Healing the Whole Self – Aug. 21-23, 2015

Healing Whole Self Flyer 8.21.2015

A Retreat About Understanding the Connection Between Your Health, Your Mind, and the Earth

It is becoming quite obvious to people around the planet that our reality system is seriously out of balance and in danger of collapsing. Children are confused and unable to learn. People are sick, crabby, and tired. The same is true of our land, water, and air. It wasn’t always this way, yet almost no one knows how it used to be or how to return to the ways of health and healing. What do we need to do to restore ourselves? What are the key steps to healing ourselves, our children, our land, and the community of people, plants, and animals? What do you need to know about food and nutrition? What kinds of food wisdom have we lost and how does nutrition affect perception, mood, and consciousness? What do we not know about soil and water or plants and birds? Or how do you set up a “healing home?” If you are looking for useful, practical information about health and healing as well as inspiring ways to get started on your journey to a healthy life, plenty of energy, and a peaceful mind – this is the place to begin.

Retreat Schedule – August 21st – 23rd, 2015

Friday: Dinner 6-8:00 PM – Lecture 8-10:00 PM

Saturday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Workshop (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included)

Sunday: (optional): Private consultation @ $165 per hour. Consultations should be scheduled in advance. Contact Penny at penny@pennykelly.com or 269-491-5620.

Retreat Cost: $240, includes Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.

Lodging (optional): $30 per night

Location: Lick Creek Valley Farm, Route 1, Box 278A, Meadow Bridge WV 25976

To Sign up: Contact Fay Bouman at faybouman@Hotmail.com or 304-992-6036

Come! Join us!

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