Frequently Asked Questions

Tea & Consciousness

Since January of 2020, Penny has temporarily put private consultations on hold. Since then, the best way to talk with her is via the weekly Tea & Consciousness. They’re offered 4x/month and are an opportunity for everyone to ask her a question on any topic of their choice. This could be current events, dreams, personal issues, health etc. It's an online conversation about all things consciousness, intuition, perception, intelligence, health, and spirituality.

So, bring your coffee, tea, or other good drink along with your questions, dreams, and ideas and join us for a conversation. It’s always very interesting!


Teas are about 2 hours and all registered participants will have the opportunity to exchange with Penny. You can ask her anything about yourself, your health, family, career, consciousness, dreams, etc. 

Tea: You will have 10 minutes to exchange with Penny which allows a bit of time for back and forth exchange. There are 12 participants in the Tea.


Tea has 12 participants. (10 mins with Penny / participants)


All Teas are 2 hours. This allows each participant time exchange with Penny on a topic of their choice. It’s important for everyone to come prepared and to be thoughtful enough to adhere to their 10 minutes per participants. Otherwise, we run late and this creates delays for everyone attending, including Penny and team!


The live Tea is attended only by participants who registered. The recordings are then posted on various social media platforms, available for public viewing free of charge.

Since the participants always ask such great questions, sharing Penny’s insight to a wider audience benefits the whole community.   

If you are concerned with anonymity, don’t’ worry! Know that your surname is never mentioned in the video and you will not be visible on the recording. Only Penny is visible. 

See an example of a previous T&C recording published on


1. What if I don’t want people to see me or know who I am in the recording?

Although the Tea is recorded and then offered to the public, they are somewhat anonymous.

Name: Your family name will not be mentioned at any time. Only your first name will be mentioned when it is your turn to ask Penny your question.

Video: You will not be visible in the recordings, only Penny is visible. See an example of a previous T&C published on

2. What if I don’t want my question to be on the video recording for the public?

Not being included in the video recording is not an option. We’ve received requests from participants to be offline or alone when it’s their turn to talk with Penny. Others have asked for their section to be removed from the public video. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this possibility.

When signing up for a Tea, be aware that your exchange with Penny will be included in the recording and which are posted on our social media platforms. Since participants always ask such great questions, sharing Penny’s insight to a wider audience benefits the whole community. 


Yes, the Tea is recorded.

The recordings will be posted online and the link will be sent to you via email a few days afterward.  

The recordings are uploaded on public social media platforms:

Video platforms: RumbleOdyseeYoutubeBitchute

Podcasts:  Apple PodcastSpotifyGoogle PodcastStitcherIHeart.

Hence, before registering to join a Tea, please be aware that the recordings are available to the public.


Yes, the recordings are available to the public as they offer great insights on a variety of topics! Also, we recommend viewing past Teas sessions so you have an idea of the structure of a Tea. They are available for viewing here:

Video platformsRumbleOdyseeYoutubeBitchute

Podcasts:  Apple PodcastSpotifyGoogle PodcastStitcherIHeart.


Registration release date & time for the Teas are posted directly on our website in Tea & Consciousness registration page.

Note that registration date & time for the PATREON Tea is posted only on Patreon. 


Unfortunately, you can only register for one (1) Tea in a month. This allows a variety of people to register and attend the Tea.

There is a long list of people waiting to meet with Penny as she is currently not offering private one-on-one consultations. The Tea is the only opportunity students, clients, viewers, etc., have to meet with her, hence the long waiting list.


We request that everyone only register for a Tea every second or third month. This allows a variety of people to register and attend the Tea as it is one of the only opportunity students, clients, viewers, etc., have to meet with Penny.


Unfortunately, the Tea cannot be purchased for someone else. The person who registers for the Tea must be the one to attend the webinar.

If you are unable to attend, you can send your question via email. We’ll ask Penny your question during the Tea and the answer will be in the recording. The link to the recording will be sent to you via email a few days after the Webinar.

If it’s not possible to send your question via email, we can also refund your purchase (as per our refund policy) if this is your preference.  Refund Policy -


Unfortunately, spots cannot be transferred or gifted to someone else. Your registration is not transferable.

