Hillary – Health Drama…Or Planned Escape?

A number of people sent me articles about Hillary’s “collapse” at the September 11th memorial ceremony and the mistaken announcement by ABC that she was dead. Several people even called to ask what I was seeing around Hillary’s health. So here is the straight answer.

There is something that doesn’t sit right with me about the rather sudden focus on health issues for her and for Bill Clinton. Is the whole drama a script designed to fake her death…and then Bill shortly afterward, so that we all think they are gone…when their real plan is to “disappear” and go off to Argentina or Bolivia or some equally distant and unknown place to live out their days without being prosecuted for all of the murders and other crimes they have committed? It has been reported that Richard Rockefeller faked his own death last year or the year before and is now living the good life freely in South America.

A plan to fake one’s death has to be very carefully organized and carried out so no one figures out what is really going on. In the case of Hillary, her “death” would have several benefits. First, she could retire in peace.  Second, she would be able to abscond with the money she’s made through so many unethical deals. Third, if the death occurred before the election, it could possibly delay the entire election process and give the Democrats time to try to figure out how to prevent Trump from being elected. If it happened after the election, her vice presidential choice would step into the presidency. The Republicans used that same plan with Ronald Reagan. They forced Reagan to accept George Bush for vice president because they were planning to assassinate Reagan and usher Bush into the presidency. But the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray! Reagan survived, the Republicans had to slow their plans and bide their time, and Bush was forced to go through his own election process, although there was no sweat in doing so because that process was already being manipulated to get the outcomes the Cabal wanted.  If Hillary’s VP was previously hand-picked by the Cabal to carry on the same old agendas, the corruption would continue, perhaps even deepen, and it would be more difficult to create needed changes.

Of course, it is possible that Bill and Hillary are just getting older. It is possible that in spite of all their money, they don’t have the time or inclination to seek out the best and latest medical care. It is possible that they don’t know how to take care of themselves, or have just been so busy with their political careers that they’re worn out and falling apart…but somehow I can’t buy any of that. As usual, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

George W

As many of my family and friends know, I was seriously upset by the 9/11 bombings of the trade center in New York, and I was NOT in favor of the war in Iraq. I knew the “weapons of mass destruction” claim was fabricated, and I was insulted by U.S. President George W. Bush’s statement:  “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”  I happened to be reminded about this statement today, and was irritated all over again. How I would like to stand in front of him and say, “What the hell kind of 6th grade thinking is that!!??

Are We Just Stupid?

Are we just stupid? Why would anyone consider dissolving or burning serious chemical weapons at sea? I can hear all the reassurances – “But it’s not really sarin … it’s just the ingredients to make sarin. They haven’t been put together yet!” or “Once they’ve been burned they are harmless – just some kind of chemical salts.” Okaaaa-a-ayyy…and then what? Dump the dissolved salts or ashes into the ocean? What if there’s an accident at sea? Where is the oversight to make sure there are no “accidents”?

Here is a quote from the New York Times. “The proposal (to destroy chemical weapons at sea)… focuses on a highly sophisticated mobile system, which is designed to convert chemical agents into compounds that cannot be used for military purposes by mixing them with water and other chemicals and then heating them…”

This statement hints that “military purposes” are a top priority in our lives. What about life? What about protecting our assets – the oceans?  What about common sense? Aren’t we doing enough damage by dumping our garbage in the Atlantic Ocean every day? Hasn’t the disaster at Fukushima and the ongoing death process in the Pacific Ocean been enough of a tragedy?

Here is another interesting statement that I am going to take out of context, but which perfectly illustrates our government’s attitude: “We are not without other alternatives…In fact, we are actively pursuing two other alternatives which provide us a complete capacity to do the destruction and to meet the schedule.”

I know that John Kerry was talking about chemical weapons when he said this, but the statement jumped off the page at me as a statement that represented the U.S. approach to everything. It says that we are all about destruction. We have several alternatives for it. We are focused on the capacity to destroy completely. We even have a schedule for it.

How can we survive if we are focused on destruction? And people who focus on maintaining whatever power they already have will never find the bandwidth to explore and develop anything new. They end up outdated and overpowered.

Perhaps Kerry’s words would not have had such an impact on me if I could see any signs of creative, peaceable, caring relationships being built between the U.S. and other countries. Or between the Earth, the Oceans, the Sky, and the rest of Life. Our relationships are all about domination, abuse of power, and destruction.

Getting Old – #3

To get old is to stop being interested in life. When the interest stops completely, we withdraw and die.

I write this as I sit beside my mother in the cardiac intensive care unit. She is busy withdrawing from life. The nurse said, “There’s been a sudden change in your mother’s condition,” but the truth is that it has not been very sudden. She began withdrawing from life over fifteen years ago when my father died. They were friends and lovers for fifty years.

