Immaturity Among Nations

I have to laugh. The new trend in inflammatory rhetoric is complaining about other countries that “interfere” in national policy or procedures. First, it was the U.S. blasting Russia for the alleged hacking of Clinton emails. The latest is China blasting the U.S. because we invited Taiwanese delegates to Trump’s inauguration.  This reminds me of my children as they grew up. Each one got into trouble in some way and got caught…because adults talk to one another

I will never forget the day my second daughter stood in front of me, hands on hips, and said in her strictest, most powerful voice, “You may not discuss me with anyone. I forbid you to talk to other people about me!”

Trying not to laugh out loud, I simply said, “Sorry! Parents talk, teachers talk, and neighbors talk. That’s how we make sure no one gets into serious trouble.”

“That’s not fair!” she argued loudly.

“Life is not fair, and I want you to get to adulthood in one piece!” I replied. As I walked away I added, “And I’m going to talk about you with whoever I need or want to as long as you’re under my roof.”

The nations of the world are like a bunch of siblings with no parents. The truth is, there is no way that any nation can afford to not do what it must to find out what the rest of us are up to. There is no way that one nation can forbid others to talk, visit, or trade with anyone else. We need to talk. We need to know what is going on. We need to know one another. It will keep us out of trouble.

“The Grid”

Back in early 2015, I kept picking up something unusual happening in October 2015. I am a consultant for a number of people who have a great deal of money, and in doing some work for them, I kept seeing something that I could not identify other than that it was big and would affect everyone.

I continued to keep my eye out for pieces of additional information that might come to me. On June 14, 2015, one of my Washington DC clients asked what I sensed for the second half of the year. I said I was picking up things that were basically good, although there were rumblings in the financial markets, and something else that kept coming up that I hadn’t been able to get many details about other than it “started in August, became bigger in September, and engulfed the world by October…something that turned the applecart over.”

Because of my clairvoyance, I have an 8-track mind and I watch information coming in on many mental screens at all times. One day in late July I was doing something in the office when one of my “screens” opened up. I glanced at it, thought, “Oh, that’s the October problem,” and went back to what I was doing. A second later I was electrified and thought, “Hey! That was… what was that???” But I could not remember what I had seen.

I gave myself directions to see that screen open again, and about four days later the same thing happened. This time I managed to get two words, “the grid.” I wasn’t sure if that meant the electrical grid, the communications grid, the financial grid, or some other grid.

I then gave myself directions to gather more information about what was happening with the grid, and about two weeks later a piece came to me that “the grid” referred to the internet. I had the question in my mind, “Is the internet going to go down?” A response came… “The internet will not so much “go” down as much as it will be “taken” down.

When I asked “Why?” the answer came back, “To stop the free-fall.” I then had a picture of computers being stopped because if they had been allowed to keep going, the banks would be empty and everyone would be bankrupt. By shutting down the whole system, the wealth of a few would be preserved and the authorities could then say, “Well, we had this problem, but everything is now okay. We just need to sort things out and get back online and everything will be fine.”

But everything was not fine. It was chaos.

I received a video link yesterday. Today I clicked on it and found it to be a news report from a place called Real News. It was an analysis of a 10-part television series called Mr. Robot, which has evidently been shown on national TV over the summer. It concluded with the 10th episode, which spelled out the exact scenario I’ve been seeing – the grid goes down and our financial system is destroyed. Here is the link:

The newsman observed something I have heard many times before, that the Cabal LOVES to warn us of what is going to happen next in our world by making a movie full of ‘hidden information’ about the future. He then went on to point out what the TV movie series was saying – or warning us about – and it is exactly what I’ve been seeing…with a little more detail added.

In the television series, a group of hackers were hired to insert a virus into the banking system. This would begin September 23 and would eventually collapse the system everywhere – Europe and China included. September 23 is 2 ½ weeks away. That doesn’t leave much time to prepare, should the scenario be accurate.

The government is in complete control of the financial system and if the financial system collapses, the government is going to collapse with it. The government cannot afford to let the financial system go down because it knows that doing so will be the end of government. Thus, it would seem they would go to extreme lengths to keep the system from collapsing.

However, if I assume that the predictions offered by the Mr. Robot TV series are true and I look at the situation from an intuitive point of view, it appears that the government is responsible for inserting the virus. This is somewhat confusing. Why would they engineer a financial collapse? And then shut down the internet?

