Permaculture: Co-Creating with Nature Spirits

You are invited to…  A Permaculture Conversation


July 18-21, 2014

The core philosophy of permaculture is one of working with, rather than against, nature and of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than ongoing, thoughtless action. Permaculture is not only a way of working with your land, it is actually a way of life whose goal is complete security in terms of food, water, shelter, work, and finance. It is far more than utilitarian. It creates and maintains an enduring relationship with the land and everything that grows and lives on that land including the unseen. Trees, plants, and herbs do not grow only because of our efforts. They grow and evolve because of the innate and invisible intelligence embedded within them.

Join us for a Permaculture Conversation that will focus on how to create a higher level of food security, a lifestyle based on peacefulness and common sense, and a relationship with the land that builds cooperative relationships between the human realm and the realm of Nature. We all have many resources available to us, and what is necessary is to learn to recognize and integrate them into a system of both principles and practice. In cooperation with those resources, we can create an ecological sanctuary for peace, beauty and bounty for all beings, both seen and unseen.  Jenny Pell will actually be consulting for Lily Hill Farm and you are welcome to join in to listen, watch, ask questions, and learn.

In this conversation, you will learn how to live in harmony with the particular piece of land you reside on. You will learn how to form communities of plants, animals and humans that live together in a respectful, sustainable and highly conscious manner. Every piece of land is part of a bio-region with a unique weather, water, and landscape profile that ranges from dry to wet, hilly to flat, hot to cold, sandy to loamy, and dozens of other features that make it truly individual in its ability to produce food or provide secure living. We will design ecological, sustainable systems that mimic those of Mother Nature and that benefit both Nature and humans.

We will also discuss how to create settings and construct ecosystems that have the diversity, stability, and the resilience of natural ecosystems. This 4-day consultation-conversation also presents the unique opportunity to learn to tune into the Intelligence of Nature in its many manifestations. Following in the footsteps of the Internationally known Findhorn Community, we will communicate with Nature to get input into natural ecosystems that demonstrate their own evolutionary capacities.

Course topics can range over any or all of the following:

 Permaculture ethics & principles  •  Permaculture methodology  •  Observation skills  •  Site analysis & design  •  Zone & sector analysis  •  Large property design  •  Keyline  •  Ecosystem restoration  •  Native plant restoration  •  Perennial Guilds  •  Sustainable forestry  •  Erosion control  •  Bio-engineering  •  Myco-remediation Gardening  •  Edible landscaping  • Broad-scale agriculture  •  Soil building  •  Hugelkulturs  • Sheet mulching  •  Tree crops  •  Forest gardens  •  Windbreaks & Hedgerows  •  Agroforestry systems  •  Livestock raising  •  Urban permaculture  •  Ethnobotany and Ethnoecology  •  Water harvesting  •  Ponds and aquaculture  •  Chinampas  •  Irrigation  •  Humanure and greywater  •  Dry land strategies  •  Medicinal herbs  •  Wildcrafting  •  Weeds and invasive plants  •  Seed collecting  •  Integrated pest management  •  Natural building  •  Appropriate energy systems  •  Design for catastrophe  •  Community development  •  Intentional communities  •  Ecovillages  •  Local economic systems  •  Governance options  •  Permaculture networks  •  International resources…and much, much more . . .

Course Fee:

  • $150 per day, includes lunch
  • Call if you’d like to be part of the conversation for 1, 2, or more of the days that Jenny Pell is here. She is a pro and has an extensive background in Permaculture design.
  • Coffee, tea, water, fruit, muffins, and healthy snacks will be available continuously.

If You’d Like to Stay Over Night at Lily Hill Farm:

  • Rooms are simple, comfortable & spacious with two to three beds per room, and most have their own bathrooms and private entrances. There are generous porches, a laid back café, classroom lounge, an exercise/Yoga room, massage room, a fire pit, and 57 acres of land to enjoy Nature in all its magnificence.

What to bring:  Boots, rain gear in case of rain, work gloves, notebook & pen.


Jenny Pell, former tree planter, helicopter pilot, carpenter, and yurt builder, manages many ‘Permaculture Now!’ projects. Based out of Seattle, WA, Jenny works in Washington State, Central America, Hawaii, and Europe organizing Permaculture design courses, recruiting students, managing business details, and fundraising for scholarships, curriculum development, and various nursery projects. Her slideshows and presentations inform, inspire, and motivate people to make changes that help move us towards a sustainable future.


Penny Kelly, owner of Lily Hill Farm, is an author, teacher, speaker, publisher, personal and spiritual consultant, and Naturopathic physician. Originally, the farm consisted of an old farmhouse with an ancient, falling-down barn and 57 acres, 14 of which were vineyards. It was purchased in 1987 and has been an adventure ever since. We have been through many permutations of organic agriculture and Permaculture at LHF and now open the land to higher learning for others.

Check out Penny’s books:


Call Lily Hill Farm at (269) 624-6022, or email




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