Trump the New Wife

Let’s imagine for a moment that you got a divorce and later met someone new that you fell in love with. Let’s say that this new love in your life already had children from a first marriage and that they ranged in age from 10 to 18 years of age. Let’s also say that you are enthusiastically focused on your new love and decide to get married. You look forward to spending time with a loving partner and assume that life will be better for both of you. However, after the marriage, you discover that the children are hostile. They are telling lies and awful stories to the ex-wife, their teachers, their friends,  the therapist, and the courts. These stories are not only untrue, they are based on childish points of view, immature perspectives, and old unresolved angers. How would you feel? What would you say? Donald Trump is in exactly this same situation.

The 2016 election was NOT about Trump, it was about we the people of the U.S. choosing to face and end the evils of financial corruption, child sacrifice, and sex trafficking. Mainstream news has not wanted to touch these topics except to say they are fake news. Why? I would think they’d be interested in bringing such charges to the surface, investigating, airing things out and getting to the bottom of such problems so we can heal and move forward peaceably. Instead mainstream media are going out of their way to destroy Trump.

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Daily Kos, (both Daily Kos and Moveon are supported by George Soros) and others are pouring out a steady stream of headlines and information that is SO negative and SO biased it’s likely to trigger a backlash and create exactly the opposite effect they are trying to bring about. Of the headlines that arrive in my inbox every day from U.S. mainstream media, a large percentage are blatant attacks on our government. Here is a small sampling from the past few days:

Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say – (Did he really? If our president can’t discuss classified information with other leaders and officials, then who can? What about Hilary Clinton’s sale of classified information to other countries? Who is the classified information for if not our elected officials? What is the point of collecting it if he can’t use it when necessary? I know it can be seen as naïve of me, but if transparency and honesty were valued, we wouldn’t be engaged in sneaky, “classified” operations in the first place!)

Trump’s Fraudulent Voter-Fraud Commission  (Who says it’s fraudulent? Is it any more fraudulent than the shenanigans of the Democratic National Committee and the way they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders?)

A Strong Case Against a Pesticide Does Not Faze E.P.A. Under Trump (Uh-huh…like Obama, and Bush, and Clinton were any different?)

When the World Is Led by a Child (This article is so vicious, so below-the-belt insulting that it’s hard to comprehend why anyone would print it in the first place. The article concludes with a statement that says Trump is a danger to the country…and completely overlooks the fact that this kind of writing is more of a danger to our country than 20 Trumps would ever be.)

How Trump Hurts the Spying Business (This article decries the tarnishing of America’s image as the ‘last, best hope of the world’ while proceeding to tear apart Trump and the current government…as if America had only been tarnished in the last 100 days. Anyone paying attention is aware that the real tarnishing started 16 years ago with the destruction of the Trade Center buildings by our own government.)

Trump White House is a Horror Movie with Hordes of Leakers and One Scary Clown (This story is so poorly written and so obviously distorted that it doesn’t deserve any comment at all. I was reminded that many newspapers and magazines know that approximately 70% of the people read only the headlines, so they try to get their digs in by juicing up the headlines in terrible ways.)

Students at Notre Dame Plan to Take Back Their Graduation from its Horrible Speaker – Mike Pence  (The author here tries to say that Republican speakers interfere with the graduates’ right to celebrate their academic success. She concludes by saying it would be nice if Pence ended up speaking to an empty room because everyone walked out. What does this teach the younger generation about how to treat people???)

Anderson Cooper to Trump Lackey Jeffrey Lord: If Trump Took a Dump on His Desk You’d Defend It (Disgusting! This is so low-class it’s pathetic! I wanted to cry at the ugliness of how we are talking about one another!!)

All of these are deeply negative, insulting to our government, and serve only to spread worry, fear, negativity, anger, distrust, poor attitudes, and severe biases designed to distort people’s perceptions and bring out the worst in us.

18 thoughts on “Trump the New Wife

  1. Thanks Penny. We feel the same way. We did not vote for Trump, but Bernie and Jill Stein, but are very, very wary of the relentless undermining going on right now.
    “Me thinks the lady doeth protest too much.”
    Are they screaming so loud to keep everyone from seeing what they’ve been involved in themselves???