The answer might be just what I saw – so they would be able to claim that the internet is to blame, that the financial system is still viable, and the government is still legitimate. They would claim that we just have to sort out the mess and carry on with life as usual…and no one would ever know the truth about why it happened, what went on in the background, or what was really lost.

First, the U.S. is bankrupt. Could they be trying to hide this fact?

Second, besides the bankruptcy, there have been more and more exposures of corruption, and the people who have been directly involved in the corruption are under tremendous pressure. If the truth came out, it would destroy them and the government. Would destroying the financial system help cover this fact?

Third, now that all of the bankers who could point fingers and blame anyone have been murdered over the past three years, is the government going to destroy the computers – i.e. burn the books – that hold all the evidence of illegal transfers and payoffs, and that also reveal that they’re bankrupt?

Ruining the banking system using a virus is a very selective hack. In the TV series, the whole internet doesn’t go down, just the banking does. How convenient for the government, which needs to keep the drama going! If we can all just be kept occupied with Facebook and texting, we’ll be too distracted to do anything else – like think clearly or act with intention.

Fourth, looking at the whole thing from another point of view, it looks a lot like the September 11th bombing of the Trade Center buildings in New York in 2001. That was a massive gold heist of money that had been moved into the Trade Center in order to begin shipping it back to the East on September 12, 2001. We all know what happened. The gold disappeared. The take down of the internet/banking system may be another situation just like the Trade Center. Neil Keenan and Group K have just announced what appears to be a deal with the UK in which the Global Accounts are now being set up in several locations. According to Neil, $1.7 trillion in gold has already been deposited and more is on the way. What happens to the records of that gold if the financial system gets a virus and collapses? The take down of the internet or the banking system sets the stage for the gold to disappear and the elite to act as if there never was any gold in the first place.

Fifth, with all of the intelligence and tracking capabilities of the CIA and Mossad, how was it that Keenan was allowed to remain alive? Was it because they let him do all the heavy work of finding the gold, convincing the elders that it would be used to rebuild the Earth, and get the gold shipped into the hands of the Western bankers – who already had plans to insert a virus into the banking system computers and make the money disappear? Or maybe to make the old system disappear and when the internet comes back on line to fill out their balance sheets with numbers from the gold Keenan sent them, as if nothing was ever wrong in the first place? In Neil’s latest blog post, he says point blank that London is the financial center of the corruption…and in the same post announce that he has made a deal with the UK!!

In concluding, it is not clear whether the grid would be taken down more because the Cabal doesn’t want the Global Accounts to be available to rebuild the world…or because they just want the gold to replenish their own coffers…or because they are trying to avoid admitting that they cannot pay China…or because they want to screw Russia…or whether they really just want to make sure the extent of their corruption and bankruptcy will never be known. If they can hide the extent of their corruption and bankruptcy, AND get their hands on more gold, they have a chance of maintaining their power and keeping control over everything.

All of this really comes down to a massive attack on Russia and China because they hold billions – no, trillions – of dollars in U.S. currency. If a bad-boy virus wipes out our system of currency, then…oops! It’s not the government’s fault! Somebody did it to us, and we’re trying hard to fix it, but it just isn’t fixable, so we’ll just have to start over…unless…you have records, Mr. China? Oh! What’s that you say? You’re having difficulty with your computers too?! My, my! I guess we’ll all have to start over. Darn. That’s too bad.

And just like the Robes said, the corporate dinosaurs would go after one another and take each other out in a fierce competition to be able to say, “I rule the world!!!” I always expected this to be corporations like General Motors, or the coal companies vs. the solar companies. But now I’m realizing that it could very well mean the Corporation of the United States and the other countries who have incorporated or at least adopted capitalism. If those nation-state structures are now in a battle to the death, their death throes will shake us all.

Of course, if we could wake up and take charge of things, we might begin to understand the game, realize that we’re the pawns providing the pinball drama that entertains the big players as they pull the levers and watch the chaos created by their games. Perhaps it is time for us to learn to shake or slant the table to make things go the way we want them to go. We might discover our power and learn to use it wisely and well.


The Rise of Corporations

Years ago I was visited by a group of little men in brown Robes. They showed me lots of things about the future. One of the things I saw when with them was the break-up of nations. I found this hard to take in and I expected it would be a rather messy process, but it seemed to proceed in a way that looked like a strange combination of logical, surreptitious, and natural…although there were certainly lots of arguments and court fights, complicated by natural disasters, assassinations, and regional fights.

