21st Century Superhuman: Decoding the Matrix

21st Century Superhuman: Decoding the Matrix

Date & Time:    Sept. 6, 2014, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Cost: $50

Place:   Lily Hill Farm,  32260 – 88th Avenue,  Lawton  MI 49065,  Ph.  (269) 624-6022

Description:  We are navigating cosmic influences that we transit through once every 26,000 years where stunning light photons and gamma rays stimulate our neurobiology to make a rare evolutionary leap that ancient prophecies have called the “shift of the ages.” Learn to access your own amazing potentials with tools taught nowhere else:

  • MASTERY: understanding and integrating Quantum principles
  • CREATE: the life you desire, rather than living by default
  • FREE: yourself from stress forever
  • LIFESTYLE: reverse and eliminate all degenerative illness
  • SECRETS: to vitality and longevity
  • MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS: remove the blocks
  • ACTIVATION: access latent talents in this shift of the ages

These things shall ye do and greater…”

The 5-person workshop team includes:  Cary Kirastor Ellis, author of 21st Century Superhuman, Quantum Lifestyle, has introduced transformation into mainstream culture for decades in the human potentials movement, assisting thousands in breakthrough workshops with people such as Tony Robbins – Firewalking, and Fear Into Power in the 1980s. She miraculously healed her own broken arm in 6 hours when doctors wanted to do surgery and put in two pins; she has succeeded with age reversal and rejuvenation using wheatgrass and living foods; and has entered transcendental states while swimming with wild dolphins. Cary was honored for her Life-work as Doctor of Divinity by the Church of Tzaddi.

Theodora (Teddi) Mulder, PhD, is a consummate “Earth Mother” who could see energy fields from a very young age. She understands the deeper science of life, love, and universal principles, knowing and teaching through her practice that the clarity and balance of each individual’s lifestream is essential to our future on Planet Earth and beyond. Her collaborative work with Cary over many years has produced classes, retreats, materials, and manuals for conscious living. Today she has moved into midwifing global communities through VirtualEarthVillage.com and 21st Century Superhuman

Sean Doolittle and Sam Meyering – healing workers who are Divine Flame Energy Practitioners.

Ken Crowley – energy mastery with evolved ministry.

Join the “21st Century Superhuman” Team for this amazing workshop, based on this hot new guidebook for our times. Learn how to activate DNA and superhuman capabilities, awaken latent talents, and succeed beyond your wildest imaginings. Don’t miss transforming your reality with empowering, must-have Thought and Lifestyle Tools now!

TO REGISTER: PLEASE GO HERE TO SIGN UP / RSVP: “21st Century Superhuman Meet-Up” http://www.meetup.com/21st-Century-Superhuman/events/200026122/

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