So Sorry, Mr. Soros

So sorry, Mr. Soros and other Globalists, but your attempts to set up Globalism have made us all into global citizens with global perception! We see and hear 360°; we get the big picture. Did you think we were all going to maintain 1950-style ideas and worldviews? Those worldviews were infantile. Perhaps if you had gone about things differently, we might have been able to work together. Perhaps the problem is that major portions of your plan were launched during and after the big World Wars when you worked hard to sell the idea of Nationalism in order to get people to join the army or navy and keep fighting. This probably made it seem that turning the ship of Nationalism would be impossible and therefore you would have to be sneaky with your new program to collapse it and turn us all into New World Order people. If you hadn’t been so busy mopping up after the war back then, you might have been able to think clearly. You might have been able to enlist our support for a new plan. After all, why wouldn’t we want to come together? Why wouldn’t we want to live in peace? Why wouldn’t we love to be in communication with our brothers and sisters around the globe? Why wouldn’t we want to resolve world problems together and help create an ideal world?

When I heard David Rockefeller say he was proud of what he was trying to do in creating the New World Order, I was stunned. He thought he was doing something good! When I really looked at the basics of the NWO, some of it was reasonable…some was even pretty high-minded stuff! So why did you guys sneak around behind our backs? Why didn’t you involve us in the process? We are an intelligent people. We see the over-population, the suffering, the wars, lack of development, hunger, and misunderstanding. We live the frustrations of our morbidly obese system! Why did you leave us out of what intimately affects us all? And for god’s sake, why would you do something as ass-backwards as trying to dumb people down? Why not develop them to a high degree in order to get cooperation and creativity? Not doing so was your biggest mistake.

6 thoughts on “So Sorry, Mr. Soros

  1. hello dear Penny!

    it’s fun to at least be in contact with you by reading your posts.

    But could you help me here…who’s Soros? What NWO thing are you reacting to? I need help with your baseline assumptions and some elaboration.

    Is this already written somewhere in your website, or did some news item inspire this?

    thanks, and i’ll bet you have your hands in the soil somehow!

    I am finally getting my gardening underway. It’s amazing how much pulls at my time when I need to get soil prepped and hoses out and etc.

    sound familiar?

    lots of love to you!


    Ellen Vande Visse

    “How could we have ever believed that it is a good idea to grow our food with poisons?”

    – Dr. Jane Goodall


    • Hello Ellen! I agree – it’s so good to be able to connect over this world wide web! Soros is one of the wealthiest men in the world who has been working behind the scenes for many years to collapse nationalism and national borders, and to set up a new system of governance referred to as the New World Order. In June of 2013, I wrote a blog outlining the Globalists hoped-for next step, which amounted to having 3 main regions in the world. One region was the Americas, including North, Central, and South America, having one currency – the Amero, and one religion – Christianity. The second region was Europe and Africa, also having one currency – the Euro, and one religion – Islam. The third region was Asia and Australia, having one currency – the Yuan, and one religion – a sort of hybrid of Buddhism and Hinduism. This was thought to be the perfect arrangement as it took us one step closer to a single government and a single currency. The religions were to be used to foster wars from time to time that would keep certain areas under control and prevent over-population. If you have time, do a Google search on George Soros and you will find lots of stuff on him. I have read or heard many times that he was supporting Hillary, and that she was to be one of the last nails in the structure of globalism. She was to be a figurehead that would keep everyone from looking too closely at what was going on behind the scenes, thus giving globalists the time needed to finish pulling it all together. Since there hasn’t really been any open and honest debate about whether we the people want globalism or not, what the pros and cons might be, etc. everyone assumes the worst and paranoia runs rampant. At some point in the not-too-distant-future, we are gonna need to get real about what our choices are!

  2. I was explaining the same thing to our son the other day. Except maybe for a few psychos at the top most of the elite think they are doing the right thing. “It’s for their own good”

  3. Hello Penny. Long time no hear….. I believe that the NWO’s pathology of ” necessitating sneakyness “, is grounded in their behind the scenes motives. Their belief in ” lack of power ” (which in and of itself generates a compensatory hoarding mentality on the physical, emotional and lower mental plane), due to lack of connection to SELF, and brings about a behaviour that basically says ” we have to make it look appealing on the surface, and hide the fact that we really want them (we) all working for us to forward our need for hoarding and self agrandizment. So, their using our own inate desire for oneness on several planes of existence. What they did’nt count on (lack of awarness), was the degree of realtive awakening that was occuring here on Earth, and in the Solar system as a whole. The short term effect being causation of suffering which they of course will have to be accountable for. But of course, their behviour is only mirroring our ( the collectives median consciousness) own ” guardian on the threshold ” towards letting go of our lopsided obsession with physical identities. I’ve only had one cup of coffe this morning, but I hope what I’ve written is reasonably understanable….. Love & light……

    • Very good for only one cup of coffee, Jan! Yes, when there is pathological lying, or pathological perception, we are going to have problems because people with psychopathology tend to like watching other people struggle and suffer. I agree whole-heartedly that those in power seemed to be totally ignorant about the ongoing evolutionary drive designed into the body/mind system and had no clue that we could shift consciousness so dramatically. They must have figured that technology changed over time, and diseases change over time, and governments change over time, and businesses change over time, but I don’t think they realized that the human mind is also evolving over time and the sophistication of human perception is advancing rapidly, changing what is possible for the human body within the patterns of reality.

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