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  1. And the alternative news is full of questionable stories. Ultimately one has to go inside to find the truth. And that is one’s truth. Not necessarily THE TRUTH. So how to come up with an objective truth that we can share? A community of shared values seems quite pivotal at this time.

  2. ” ……overlapping subjective perceptions! “. So true Penny. And, at the current level of collective consciousness, it cannot be otherwise. ” True ” objectism has as a prerequisite, a point of referens that is several knotches above the current collectives state of mind. And as Lance said to you in an intervjue a few years back, ” we’re all running around like chickens with our heads cut off “. An apt description…… But this is the road we’ve chosen. ” Harmony through conflict “, as the esoterists would call it. Eventually (as though it where’nt bad enough ! ) the pendulum will create so much suffering and friction, that the incarnated personality will be forced to evolve, or, find another piece of planetary property to evolve on. Mother Earth has her path set, and she is adament about evolving. So, we either get our shit together, or delay our own evolution. On the bright side ( from an absolute viewpoint) all is as it should be and can be. I have no doubt, regardless of my own relative suffering, that the ” overall plan ” is on track. Or as Einstein put it ” God does’nt play dice with the universe “.

    • Hi Jan, nice to hear from you! Yes, we have chosen a helluva road and you are correct that the pendulum will swing to the point that there is so much suffering and friction that people will be forced to evolve. I think we are on track toward that day of awakening. It isn’t apparent on the surface, but if you know enough to look under the surface, it is clear we are bright, powerful, creative creatures who simply haven’t quite recognized how dynamic and responsive the Universe is to us!!!

  3. Humans cannot exist if everything that is unpleasant is eliminated, instead of understood.
    Other people’s thoughts, have become so real for people, they cease to have any of their own.
    With love for you all, Drew

    • Oh my! Drew, your statement about people so caught in other people’s thoughts that they cease to have any of their own is SO TRUE! Thanks for sharing. I know most people have been educated to show up when told to, watch what is offered, wear what is in style, etc, but I think we are going to have to go beyond that kind of lockstep thinking/activity. Critical thinking skills have never been so important!!

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