Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 – Multi-dimensionality and A Theory of Consciousness

Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 – Multi-dimensionality and A Theory of Consciousness is the account of six years of research into consciousness that begins with a simple exploration of “other dimensions” and ends with an entirely new theory of consciousness that blends science and spirituality beautifully, a theory long-sought in the world of science. As the story unfolds, it reveals the multi-dimensional structure of the psyche, and illuminates the nature of reality in entirely new ways, leading to startling conclusions involving death, hidden powers, and the evolution of the human being toward full potential.

The story is a stunning account of the new form of consciousness research combining vigorous third-person investigation with equally vigorous first-person investigation. The result is a profound blending of science and consciousness that leads to a deep shift in understanding our reality, and points the way toward eternity.

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Pg. 27:  Again and again, I witnessed people walk through a guided imagery experience and come out different on the other side. It was as if they had already become what they were trying to create in their lives. The imagery had just as much power to affect their life as any event that occurred in ordinary physical reality. And then one day it struck me—guided imagery did not just symbolize an experience, it contained the experience. It wasn’t just a ‘pretend event.’ As far as consciousness was concerned, it was real. Guided imagery allowed people to manipulate and play with their reality in new ways. With well-done imagery, many fears melted, powerful insights shifted entrenched attitudes, moments of clarity brought more appropriate decision-making, creative ideas took shape in the world, and courage carried people forward in ways they had previously been too timid to act upon.

Pg. 55:  The Voice that kept pressing me to decide whether I was exploring or creating was gone. For a moment I sat there in surprise. Then, in a flash, the entire experience came rushing through my memory along with a deep knowing that the nature of consciousness was to create!

Pg. 82:  For a moment, I was upset that the door was open because I was afraid that a raccoon, woodchuck, or other animal might have gotten inside the house. However, as this thought passed and I stood there looking somewhat blankly out through the open doors into the blackness of the night, I suddenly saw a pair of large eyes glowing at me from far out in the darkness. I stared at the eyes, wondering for a fraction of a second if they might be the eyes of one of the animals I’d just been worrying about…and then an eerie sense of awareness began to creep through me and my skin turned to gooseflesh.  I was lucid! I was fully awake within the dream and instantly the significance of the two doors being open to the night hit me full force. I stood there in a sort of fascinated horror, realizing that the doors of perception were open!

Pg. 102:  I had long ago learned to read between the lines of a reality by not taking people, events, symbols, forms, or the environment at face value. Each form–be it a cup, a car, a cat, or a guy named Matt–was a symbolic representation of a particular kind of energy. By reading the energy behind the form, I could translate the true action and hidden meaning going on there.

Pg. 132-133:  Some people were easily hypnotized. Others insisted they could not be hypnotized, but this was not true. They were simply hypnotized by the reality immediately around them and stubbornly refused to move their attention to any other perceptual possibility. Worse, they often expected to lose all sense of self-control when hypnotized and thus fearfully focused on their immediate surroundings to prevent the imagined loss of control. … “Yes!” I said, “There’s a lot to hypnosis because each change of focus in attention is not just a change to a new mind, a new personality, or a different set of idea, it’s also a change to a whole new body. That’s how spontaneous remission of cancer occurs! Someone just ‘changes channels’ to another body with a whole new and different-but-similar-enough arrangement of molecules and perceptions! The body looks close enough to the old one that family and friends never notice the change. Sometimes even we don’t notice! We just think we feel a little different that day. Meanwhile, the new body, with its new, unique consciousness, its own information and rules, becomes the dominant body in the individual’s life.”

Pg. 162:   The tall, intent woman and I continued to look at each other for what seemed an eternity, while I half expected the scene to shift into something else. When it didn’t, and she continued to gaze at me knowingly, I realized I was fully awake in non-ordinary reality. For a moment, my mind teetered back and forth between wanting it to turn into an ordinary dream, yet wanting to discover how this world overlapped my ordinary reality, or what was the bridge between this reality and the world my consciousness ordinarily moved around in. Then everything stabilized. I decided I was not backing away from the experience…and knew that from that point forward my life was going to change, perhaps drastically.

Pg. 176:  The white mist continued to gather and I could feel a body taking shape as the mist condensed around me. This made it harder to maintain a sense of calm control. I was dismayed because I wanted to remain out of the body and practice leaving the house to move to other locations for further exploration once everyone had gone to school or work. I tried to reverse the phenomenon, but to my dismay a physical body continued to form, becoming first a vague fog, then an outline, then actual skin and bones, blood, and flesh. The darn thing was building itself right around me!

Pg. 214:  Did we know somewhere deep inside that the fully evolved self was capable of transcending death? Maybe we were using the same strategy I had come up with the night of the 10,000 selves–hopping from one version of the self to another in an effort to keep going until we could develop ourselves enough to overcome death.

Pg. 231:   Now I realized that if humans stepped into the state of eternity, we would experience the end of time. Presently, I began musing about the results of letting go of our concept of time/space and substituting the concept of mind/space. “Gee,” I thought, “time has been around for a long time,” then chuckled at the convolutions of such a thought. No longer using time as a dominant means of organizing reality meant that we would stop seeing the world as a linear string of events based on past, present, and future. “How might everyday reality change if we were no longer limited to linear strings of perception?” I wondered.” For most people, the usual way to manage reality was to make decisions today that were based on the past while hoping for the best in the future. We didn’t believe we could see the future and were left guessing about long-term outcomes. However, for years I had been able to skip about in the world of time, tuning into past lives or sifting through the future to see what was likely to happen there. I frequently examined the hidden side of situations, dipped into alternate realities for ideas and possibilities, and had now spent nearly seven years exploring other dimensions to see what I could learn. What if, instead of making decisions and structuring lives based on linear tradition, the past, or the clock, we began organizing perception in terms of a multi-dimensional existence?

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