In reading the few snippets of information coming from those who have been allowed to see the TPP, TiSA, and TTIP agreements, I was reminded of what I saw with the Robes – the rise of corporations to power, which then precipitated the break-up of nations.

The trade agreement that was “fast-tracked” through the U.S. Congress has sealed the power of corporations, up-staging government altogether, usurping the power of nations and making them redundant, almost unnecessary. This will lead eventually to the coalescence of fiercely bio-regional agreements that become corporations in their own right in order to balance the power of the big corporations. The difference between these regional corporations and the big global corporations will be that the regional ones will care deeply about their people and their corner of the Earth.

As of yesterday afternoon, the TPP was approved by the Senate. The whole thing was kept secret because it accomplishes the take-down of the nation and transfers legal power to corporations. The bottom line is that we no longer have a sovereign nation.

The Robes warned against trying to go back to what was. As they predicted, we would not pay attention to what was really happening until it was too late. Suffice it to say, the day of the nation is over. The questions we have to ask ourselves might include:

  1. What can we envision that might be even better than what we used to have?
  2. What do we need to be creating that looks beyond the ascendancy of the corporation and compensates for its shortcomings?
  3. How has our government infantilized us, and what do we need to do to take responsibility for our lives?
  4. How should we be positioning ourselves to move into the future?

I have a sign hanging in my bathroom that says, “Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.” We are going to need this advice.

Hard News

I read widely from newspapers and news outlets around the world. Even if we say that those outlets are handing out their own versions of propaganda, there are still so many interesting things happening around the rest of the planet that constitute what I call “hard news.” Hard news is something that involves real action, real documentation, or real decision-making, not just someone’s opinion or interpretation of the facts.

#1 The Chinese newspaper Xinhua reported that the Federal Reserve Board met and decided that banking institutions that had made unreasonably risky investments (as in billions of dollars worth of derivatives) would have to keep that risk if things went badly and there was another financial crisis. They could not pass the problem onto American taxpayers or anyone else. This leaves few options for these too-big-to-fail banks…either go under when these risks blow up, or take the derivatives off their books!

#2 The APEC Conference taking place in China has been presented in the U.S. as something that the U.S. was ‘almost’ in charge of. It was made to look like the point of the conference was to set up another free trade agreement with countries in Asia. No mention was made of the fact that during the conference Russia and China decided to sell and trade oil in Chinese yuan – not American dollars. The days of the dollar being the world’s reserve currency are over, but no one is telling us that. Be prepared for a change in the money system…unless the U.S. wants to join the rest of the world in creating a basket of currencies, which would then give us an excuse to simply erase all the false debt on the American financial books.

Can You See Where the U.S. Is Headed?

It is happening in Syria, in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Venezuela, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Malaysia, the U.S.S.R., Greece, Crete, Ukraine, and lots of other places.

What’s happening is the intervention of “hidden forces” that are designed to take out the leadership, get control of the money, take over the natural resources…and along the way, sow the seeds of discontent and distrust that will lead eventually to a breakup of stable relationships among the people…and eventually to a breakup of the entire nation.

The financial system of the U.S. was captured long ago, we have the most powerful military tools in the world, and we have long been under the control of hidden powerbrokers. So why would the U.S. break up? Because it would be too dangerous to let it continue as a giant superpower. What if someone else got control of it?

It plays out like this. If you were trying to rule the world, it would be a mistake to allow the existence of big countries with massive numbers of men and machines that could defy you or ignore your directives. The long term plan would have to include the objective of first getting control of those countries and then breaking them up so that none of them had the physical capacity to resist or wrest control from you.

The military and financial power of the U.S. would initially be quite useful to you if you were pulling strings from a hidden position off-stage. With both military and financial power at your fingertips, you would have the basic tools needed to create chaos and uproar in all the other big players.

Once those countries were in chaos or had been broken up, the U.S. structural façade would no longer be needed and it would be our turn to be split. Then, with all the nations broken into small pieces, no one could challenge you. You could then say, “I rule the world!”

