The Summer of 2017

Many years ago, I forget how long ago now, I was looking ahead at the future. I was going along, one year at a time, just looking for anything I thought might be a significant event or turning point. I saw lots of things, but the one thing that stood out in my mind was that when I got to 2017, the mood of the entire U.S. was at a fever-pitch. In the summer of 2017 there was a huge mob of people that descended on Washington DC and someone – I thought someone ‘presidential’ – was run out of town on a rail after being practically tarred and feathered!

As last year’s election drew near and everyone was saying that Hillary Clinton was going to be president, I thought, “Uh-oh! Hillary might get run out of town!”

When Donald Trump was elected, I thought, “Uh-oh! The Donald might get run out of town!”

When I learned that Obama was still in Washington, that he was organizing protests against Trump and using taxpayer money to bail out protesters who were arrested, I thought “Oh my! Obama might be the one who gets run out of town! Those activities are seditious, illegal, and probably treasonous.” 

So now I’m watching to see what happens. It’s possible we’ve taken a different timeline, but certainly the mood of the country is pretty feverish…guess I’ll just have to watch what’s unfolding. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about clairvoyance, it’s patience. You ‘see,’ and then you wait and watch, remaining ready for anything and creating whatever good you can along the way.

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    • Michael Bratcher, the information about Obama using taxpayer money to bail out protesters comes from the House Judiciary Committee, and was reported by Fox News on March 3, 2017. If you want to Google it, the headline was, “Obama DOJ (Dept. of Justice) Funneled Billions to Liberal Activist Groups”. The money was channeled through a Dept. of Justice slush fund scheme.

  1. Thanks Penny. Indeed clairvoyance is a gift, and we know that the free will of the people of this planet is the greater gift. As ever, I hope we choose our paths well!

  2. Nick, this is the author of the book you are reading. She has this newsletter which is free for anyone who is interested. I don’t agree with all of her opinions but like to read about her life.

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    • Hi Brian! Got a chuckle out of your comment. I think I have a most ordinary life…but we probably all think we have ordinary lives! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Hi, Penny, Thank you so much for all your posts and the observations you share with us! You help us see “behind the scenes!” Ruth Donovan

    • Renee, I am hoping that other people will venture out into the world of consciousness and that my small reports will encourage that adventurousness!

  4. Penny, I love your stuff, but I’m shocked and confused that you would write that President Obama was “organizing protests against Trump and using taxpayer money to bail out protestors who were arrested…” Where are you getting your information from (and what’s the original source?) because I have never heard anyone but President Trump say these things, and we see day after day that he is a bold face liar who lies even when there is video of him saying the opposite. He constantly makes unsupported claims. I live in the Washington, DC area and I haven’t heard of any national news has reported that President Obama is organizing demonstrations against President Trump or anything else. Do you really think that President Obama has the power and capacity to organize all of these town hall meetings across the country? Where is the proof — even one person who can support that crazy claim or any of the other crazy claims coming out of the White House? Please check your sources and what you are willing to or prone to believe (and why?!). This is very disappointing coming from someone that I respect a lot.
    Ajowa Ifateyo

    • Helloooo-o-o Ajowa. How nice to hear from you! I’m so sorry that you were shocked and confused about what I said regarding Obama. It is always hard to hear unwanted truths about our heroes and heroines. Please see my answer to Michael Bratcher below for specific answers to the question about sources. You know, when I hear from people steeped in the Washington DC mindset, I am reminded of the people in Detroit who were steeped in the GM-Chrysler-Ford mindset of the 1970s. They pooh-poohed the idea that the Japanese knew how to build a car, that they could do it better than Detroit, or that they would EVER get a toehold in the automobile market. The first time I ever drove a Japanese-built car – which belonged to a friend of mine – I was stunned at how solid it felt, how quiet it was, how beautifully it responded to my every move. I parked the car later and thought, “UH-OH…Detroit is in trouble.” And they were. I have that same “UH-OH” feeling about our government. It isn’t about Trump. It’s about the idiotic blindness of people fighting their own country. Not only is that fighting and resistance a clear case of sedition, it will lead to exactly what the little men in brown robes said would happen – the U.S. would break up and the government would become irrelevant, leaving us all on our own and in chaos.

    • PS – Ajowa, you aren’t going to hear any truth coming out of mainstream media. The only thing they are offering is lies and distortions. So sad. 90% of the reports from the New York Times are negative about Trump. The Washington Post is owned solely by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and he took $600M from the CIA to do…WHAT??? I think WaPo has been seriously compromised, and it is reported that it doesn’t even have a working board of directors any more, just Bezos calling the shots. I haven’t checked that out completely, but first check is that it’s true. How can we get unbiased news and information so that we can MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS if all of the mainstream news is spewing propaganda? In 2013 the laws were changed to allow the U.S. government to use taxpayer money to put out propaganda as “news.” We haven’t had any mainstream media truth since then.

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