Ideology and Idiotology

I have concluded that we do not have an ideology, we have an idiotology. Ideology is defined as:  “A system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy..”

According to Louis Althusser, ideology “can be described as a set of conscious and unconscious ideas that make up one’s beliefs, goals, expectations, and motivations.”

Our current idiotology is based on belief in:  the Capitalist system, the Male-dominant system, Wars forever, Progress based on debt, Failing to Feed people, Medicine that causes health problems, Education that constricts consciousness, Business that competes, Allowing 1% of the people to own everything, Destruction of the environment, Religions based on rules made up by humans, Monsanto et al.




The Shiny, Red Prius and I

A month ago I was driving home from Kalamazoo with my son, Nathan. Traffic was very heavy, and I had to get into the lane to my left or I would have been stuck in a ‘turn right only’ lane. There was just enough room, so I put my blinker on and pulled over. However, the instant I put my blinker on, a bright, shiny red Prius tried to speed up to try to block me from getting over. The driver literally laid on the horn, but I kept merging, thinking, “No…I need to get over now…and there’s enough room…”

I drove along for a few miles and through several more traffic lights, noticing that the shiny new Prius was RIGHT on my bumper. When it was time for me to turn, the Prius turned right with me and I thought, “Oh, she’s going in the same direction I’m going!” There was a second right turn I was supposed to make, but I missed it because it was sooner than I expected, so I went down the street to the next right turn, thinking I would have to find a spot to turn around. When I made that second right turn, the Prius was still right behind me. I noticed this but was busy looking for a place to turn around.

I spotted a driveway and turned left into it. I put the car in reverse and started to back up just as I looked in the rear view mirror – and just as the woman in the bright red Prius laid on the horn again. I slammed on my brakes to avoid backing into her and naively thought, “Oh! I wonder if she lives here and wants to get in her driveway.” She was still laying on the horn and her car was half-turned, which left her blocking both lanes of traffic. She had me pinned in, so I sat there thinking, “Lady, how can I get out of your way when you’ve got me blocked in?”

At that point Nathan became irritated. He snapped, “Mom, she’s been following you for miles!” then hopped out of the car and went back to yell at the woman in the red Prius. She was a big, blonde woman who opened her car window and the two of them began a shouting match. The windows of my car were barely open so I could hear the loud voices, but I couldn’t make out what was being said. When the shouting match went on long enough to stop several cars in both directions, I got out of my car to see if I could calm things down. But the woman in the red Prius suddenly jammed her car in reverse and took off, special finger high in the air, her words trailing back at me, “Get off the roads…you’re dangerous!”

When I was finally back home again, I reflected on the whole incident. How could that woman have been so angry that she would follow me for miles, intending to…to what? Yell at me? Why would anyone be so upset at not being able to position themselves 20 feet farther ahead on the road that they would irrationally drive miles out of their way to try to punish the imaginary offender?

In the end, I realized that Americans are ridiculously, dangerously angry. I see it in the way people treat one another as if everyone is an enemy, a threat, or a competitor. I hear it in the way people talk to one another with demanding, disdainful or imperious tones and words. I witness it in the way people act out their vengeance, their greed, their selfishness, their fear. I feel it in the arrogance and the automatic assumptions that others bear us nothing but ill-will and judgment.

At this point, probably half of the anger is the unrelenting corruption that everyone is swimming in and doesn’t know what to do with. The other half is the diet that people eat that has no nutrition in it. Without plenty of magnesium, you will not want to be touched physically and will become defensive and angry if someone touches you. Without calcium, you will be fatigued, irritable, and impatient. Without potassium, you will not be able to perceive correctly what is really going on around you and will be unable to stay ‘present.’ Without sodium chloride, you will not be able to recognize patterns or put facts together in a way that alerts you as to proper behavior. Without zinc you literally will have dim sensory input from this reality and will spend an inordinate amount of time in daydreams or outright delusions. Without iron, you will not want to move your body, thus exercise never happens and frustration builds up. And these are only the 6 major minerals. What happens when the major vitamins and the many trace minerals needed are not present either? You get criminal behavior!

