12 Wishes for Christmas – #12

#12 – May this Christmas bring us truly new lives in which we remember how to sing and dance. Under every tree may we find treasures of hard-earned insight and wisdom. May we celebrate our age and good health, and may our stockings be filled with possibility and sass!

Permission to Change

I work with people all of the time all over the world and one of the things I find that is needed everywhere and by almost everyone is permission to change, permission to acknowledge what we know or what we want, permission to update ourselves and our ideas, perceptions, and personal do’s and don’ts. Life changes us. Love changes us. So let yourself change! Explore… investigate… try new ideas along with new clothes and new technology. It’s time for a personal update. A new world needs new people.

Stalling Out Spiritually

When people begin a spiritual awakening, they begin to awaken to the true spirit of the self, and the first thing they say is, “I want to be a healer.” They think they should leave the work they are already doing in order to be a healer, but what they are really saying is, “I want to heal.” They think they want to heal others, but what they really want is to heal the self. To heal means “to become whole,” which means that we begin to know, acknowledge, and honor more of the whole self, including the parts that have previously been black-balled or stuffed in the closet. People stall out spiritually when they get stuck on being a healer…and fail to recognize that this is an early stage of awakening. Once healed – physically, mentally, or emotionally – it will be time to move on.

The second thing they say is, “I want to help the world or to make the world a better place.” To help make the world a better place is only a reasonable goal if it makes your world a better place, i.e. you have enough money, food, shelter, clothing, warmth/cooling, safety, education, experience, all the physical/mental needs met…and you are doing something you love. It does not make the world a better place if you are doing something you think is helpful but you do not have what you need for yourself. This is the blind leading the blind. People stall out when they get stuck on doing something that benefits others but not them. Once your needs are met and your life is full, you can begin to extend some of that to others.

The third thing people say when awakening is, “I want to be a teacher/healer/speaker/creative/preacher in the world of spirituality.” What they are really saying is they want everything they say and do to embody the great traditions of love, compassion, truth, gentleness, honesty, etc., and for all of their interactions to demonstrate these great ethics. However, people often leave their current work in the world to pursue work in the field of spirituality…and then they struggle. They fail to understand that they can be a teacher/healer/speaker/creative/preacher in the world of construction, politics, medicine, education, farming, manufacturing, etc. People stall out when they leave what they’re doing and go in search of a perfect world elsewhere instead of creating their perfect world right where they’re at. If everyone would see that the world will only be really changed when each of us finds our true niche of passion and contributes to the whole reality from that place while demonstrating the “great qualities.” The real contribution is your own joy and satisfaction with your life. That’s what makes a well-rounded, balanced world of great diversity!

If you are undergoing a spiritual awakening, it is important to understand that spirituality will probably become an aspect of what you will do, but may not be the main focus at all. This isn’t saying you are going to become a heathen, it just says that perhaps you have stalled out in the way so many awakening ones do.

If you have abandoned your former life, love, relationships, and work to pursue a more spiritual life, only to discover that your life is not working very well, consider a change of pace and direction. When something isn’t working, we need to go in new directions without feeling like a failure, without delay, and without trying to apologize or explain to family or friends. The only thing needed is the time and space to explore more of your Self.


This is a piece written by Sarah Bassin, former architect in New York. She sent it to me and said I could post it here. It says exactly what I’ve been thinking and reminding people of…

“Without a vision for your life you become just a cog, a number, someone who receives marching orders and carries them out dutifully without thinking about their own desire or passion. That is why vision is so powerful especially for young adults – to know they have a choice, that they can command what they want in this world, the experiences they want to draw to themselves.

“When we allow others (like the media – in the form of subliminal programming) to influence or form visions for us it is very dangerous. It is a form of mind control. It removes us from our own power, our own vision. It divides us from our selves, weakening us. It is an age old tactic and a very,  very powerful one – Divide and Conquer.

“So hold on to your dreams. Make space and time in your life for your visions, for visioning. Allow your creative powers of conjuring to rise to the surface. See the deep beauty in your innermost desires. Know that you are a powerful being and can create the world you desire around you simply by visioning!”

Robes Excerpt #2

“Each individual is a unique filter of the frequencies that surround the human body/mind system. Each human brain is a radio receiver responding to the matrix of waves and energy flowing through and around it.