  2. Yes, I agree completely – a descent into pettiness and catering to the lowest common denominator is working for the mainstream news. It’s as if the more people blame Pres. Trump, the less they have to do about anything. Scandal becomes an activity, instead of taking responsibility to work to make things better.

    If the mainstream news would take it’s real job seriously, what a difference that would make.

    • Ooo! I like your point, Diane…that the more people blame the president, the less they have to do themselves. I am about to write something about that exact problem!! Thanks for sort of approving the article in advance! Are you precognitive???

    • Art, I see some of that happening. We can only stand so much of the “neverending drama” before we get bored and ask, “What’s new?”

  3. Thanks, Penny. I am so unmoved by any of the headlines these days, I’ve actually stopped watching anything but the weather reports. The louder they yell and scream about how horrible Trump is, the more untrue I know it is. So, I live my life and wait for these spoiled brat to scream themselves silent. I did that as a child – my parents waited until I exhausted myself and I went to sleep, waking the next day a bit humbler and wiser. Unfortunately what’s different is that these people, their industries and their livelihoods are totally dependent on our gullibility. Well, I’m not biting.

    • LOL! Maybe you have already gotten to the point that Art was making below…that people will tune out or become detached. Each of us only has 24hrs worth of energy and I, personally, am watching for the majority of that energy to get tuned into the amazing future that is unfolding before us!! I see so much wonderful stuff happening that I hardly know where to look first!!

  4. Penny, I agree two wrongs don’t make a right. What are your comments on how mean and ugly Trump speaks? Calling EVERONE a name? Pocahontas for Elizabeth Warren????? Like her or not that is degrading! All of the Republicans running against him were “nicknamed”. His disgusting comments about grabbing women, the comment on the escalator about dating the 10 year old daughter!!! DATING his own daughter, so disgusting. Trump saying he is the ONLY one who can fix things and it would be easy??? I personally cannot defend a person like this. I supported Jill Stein, love the Green Party platform. Like Bernie. In my opinion, stories on Trump are easy to write because he WRITES then by tweeting about ratings and comedy skits, instead of actually READING some real information. All the stories on Trump are not made up. He is an elite just like the Clintons and runs in their circles.

    • Sherry, I don’t have a whole lot to say about how Trump speaks, but I will say that in some families and cultures, usually rural, emotionally undereducated, and/or isolated, it is common practice to nickname everyone with a somewhat derogatory or comical nickname. That name becomes their alter ego and gives them permission to hide the real self from the slings and arrows of the undeveloped family or world they live in. One can be brilliant in the lab, the boardroom, or the surgical suite and be woefully undereducated in terms of emotions. Our schools do not develop the whole person, and the result is a LOT of people like Trump. They aren’t bad people, they just have never learned how to boost their emotional I.Q. As for the comments about Pocohontas, that could be construed as a compliment if we really know and understand the majesty of Pocahontas! I don’t think anyone has to defend Trump. And I think he uses Twitter because he knows darn well that the mainstream media are not going to be fair to him…they are only going to twist and distort. Between the distortions and degradation of the mainstream media, and the drama of the alternative media, I have a hard time reading and watching anything. I do it, however, because I want to get a real cross-section of what’s going on.

  5. Wow. I didn’t see this. Frankly, I don’t really know what to think of this. Its a voice from a 180 degree different perspective, and from Penny Kelly. It’s pretty fascinating to be directly confronted by such a dramatically different reality. It’s not that this will change my own views, but I can certainly soften them and try to understand those of others.
    What do you think?

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    • Diane, I’m not sure if the voice you’re referring to is my voice or the voices in the headlines I quoted. But yes, I’m trying to present a dramatically different view of reality, one that takes into account a broader view of a common-sense-practical-bottom-line, and that bottom line is that we are tearing each other apart in this country. We can come up with excuses, reasons, and justifications all day, but in the end are we going to find ourselves in pieces on a battlefield asking, “Is this how I thought it would end? Is this the outcome I wanted?” What outcome DO we want??? What is the vision we hold for ourselves, the benefit? Where are we going together? Certainly I hope it is not into a pit of blame and anger! That’s a go-nowhere outcome. Trump is an ordinary man. Granted, he sometimes acts and talks in ways that we aren’t used to, but frankly I prefer his spontaneous reactions to the tightly controlled, lying, cheating, politically-correct bullsh– that we all became so immune to and never believed and hopelessly swallowed…leaving us paralyzed in silent despair at what was happening. Personally, I LOVE the way everyone has sort of waked up and gotten into the conversation!!

