12 Wishes for Christmas – #7

#7 – Each day of the next 365 days may a few more people begin to understand that the kind of food you eat affects the kind of consciousness you can have. The condition of the perceptual equipment affects the quality of the signals you pick up and give off.

5 thoughts on “12 Wishes for Christmas – #7

  1. I would suggest that the quality of the consciousness in the food you eat by those who grow it and by those who prepare it might be more important than the kind of food you eat.

  2. Good thoughts Cousin Penny. Whole food, grown local and responsibly is ideal. Eating said whole food with a good helping of gratitude is good for soul and an important component of human happiness. Keep up the terrific work. Hugs and Kisses from Robbins Family Oz: Christopher, Maria and 13 Month old John Louis🏄😬

    • Hi Chris! So wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for the comments. I agree – whole food, not factory stuff that is mostly chemicals…and lots of gratitude for what we DO have. Hugs and kisses back to you and Maria and that little guy, John Louis! Along with wishes for a Merry Christmas!!

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