4 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Hi, Penny- It seems like a long time ago that I read The Elves of Lily Hill Farm. Then I lost track of you. I think it was ISSSEM that alerted me to your continuing activities in an email I received a couple of weeks ago. After discovering your website and all your other books (yippee!) I immediately ordered up Robes. So I am writing to thank you a thousand times over for that one in particular. When I was 10 years old (1959) I had a totally unexpected “download” from the unseen world letting me know that western civilization was in decline and way, way out of tune with Nature, and that a difficult time of global rebalancing would be coming in my lifetime so I should be prepared. It was not the kind of thing that I could talk to anyone about in those days. But it had such the resounding ring of truth in my being that it has guided my whole life. Your book resonated the same chord but with much more detail. It is such a support having that additional guidance with its positive message, especially at this time in history. My husband and I bought an old farm down here in SE Iowa. We have some fabulous ecological students working there creating a permaculture environment. You may hear from them eventually as I just bought them their own copy of Robes. Best wishes to you!

    • Thanks, Linda, I appreciate the comments and am glad you liked “Robes.” Not too long ago, someone said to me, “Robes was really good, but now it’s all happening and is common news.” My thought was, “Gee, he was only focused on the stuff that was due to come apart! What about the Robes’ powerful information about creating the new world? The bulk of the exciting work is still ahead!!” I guess it all depends on your perspective.

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