How to accomplish these breakups? Plant seeds of distrust and greed, bring in weapons, and let your seeds of disruption unfold. Continue to foment unrest by pitting factions against one another to the point that all cohesiveness breaks down. Possibilities might be: create a financial debacle, or carry out an attack on some area and then blame it someone else. You might also come up with the idea that the territory or organization was corrupt or violated human right or has been uncooperative and thus ought to be invaded or legally broken up. Perhaps you could create or allow a disaster to occur that disrupts a region completely and forces people into new locations where they have no roots, no jobs, and no support, and then make new laws or decisions about property while they are too distracted to deal with anything other than survival.

The risk of failure in all of this would be enormous, but the allure of the payoff – if successful – would be worth it to some.

When I look at the big picture, if things continue to unfold as they are now, it all points toward the breakup of the U.S. into much smaller units in the not-too-distant future.


China, Money, and A Watershed Moment

Two weeks ago China announced that they were now backing their financial system with gold. So I ask, ‘Who is going to invest in American Treasury bills backed by dollars roughly equivalent to the dollars in a game of Monopoly when they can invest in something backed by gold?

Along with China’s announcement, a buzz has arisen around the web that the money system is going to change and all debt will be erased. You will get to keep what you have – house, car, appliances, and whatever else you have purchased but not paid for yet.

This probably sounds good to some, but our debt would not be erased in isolation. There would be other erasures…such as the loss of your savings, pensions, 401k accounts, Social Security, and disability income. Of course, the loss of savings, investments, and money in the bank is bound to be less exciting than the disappearance of debt. There is also the problem of losing the money that keeps businesses going – everything from corporations, to grocery stores and gas stations.

The reassurance has been that the disruption would only last a couple of weeks…but what would we do in that couple of weeks? Obviously, everyone would have to have enough food and toilet paper on hand to last at least a couple of weeks. But the big question would be ‘How are they going to allocate the new money?’

Bix Weir ( reports that this question of allocation has been the big obstacle, but something akin to a decision and a plan may now be in place. Those who have paid the longest and the most into the Social Security system would be first to get the new money.

This is all well and good, but if I were in charge the question would not be “Who has paid the most into Social Security?” It would be: How can we allocate money in a way that eradicates the ‘I’m-better-than-you’ attitude that having more money promotes?

If we were going to let the money system go down, we could use this moment in time as a watershed opportunity to remove barriers and inequalities between us. Maybe we couldn’t eliminate every instance of these, but perhaps we could at least make a dent in what has been, for a very long time now, unequal access to money, a serious stumbling block to peace, and a source of serious crime. Can we even imagine a world where everyone is taken care of and the majority of needs are met? What kind of creativity and personal growth would that unleash? Is it time to rethink not only the financial system but our capitalist assumptions about who deserves what?

NWO: The Plan – #2

So…let’s assess where we’re at in terms of “the plan” and what we might do. The financial shock that hit America in 2008 was clearly engineered to reduce Americans to paupers who had little power and very few resources. Prices of food, fuel, water, and other forms of energy continue to rise steadily because of floods, droughts, and untimely weather, while income slowly goes down and jobs disappear. Bankruptcies – both real and pretended – in major corporations and cities rob people of the pensions they worked for and saved.

Following the American crisis, problems with the Euro arrived right on schedule and caused uproar. The amazing series of revolutions in African/Arab countries have been engineered with perfect timing. China and India have grown at astounding rates as they race to catch up to Western standards. The U.S. Congress has pretended to try to fix the economy. ‘Natural’ disasters have kept many people too busy to think about anything but restoring some semblance of order to their lives (Gulf Oil spill, Japanese tsunami, hurricane Sandy). The Newtown, CT shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing are the latest efforts to accomplish several ends – first, another attempt to disarm the American people and institute strict gun laws; second, to deepen the religious divide by pinning this nasty (sting) operation on two politically naïve boys who were practicing Muslims working for the CIA; and third, a ploy to get Russia to agree that we can do what we want with Syria.

I don’t know why Americans are so woefully ignorant about what is happening in the world. I don’t know why they are so willing to be manipulated by the media and so distracted by meaningless trivia. I do know that there is going to come a day when they wake up. When they do, they are likely to be very angry. That anger will be misplaced if it is directed anywhere but at themselves. They will have to face the fact that they were willing victims who avoided the problems they didn’t want to deal with – problems they hoped would just go away.

My hope is that there won’t be any serious national temper tantrums or immature ideas that they can make real changes using protests, marches, or armed revolt. The challenge we are setting up for ourselves will have to be resolved by an inside job – a change of consciousness.