How can we work together – cooperate, collaborate, communicate – to build a new world if we are all angry? People are NOT bad, they are just sick, mostly from malnutrition. When we are healthy, we are naturally joyful and at peace within the self and with one another. Whether the internet goes down or not, whether the financial system crashes or not, if we want a new world that works better, we’re gonna have to get some real food into us…food without GMOs, Round-up, or other harmful stuff in it…and that’s just a start. A new world means a lot of personal responsibility!


A report in the New York Times says that diabetes rates are rising, along with obesity, all over the world. I wonder how long it will take people to figure out that the cause is the absence of nutrition in food? When I was taking care of my mother over the last three years of her life, I started feeding her good, healthy food. Her sugar dropped from 140 to somewhere in the 110s and she went off almost all of her medications. It was enough nutrition to maintain – but not enough to rebuild her body. Foods in the early part of the 1900s had up to 7.5 times more calcium, , 8.2 time more phosphorus, 1.8 time more copper, 28.5 times more magnesium, 58.3 times more iron, 49.0 times more iodine, and at least 10 times more of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.  (from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price)


Thought For Monday, 4/28/2014

If we need food, clothing shelter, medicine, art, music, sex, companionship, education, energy, governance, communication, and transportation…and if we can provide most of these things for ourselves, then money becomes just another middleman. Communication and transportation may still require money, but if we can get the rest of these things for ourselves, why are we wasting time going after money for them? Eliminate the middleman as much as possible and there will be a corresponding elimination of poverty, struggle, deprivation, and the idea that some people are more deserving than others.

Consciousness and The Age of Nations

It is pretty much clear that the U.S. is no longer a democracy. This has been obvious for over twenty-five years, but we have to wait until the scholars and scientists tell us so. Sadly, we no longer think for ourselves, nor do we claim the authority to make decisions or proclamations of any sort. Most people just wait to be told what to think or say. People also wait for permission to do anything. Certainly, most people don’t believe they can do anything about government…and government loves this attitude of submissiveness because it makes them feel powerful, but there are unseen outcomes for both sides.

When people don’t believe they can do anything, they stop caring. And so, in many minds, it is not our problem if the government doesn’t have enough money to function. Government doesn’t listen to the people, so why should the people listen to government? Government responds by cutting benefits and spending.  The idea that we should be content with less or that we must curb spending is a projection of their consciousness onto us. They project it because it’s something they fear. In projecting, they think they are punishing us. But here again, government doesn’t get it. People want to spend less money. They want to reduce the waste, the junk, the debt, and the stuff they have. Where people get confused is when the conversation about cutting costs is focused so heavily on health care and welfare.

It has been said that “those who use government services should contribute toward their cost.” This is one of those illuminating statements. We HAVE been contributing – deductions for federal taxes, social security, Medicare, state taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, you-name-it taxes. But the government has not been spending our money on us, they’ve been spending it elsewhere and then borrowing money when they have to do something for us. They didn’t tell us they were doing this, and we trusted them, so they decided we were stupid. Now that government has metastasized into areas of life that have nothing to do with governance, it is stuck with its own perceptual legacy – that of thinking we are stupid, useless people who don’t understand what is happening.

We understand. We may be happy to take a handout when it is offered, and we may hope it keeps coming, but we aren’t stupid. When the handout stops and the truth becomes known, we will go elsewhere for what we want and need. Yes, some of us can be manipulated. Some can be fooled. But the huge majority were not born yesterday, thus, when we turn away, the gig is up.

Politicians act like the game they are playing today is going to last forever. But every move changes every outcome. To raise taxes or cut wages and government spending impoverishes the people. When the people are impoverished, they look elsewhere and do something different in order to survive. When the people can no longer pay taxes, it impoverishes the government. Worse, when the truth becomes known, government has no integrity. When the government is impoverished and without integrity, it has very limited power. Without money, integrity, or power, government will be ignored.

There exists a singular law of consciousness that says that for anything to survive, it must have attention. Infants and baby animals die without it. Businesses go bankrupt without it. Education fails utterly without it. Agriculture cannot produce without it. Transportation becomes tragedy without it. Communication falls flat without it. And a government that is ignored will pass away and become a thing of the past. Politicians may talk about cutting budgets, slashing benefits, or closing the door on the “age of entitlement,” but the door that is closing is the age of nations and their big, corrupt governments.

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