Something Very Interesting to Watch

While teaching Intuition classes last week the subject of the future came up and I was reminded of a lecture I watched last year about Paul Amadeus Dienach. Dienach lived in the early 1900s and experienced a 365-day spell of narcolepsy during which he went into the future to the year 3906. While there, he was schooled about the history of where civilization had been and what had happened between the early 1900s and the 3900s. It is an amazing story with some VERY interesting information! The lecture is called Memories From the Future: The Valley of the Roses and is 2 hours long. It was a lecture given at the A.R.E. in Virginia around 2013. There’s a book titled Chronicles From the Future available on Amazon that contains the entire story. If you haven’t already seen it, you might enjoy watching it on a Sunday afternoon orevening. Here is the link:

4 thoughts on “Something Very Interesting to Watch

  1. Thank you for the lecture about mr Dienach that you shared! The future he is projecting feels quite plausible; the only thing is that I thought this would be happening sooner. Any way, there is reincarnation so I guess I will be there to experience the whole thing.

  2. Wow Penny,


    Prosperity is an equal balance of giving and receiving: serving ourselves, our relationships, and the world in equal measure.

    From the pearl sequence, by Richard Road


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