12 Wishes for Christmas – #3

#3 – May we demonstrate to the young ones who are growing up and coming of age what courage looks like, what integrity sounds like, what humility feels like, and what wisdom does in the world so that they can make good decisions when it is their turn to run things. 

2 thoughts on “12 Wishes for Christmas – #3

  1. Makes me think of Ghandi’s “Be the Change” quote. If we want a more peaceful world then we need to be more peaceful. As I used to say in some of my talks. “Dont dream about a more peaceful world and then shake your fist (or worse!) to the driver who cuts you off on the freeway. So we need to demonstate to the younger generate what it means to be a master on planet earth. They do as we do. They Be as we Be.

    • I like that wording, Art…”They Be as we Be!” Yes, people who don’t see certain behaviors demonstrated in live situations, and don’t hear positive, creative, realistic language used in the course of everyday drama won’t be comfortable using those behaviors, words, or tones. Childhood is not the only time to be soaking in and copying what’s going on around us. I have lots of fabulous models I have watched or listened to and thought, “Oh! I could use that (behavior, body language, tone, phrase, eye-language, approach, etc.)!!

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