“The brain’s job is to help the human body respond appropriately to the ocean of frequencies it lives in, and be a tool by which you explore those frequencies and the possibilities within them. To do so is literally to explore the possibilities of the Self. The process is meant to be shared with others in the way you used to share when you were children by saying, ‘Hey, look what I found… Hey, look what I can do… You can probably do it too.’

“However, instead of asking others what they see or what they have found, you have all gotten into the habit of trying to tell others what they see, hear, feel, or have found! Rather than exploring the nature of the way you filter and interpret these frequencies, you spend your time arguing about who has the correct interpretation of them, and thus, who has the correct version of reality. There is no attitude of discovery, and gone are the challenges you used to present to one another when you were six or perhaps ten years old and shouted freely, ‘Hey, can you do this…? “The truth of the matter is that each of you has assessed and interpreted the reality correctly, but this interpretation is correct only for you. Others may or may not filter and interpret the reality in quite the same way. Perhaps they can is they want to, but it isn’t necessary. If two or more of you end up with very similar perceptions of reality, then you have the possibility of sharing something for a while.

“The most important goal is to explore the reality openly, to stretch deeply into yourself to find things that you might be interested in experiencing, to create those experiences and evaluate them, then bring all that you have discovered back into the whole self who waits for your return and joyously accepts the gifts of wisdom and knowledge that you bring.

“Therefore, we ask you to consider the following: What do you suppose the results might be if, instead of negating subjectivity, you used it as one of your most powerful variables in scientific searches and applications? What do you suppose you might learn about yourselves, your world, and your reality? What might you discover about the hidden or unexpected capabilities of some individuals? And how might you use that new knowledge or these skills to continue exploring and moving toward your own evolution, and acceptance of yourselves as full creators?”

(from Robes – A Book of Coming Changes, pg. 171-72)

The Real Problems

We don’t have a population problem, we have a problem of arrested human development.

We don’t have a political problem, we have a leadership problem.

We don’t have an agricultural problem, we have a disconnection from Nature.

We don’t have a financial problem, we have a lack of survival skills.

We don’t have a pollution problem, we have a lack of common sense.

We don’t have an educational problem, we have a creativity problem.

We don’t have an immigration problem, we have a problem with equality and compassion.

We don’t have a corporate problem, we have a loss of integrity.

We don’t have a climate change problem, we have an ignorance of the planet.

We don’t have a communication problem, we have forgotten how to listen.

We don’t have a religious problem, we have a loss of inner authority.

We don’t have a media problem, we have a problem with illusion vs. Truth.



China, Money, and A Watershed Moment

Two weeks ago China announced that they were now backing their financial system with gold. So I ask, ‘Who is going to invest in American Treasury bills backed by dollars roughly equivalent to the dollars in a game of Monopoly when they can invest in something backed by gold?

Along with China’s announcement, a buzz has arisen around the web that the money system is going to change and all debt will be erased. You will get to keep what you have – house, car, appliances, and whatever else you have purchased but not paid for yet.

This probably sounds good to some, but our debt would not be erased in isolation. There would be other erasures…such as the loss of your savings, pensions, 401k accounts, Social Security, and disability income. Of course, the loss of savings, investments, and money in the bank is bound to be less exciting than the disappearance of debt. There is also the problem of losing the money that keeps businesses going – everything from corporations, to grocery stores and gas stations.

The reassurance has been that the disruption would only last a couple of weeks…but what would we do in that couple of weeks? Obviously, everyone would have to have enough food and toilet paper on hand to last at least a couple of weeks. But the big question would be ‘How are they going to allocate the new money?’

Bix Weir ( reports that this question of allocation has been the big obstacle, but something akin to a decision and a plan may now be in place. Those who have paid the longest and the most into the Social Security system would be first to get the new money.

This is all well and good, but if I were in charge the question would not be “Who has paid the most into Social Security?” It would be: How can we allocate money in a way that eradicates the ‘I’m-better-than-you’ attitude that having more money promotes?

If we were going to let the money system go down, we could use this moment in time as a watershed opportunity to remove barriers and inequalities between us. Maybe we couldn’t eliminate every instance of these, but perhaps we could at least make a dent in what has been, for a very long time now, unequal access to money, a serious stumbling block to peace, and a source of serious crime. Can we even imagine a world where everyone is taken care of and the majority of needs are met? What kind of creativity and personal growth would that unleash? Is it time to rethink not only the financial system but our capitalist assumptions about who deserves what?