Virtual Light Broadcast – May 2017

I have just returned home from a trip to Las Vegas where I had the great pleasure of being a guest of Steve and Barbara Rother and their Virtual Light Broadcast. You can check it out in the link below.

As usual, I drove, and it was – as always – very enlightening to go across the land, talk with people, and see what is happening in other corners of our country! Of course, old-time wisdom says that travel is not advised during Mercury Retrograde. I have to say there might be something to that old advice because I ran into numerous challenges. I discovered I had poison ivy my first night on the road. I ended up scrambling around in Rolla, MO. trying to find a soap scrub that would eliminate the ivy oils. I got to New Mexico where it was freezing and they were having a snowstorm…only to discover I had forgotten my coat. By the time I reached Gallup NM, the poison ivy was spreading wildly and I ended up online at in the middle of the night to get a prescription that would reduce my misery, only to discover all of their pharmacies close at 10PM. I reached Las Vegas, which was HUGE compared to the last time I was there, and my interview and broadcast went well, but I had to scurry to a laundromat as soon as it was over to wash clothes in an effort to remove any poison ivy oils.

From there I went on to Santa Barbara CA where I stayed with a friend and had several important and interesting meetings. I also discovered that everyone in California is talking about leaving the U.S. and breaking away to form their own country! It made me sad to realize that from their point of view, they are finished with Washington DC and our union.

When it was time to come home, I had to contend with flooding and water everywhere. At my daughter’s home in Columbia, MO, the ground was so saturated that water was seeping up through cracks in the sidewalk and pavement! I was afraid I might have to stay west of the Mississippi for a few weeks, but by going north a little bit, I was able to cross! By the time I arrived home, I felt like I had been gone for months, not weeks. I slept for 11 1/2 hours. It was a good trip, Mercury Retrograde notwithstanding!


4 thoughts on “Virtual Light Broadcast – May 2017

  1. What a heroic journey! Your courage and determination and faith are truly inspiring. I’m afraid to go 50 miles away from home these days. This week the Lunar nodes move into Aquarius/Leo after 19 mos. in Pisces/Virgo. I’m expecting to see leadership for the good of the people instead of the corporations. Will be heated and dramatic. Then this December 21st, Saturn marches down the aisle with the Sun to begin the marriage in Capricorn for a few years, making a much better relationship with Neptune in Pisces. I think we can begin to work together w/o the fog and righteous outrage we’ve been mired in.

    • It didn’t feel very heroic, John, it felt harassed! As for the mileage, I have never given a second thought to moving around among the various states and regions. I love the people! So different in the differing places. Love the idea of “leadership for the good of the people instead of the corporations”!! Can’t happen soon enough!

    • Thanks, RandomPoetry. My only comment on the potential ice cap melt is that it looks to me like the planet has shifted slightly, maybe only 4-7 degrees, and one side of the Antarctic is melting while the other side is building up ice. Ditto for the Arctic. As for West coast angst – WOW! It is building steam and if something doesn’t come along to distract people out there, California just might break away from the U.S. The sense of outrage on the West coast is so thick you can cut it with a knife. 2018 may very well be a turning point.

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