  6. Oh my goodness Penny some of this seems like it is a reflection of the astral realm, where the lowest negative vibrations of fear and reaction try to draw us in. 9/11 conspiracies? child sacrifice? human trafficking? Where do you see this reported? Yes as I look out at the world I have seen people experiencing the things that you describe, but it is at the hands of those who claim to be innocent. Babies murdered by drone bombs in the middle east (child sacrifice). Torture of prisoners held in cages at secret military installations (human slavery). I do not believe this president will address this but will make it worse. I hope not. What to do? Who is truthful and who is not? Or is it that we match the vibration of where we choose to be? High or low? Love or fear? Blessings to you, please maintain the vision ~ Y.

    • I wish it were a reflection of some other realm! Unfortunately, it’s happening here. I agree with you that I don’t think the president will address these issues, and if he does, it will be as quietly as he can. He has enough on his hands and I’m sure doesn’t want to spend time on stuff like this. Estimates are that one-third of the government of the United States is involved in the criminal activities I mentioned in the blog. There is an old maxim that says, “No one gets elected to higher office unless they’ve been ‘compromised’ enough to be blackmailed.” This is old news, but the mainstream media has managed to cover it up for a long time. The scandal involving Catholic priests and their pedophile activity with young children is a very small tip of a very large iceberg. Read “The Franklin Cover-up” for starters. Look beneath the surface of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Why was the murderer never “found?” Because a trial would have brought some really awful truth to light. There are so many things I could say about higher consciousness and matching the vibration of where we choose to be, but lots of people would probably be upset because it wouldn’t be what they expect. Whether we set our vibration high or low is up to us, but either way, we still have to deal with the reality we find ourselves within. Gandhi is a case in point. He had the right consciousness, and still had to deal with the reality around him. Higher consciousness does not give you an excuse to withdraw from unpleasantries and difficulties…quite the contrary, you are drawn deeper into the everyday experience and change it moment by moment as a matter of personal policy, the policy of love.

  7. There is misinformation- smoke and mirrors, constant diversions from the truth- always, in politics and the media. People are starting to wake up now, though. They are finding they have a say in their country, and that politicians don’t serve them well. Trump is going to take the brunt of the brutality, as head of state. He is bringing major changes to our country, and that is stimulating the populace to protest. I don’t find that many people pay that much attention to mainstream news anymore. There is peaceful protest and discourse happening, and I still have hope for our future. Mainstream media, I believe, is fighting for it’s life right now. Drama keeps it alive, so they are manufacturing it as fast as they can. I do believe it is actually helping to uncover people’s biases, and forcing change upon those that are the most resistant.

    • So true, Kim! I don’t think mainstream media is going to survive. And I love the fact that everyone is on their feet instead of on the couch regarding what we want for a leader and a governance system!

  8. Also, one problem is that all the reports aren’t fake, because the words come straight out of Trumps mouth. Agree, that both sides are corrupt, but let’s not make Trump out to be a Saint.

    • Sherry, I’m not saying that the things that come out of Trump’s mouth should be seen as “fake news.” Trump is no saint. He says what he says… and sometimes I cringe because I know he’s not helping his own cause, but he is what he IS! As I’ve said before, the issue is not really about Trump. To limit the definition of fake news to Trump is much too narrow a definition. “Fake news” is news that is so heavily distorted that it seeks to destroy rather than to promote understanding. It seeks to sweep uncomfortable things under the rug instead of reporting what is really happening. It seeks to distract us from important issues and instead tries to entertain us with meaningless drama and drivel at exactly the moment that something critical is happening in the background that we should know about. It intends to control the conversation in ways that prevent us from being informed. And it is so heavily biased that we cannot make clear choices that take all of the factors into account. Mainstream news is doing all of this and more, leaving me to ask, “Why bother with mainstream news at all?” It is gutting America, our constitution, and our rule of law on a daily basis. We are the losers. Trump is irrelevant in the long run.

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