The withdrawal escalated when my brother, Tim, died of lung cancer a couple of years ago. He was her favorite child, and in many ways, he was the favorite of all of us. Tim made no bones about telling her often that he was going to take care of her when she got old. It was so painful for her to bury him that she cut and ran; she stopped engaging in life. It was all too much. She didn’t want to feel what life was presenting.

Now, it is obvious that she doesn’t have the energy to talk to those of us who hover over her with anxious smiles. She is tired and has great difficulty breathing. A loving sponge bath, a little lotion, a bit of massage, and unflagging love seem to revive her somewhat, but only briefly. The chart says ‘congestive heart failure’ and the nurses use terms like ‘respiratory failure’ while pointing out her 86 years. But the real reason she is leaving us is that she stopped being interested in life years ago, and began to withdraw, ever so slowly, culminating in the present situation.

“What can I do?” I ask myself in panic. Nothing. Nothing except sit and hold her, listen to her ragged breath, and be with her as she exits. Her exit from this world is as painful for me as I imagine her pain was at my entry into this world. I try to talk with her, but she does not respond. I sit back, quiet again, wanting her to wake. How foolish death seems when one is in the middle of living. How foolish life seems when one is in the middle of dying.

She is probably not leaving today. They said she could linger for weeks, but it is obvious that we are in the process of letting go of one another. There were six children once. Now there are five. Who will anchor us, hold us together, and love us once our mother is gone? I sound like a forlorn child, but I can’t help it.

Getting Old – #2

The idea that you should get old is actually a collection of ideas… cut your hair because long hair is only for young girls… it’s okay to gain a few pounds, and a few more, and more… wrinkled skin is inevitable… your eyesight should fade… a leaky bladder is acceptable… it’s normal to be hard of hearing… it’s okay to feign poor hearing when you want to ignore people… you can’t lift anything too heavy… you can no longer jump down from a ladder… you can’t climb a fence or a tree anymore… you don’t dare run because of the leaky bladder and the possibility of hurting yourself… you’re too old to go skipping along the sidewalk… if you fall, you should expect to break something… fatigue is normal… you don’t need to learn anything new… you’re too old to go to school… you can’t master new tools or technology… you don’t have to understand new forms of money and finance… you needn’t understand the daily business lingo because only the kids use it… you should expect to retire and not have to work anymore… you don’t have to contribute to the world any longer because you already did your share… someone should take care of you when you no longer feel like taking care of yourself… you can’t drive a car because your reaction time is too slow and your eyesight is bad… it’s socially acceptable to repeat the same story over and over… it’s okay to spend the majority of the day napping… being off-balance is normal for old people… you don’t have to walk because now they make scooters to help you get around… a bath once a week is okay because you’re not going anywhere special… housekeeping is not important and takes too much energy and movement… your health will go downhill… you’re not confused, it’s the world that has gone crazy… you’ll end up in a nursing home…

If you accept any of this without question, you already have one foot in the grave. You are choosing the path your life will take without examining your choices. The most common comment from old folks is that ‘the world is falling apart’ when the truth is ‘their old world is falling apart’ mostly because they are not maintaining it any more. The old world falls apart because of everything listed above… retirement, fatigue, failing to contribute, repeating the same old stories, refusal to learn new tools, technology, or forms of finance, etc.

We need a new cultural norm that leads to spry, involved, and powerful elders.

Getting Old – #1

People around me are getting old. I can’t see the point in choosing such a path. Recently, a student who is 20 years younger than me came to visit. We hadn’t seen each other for several years. She took me to dinner and during the conversation asked, “Aren’t you ever going to get old?”

“What for?” I quipped, surprised.

She looked at me for a long moment and said, “The day I come to visit and I look older than you I’m going to be pissed!”

We laughed, but I could see that she didn’t like the idea of getting old. Probably no one does. People are often surprised when I say I’m almost 65 years old. They expect me to look and act my age, but I have no interest in doing so. In truth, I never think about my age except to celebrate.

When it comes to age, the only thing you need to remember is that getting old means giving up movement. Once you do this, you’re on the path toward not moving at all. When all movement stops, they put you in the ground. Loss of movement starts with a stiff finger or a stiff back. Almost everyone makes the mistake of avoiding the movement that causes the pain. But the pain is a red flag that there has not been enough movement. What is needed is to begin moving that finger or stretching that back, slowly and gently, while ‘breathing into’ the painful area. Eliminating that movement and breathing in a shallow way so you can’t feel the pain is the worst thing you can do.

Life is motion and movement. Don’t give up a single movement! We all know that the body is a use-it-or-lose-it affair. Take a look at Ernestine Shepherd and then take a look in the mirror. What could you be or do with your life if you dropped the ideas you have about getting old?