Getting to The Heart of The Mind

Date and Time:  Friday, Oct. 10, 2014 from  7 – 10 p.m.  Cost:   $35

Place:  Rochester Holistic Arts, 118 Terry Avenue, Ste. A, Rochester MI 48307,   Phone: (248) 330-9569

Description:  The mind is one of the most mysterious subjects you will ever encounter, and consciousness is now on the leading edge of science and research. But what really is the mind? How does one go about expanding consciousness? And what do you actually do with an expanded consciousness once you have it? Exploring the mind and expanding consciousness are two of the more challenging aspects of the journey through life and if you would like to be a happy, creative, and effective participant in the emerging future, it is time to become more aware of your own mind, how it really works, and the possibilities for expanding it. Join us for a fascinating evening talk that includes time for questions and answers. Penny Kelly has been called “the Christopher Columbus of consciousness” and you will come away with an understanding of the emerging science of consciousness and a basic foundation of what you need to know to navigate in the new world that is evolving from this.

To Register:  Call or email Penny Kelly at  (269) 624-6022 or, or Pat Roach in the Rochester area: (248) 318-2051, Email:

Coffee, tea, and water will be provided, along with a few snacks for those who didn’t have time to eat dinner.

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing. And since we will be on the lower level of the building, you may also wish to bring a warm sweater, jacket, afghan, or blanket – just in case it’s chilly.

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