when I want to see what’s happening. In fact, I only go to those sources when I want to assess the current illusions and lies being propagated, the degree of slander being thrown around, and to assess how much people are eating that stuff up.

      All of the sites that were telling the truth were considered by mainstream news to be extreme, or fake, or just drama, or not real, or too depressing, etc. These were sites like NSNBC, InfoWars, DrudgeReport, Breitbart, Truthdig, ZeroHedge, RealistNews, NewEasternOutlook, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Jon Rappaport, and a number of others much less known. When there is no “good” or “happy” news, that tells you we are in trouble. Sticking one’s head in the sand never works. The deepest sense of peace and power come from knowing What Is. In other words, from knowing the truth of what is going on…because then you are ready for whatever happens.

      From where I stand, What Is going on at the current moment is an attempt to put across the idea that Clinton won the popular vote. Given that she managed to steal votes in at least five states, I doubt that she actually won the popular vote. However, I see a news media that is now attempting to build deep resentment in several ways… A. Convince people that we should get rid of the Electoral College and give the presidency to the one who wins the popular vote, B. Bribe the members of the Electoral College to change their votes, and C. Divide the country and make it difficult for Trump by instigating protests, fanning the flames of revolt, and generally pushing people toward irrational behaviors that refuse to accept the president-elect and thus require emergency measures to be implemented “for the good of the country…so that we will still have a country…” all of which is merely a pretty transparent effort by the Clinton-Bush Cabal to regain control of the country. We’ll see what happens. Whatever happens, it looks to me like an immature attitude of “I demand instant gratification” has seized us. Instant gratification is usually pretty short-sighted and creates more problems than it solves. We have much to gain from watching Trump do things his way, and the small gifts of wisdom from doing so would be lost if we subvert our own constitution and election process.

      • Thanks so much for such a comprehensive reply. Just saw your post on the news also….i mean about the news:) Definitely agree and have felt that way for years…decades?
        I went to sleep last night thinking about all you said and what the Robes declared so long ago. I heard and knew some version of this 30 or more years ago and prepped sometimes quite frantically because i had small children to provide for. Before they were even around I had heard about the pole shift etc and thought how appropriate that would be. As years passed and I created more of a life I looked around me with perplexity at the world we have been creating. And now it’s with profound sadness that I look at the physical and mental health of our population. I had such high hopes for our generation! It’s disheartening thinking about how people’s lives may dissolve in front of our eyes. It’s already happening in so many ways. Spend some time in so called third world countries and you’ll see this is common. However, they won’t have nearly the difficulties we will since we’ve lost our skills.
        I woke up this morning again thinking about what you said. Over the years I have found that I have tended to go into fear about endless possibilities thinking I can control outcomes. And if I’m given this information and do nothing and it does all go to hell I will have missed my opportunity to help. A lot of chasing my tail trying to find the truth.
        Anyway….did a lot…learned a lot…let a lot of property go and now I’m regrouping finding following ‘my happy heart’ leads me well. Means living away from cities, having a garden/greenhouse, building a greenroof house. Durango is my happy place. Come visit. Bonnie says she definitely will. Wouldn’t it be fun to do some sort of workshop….permaculture?
        As far as I’m concerned Trump is only a symptom. There’s been a festering sore in our country and the pus has to rise to the surface to be healed. A healing crisis. If we pay attention we can all heal from it. Interesting times.
        Thanks so much for your work. Hugs. Lezley

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