If you are unable to attend, you can send your question via email. We’ll ask Penny your question during the Tea and the answer will be in the recording. The link to the recording will be sent to you via email a few days after the Webinar.

If it’s not possible to send your question via email, we can also refund your purchase (as per our refund policy) if this is your preference.  Refund Policy -


One (1) registration is for one (1) person in the Tea.

If other members of your family or friends want to attend and also ask Penny a question, they must register separately.


There are up to 4 Teas every month.

  1. 1-3pm ET (Regular Tea = 10mins/participant): anyone can register for this Tea.
  2. 1-6pm ET (Regular Tea = 10mins/participant): anyone can register for this Tea.
  3. 7-9pm ET (Regular Tea = 10mins/participant): anyone can register for this Tea.
  4. 4th Tea: Patreon 7-9pm ET (Regular Tea = 10mins/participant): This is a Special Tea for Patreon supporters. (To support Penny on Patreon [click here] ) 

*Note; if you’re signed up on Patreon with a different email than when registering for a Tea & Consciousness on our website, please let us know via email ( Otherwise, the emails will not match, and you may find yourself ineligible to register.

If you have purchased a PATREON spot but are not a Patreon supporter, your registration will be cancelled and the fee will be refunded to your account (minus 10% fee).

Refund Policy -


Make sure you have an account on our website. 

  1. To check if you have an account, try to sign in:
  2. If you don't have an account, create one:

Once you have an account, part of your information (email, name, billing address, etc.) will already be filled out when you go through the checkout process for your next purchase. The time it takes to fill out this information often results in all available spots being sold by the time you are ready to complete the sale.  


The Shopify platform we are using for our website requires all purchases to include the shipping address details. The only way to include those in your account is by going through the checkout process.

Once you’ve made a purchase, your information will be saved in your account which will accelerate the checkout process next time you want to purchase the Tea & Consciousness.


Check our website for the Date and Time the Tea & Consciousness registration will open and be ready to purchase your spot. 

Tea & Consciousness -  Penny Kelly


1. Make sure you are signed into your account.

You can verify if you are signed in by clicking the small ‘person’ icon next to the shopping basket located in the upper right corner of the page.

- If you are signed in, your account details as well as your purchase history will be visible.

- If you are not signed in, you’ll see the ‘Sign in’ page.

2. Be ready with your choice of Payment method:

Paypal payment

Before registration, make sure you’ve already logged into your Paypal account in another page or window in your browser. During the Tea checkout process, once it’s time to pay, you’ll be redirected to Paypal to complete your purchase. As you’ll already be logged into Paypal, this will greatly accelerate the checkout process.

Credit card payment

Have your credit card ready, on hand ready to fill out the credit card details.

Yet, if you’ve previously purchased a product on our website using your credit card, you may have chosen to click the box “Save my information for faster checkout” **.  If so, when purchasing a Tea you fly right through the checkout process without needing to enter your credit card details!

3. Go the Tea & Consciousness page

4. Keep REFRESHING the Tea page

This step is IMPORTANT! A few moments before the time of registration: on the Tea page, keep refreshing your browser until the “coming soon” sign disappears. Once the sign is gone, it means registration is OPEN!!  

Select the Tea & Consciousness you'd like to join and go through the checkout process.



** PLEASE NOTE: if you choose to click the box “Save my information for faster checkout”:

- Your credit card details are NOT saved on our website. (

- As our website store is hosted by, your information is saved via a app called Shop App. Follow the below links for more information on Privacy and Security of your information.

Shopify Privacy:

Shopify security:

Shop App:


Make sure you are subscribed to our Newsletter as all needed information, such as videos, zoom link, etc., will be sent to you via the Newsletter.  

To sign up for our Newsletter, go to our website

scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up!



One (1) week before the Tea, we'll send you an email with the subject line reads PLEASE CONFIRM. In this email, you’ll be requested to confirm reception of this email by replying back to us with "Confirm". This way, we are certain our email does not end up in your junk mail. 

So please reply confirm when you receive this specific email!


