12 Wishes for Christmas – #11

#11 – May an expansion of consciousness free us all from illusions of grandeur, control, and unnatural majesty. May we learn to recognize when the king has no clothes… when the grandeur is false, the control is constricting, and the majesty is a foolish waste… and realize that we seek only to know the truth.

6 thoughts on “12 Wishes for Christmas – #11

  1. Ichen told me , ” Thoughts are living packets of energy, gratitude gives them wings!”..
    Penny your thoughts give hope, humanity will awaken, even if its one soul by one..

    • Drew,
      Ichen was right. Thought directs energy, feeling gives it power. Thanks for your comments, and yes, we are awakening…one by one. Probably good to be a slow thing and not too explosive!!

  2. Thank you, Penny, for all 12 of these. It was a delight finding them in my inbox this past week. Of all of them, this was my favorite. Wishing you happy holidays and an exciting and joy filled year to come!

    • Thanks, Linda. Lots of people have written to say they enjoyed the 12 Wishes. I originally put them up after listening to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and wishing it had something more meaningful in the lyrics. Maybe there is some hidden meaning in the old song, but if so, it has long been lost as far as I am concerned!😕

  3. Hi Penny, I want to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New.

    Thank you for your daily message on the wishes lists. It has inspired me. Love and Light to you.


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