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November 2016

Finally working on a new calendar! Soon to be posted…


14 thoughts on “Classes/Events

    • Yes, that’s been on my To Do List for four days now. To register, call my office (269) 624-6022, or send an email. Cost is $150 for each of the series…Intuition 1, or 2, or 3, etc. You can pay by cash, check, credit card, or debit card. Dress is casual, jeans are fine. And you should be aware that it will change your life…and who you are…and how you see the world…and possibly even what you do in the world. Fair warning…!!!

  1. Hi Penny,
    I so enjoyed listening to you speak yesterday at the wnc dowser presentation at the Unity church here in the Asheville area. I loved your down to earth approached to consciousness and energy. I was the one who asked you about the gentleman in Belgium that was experimenting with plasma replication and the wealth of information you then shared about Mahrin Keshe was just wonderful. I since went to his website and ear marked it for furhter “exploration.” This evening I just finshed watching on an You Tube your workshop “The Maps of Higher Consiousness.” Thank You for being who you are…I have learnt a lot since yesterday and now….to practice !!!! 🙂
    Janet Terwilliger

    • Thank you, Janet. I sure enjoyed being in Asheville. Good people there. And I loved being out of the Michigan winter weather! It is nice to think that something I said or did might open up a heart or a mind. Best of luck and love to you!

    • So glad you are coming, Katrina! And yes, I was happy it didn’t snow and I could drive over. It was a good “meeting of the minds” and I really liked Phillip’s talk.

  2. Hi Penny,
    Just listened to your interview on BATGAP, and am “hooked” Want to learn more and learn how to interact. Are you planning any virtual programs anytime in the near future? Do you have any trips planned for the Washington, DC metro area. ❤ Lee Barrett

    • Lee, I have been working on the virtual thing for a long time and had a couple of starts, but this year I am planning a new approach. We’ll see how it works! I don’t have any trips planned for the Washington DC area at the minute, but I will let you know if something takes shape! Thanks for the comments. It encourages me to keep moving ahead!!!

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