A few days before the Tea, we’ll send you another email titled Link & Info

In this email, you'll find;

  1. Information such as PDF downloads, reference links, etc. 
  2. A video link with instructions and procedures for the Tea as well as Zoom presentation video. Please watch this video even though you have lots of experience with Zoom as it also provides some of the instructions for the Tea. 
  3. The Zoom Link needed to join the Tea.


Arrive at the Tea prepared and ready! 

If you arrive at the Tea without watching the Zoom presentation video previously mentioned, and begin asking questions that were covered in the video, it will take extra time to answer those questions and will delay the start of the Tea. Please be mindful and come prepared!

Please watch the Zoom presentation video, even though you may have prior experience with Zoom as there are specific instructions about Penny's classes shared in this video. If everyone comes prepared and ready, the Tea runs smoothly and all participants get to ask their questions within the 2 hours of class time.


The Tea is our little community, and we look out for and are mindful of each other! ❤️

Note the earlier you arrive in the Zoom room and RAISE YOUR VIRTUAL HAND*, you will be amongst the first in the queue to ask Penny your question. If you arrive late, you will automatically be at the end of the queue.

*The instructions on how to raise your virtual hand are in the Zoom video! 😊


Arrive 15 minutes before class begins so you can make sure your audio and video are working. This is especially important if you are inexperienced with Zoom! 

Even if you are experienced with Zoom, sometimes the audio/video doesn't work and this is a good time to do an equipment check!


Before the Tea, we strongly encourage you to PREPARE YOUR QUESTION and write it out in advance in order to be ready for your turn! Many people show up unprepared and with only a vague idea of what they want to know. When it’s their turn to ask a question, they ramble around going back and forth with information that is often unrelated to their question. The more time you spend trying to identify your question or explaining your situation, the less time Penny will have to answer. The bottom line: If you want a clear answer from Penny, you must have a clear question.

Please consider:

  1. You have 10 minutes with Penny
  2. You can ask multiple questions: What is most important?

We assume you’ve registered for a Tea because you have a question you’d like to ask Penny. There are 3 things to consider:

1. Your time with Penny: how do you want to spend it?

Everyone has a limited time to exchange with Penny, this includes the time it takes for you to ask your question as well as Penny’s reply.

2. What is your question?


Write your question on paper or your computer:  make sure it is clear, concise with an intent which can easily fill in the following blanks:

I want to know ________ because it may clarify __________.

For example:

  1. I want to know the cause of my back pain because it may clarify what I can do to heal.
  2. I want to know about my birth numbers because it may clarify and provide insight into my challenges and strengths in this lifetime.
  3. I want to know about an upcoming career opportunity because it may clarify if this opportunity can be fruitful in terms of my development.

Before the Tea begins, write your question down and then time yourself to see how long it takes to read your question.  If you feel the need to add additional information, write that down and include it as you time yourself.

Tweak your question here and there for clarity, succinctness and intent. Make sure it doesn’t take more than 2 mins to read it aloud. If it takes 5 mins to read it, you leave Penny with no time to reply.

3. Will additional information help clarify your question or help get a better answer?

Sometimes a bit of additional information will help clarify your question. Here are examples of additional information that are helpful...

  1. I’ve had a back pain for over 2 years, it came progressively without a physical root cause such as an accident. I’ve tried many different healing methods (conventional and alternative) without success. Is there something else I should be aware of? What would be the best way for me to heal this debilitating back pain?
  2. I was born on the 02 January 1974. I feel very stuck at this point in my life in terms of relationships. It seems that I’ve been alone for a long time and can’t seem to find a compatible partner. Is there something about my birth numbers that is linked to this situation?
  3. I have been offered what seems like an opportunity of a lifetime career step. Although I enjoy my current career, I wonder if this is my path. Would this opportunity still keep me on the right path for my development? Or is there something else coming my way? 


If you are uncertain of the best way to ask your question and present additional information, you are welcome to send it to us and we’ll be happy to assist and offer a few pointers to clarify your question.">

If you’d like to share a picture to support your question and Text, please send it to us before the class begins so we’ll have it ready to share with Penny during the Tea when it’s your turn. 


Please know that Penny does not read emails/questions in advance. You’ll need to be ready with your question when the Tea begins.